The Rapist Mindset

 See this kinda – “sweet” looking guy right here:

Brotha Xavier

He left this message on my youtube yesterday regarding one of my topless videos where he had this to say (you can go ahead and read it and I will paraphrase it below):

Sick Fuck Justifies Rape

Anyways, basically what this neanderthal, black neanderthal at that, was saying was: “Because I am a womyn and he is a man he has every right to burst into my body however he wishes cause he can’t help his misogynist urges…so therefore it is up to me to control him for him by wearing or dressing down and not doing anything….in his sick fuck perverted mind’s eye, to capture the attention of him…or else I am in trouble and I deserve and need to be because I am a womyn and I don’t know my place!”

Anyways, I found some more interesting tidbits on him when I checked out his youtube channel: which you can see here and his google plus, which you can also visit here:

Sick Fuck Justifies Rape 2

Sick Fuck Justifies Rape 3

Sick Fuck Justifies Rape 4

Sick Fuck Justifies Rape 5

Sick Fuck Justifies Rape 6

Sick Fuck Justifies Rape 7

Sick Fuck Justifies Rape 8

Basically, he is a fan of Tommy Sotomayor, a well known rabble rouser and womyn hater (and also accused, convicted wife-womyn beater on Youtube) popular with the “I hate womyn, misogynist crowd” MrMadnessSotomayor Channel here Anyways this person goes on to rail against the rewards and accomplishments of feminists; you know giving a voice to womyn, not recognizing the fact that womyn supposedly still need men to speak for em…oh, you know, those pesky feminists GOTTA declare their rights – and, still, at the end of the day, he is the SAME type of person to deny rape victim blame and rape culture exists all the while telling YOU not to view men like him as predators as a result, in response to the widespread trauma and abuse womyn face.

Now, I get TROLLS like this day in and day out – make no big mention about that. Unlike most ladies who take these trolls WAYYYY TOO SERIOUSLY – I simply cross em out and “delete”, press the block button and, bam they go. I also have my fair share of “government agents” around, both on and off my youtube channel and even here on my personal page (but that is a story for another time)! Anyways, the main story here is MISOGYNY and how it rears it’s ugly head into the womyn’s rights/ and the topless movement! See, I have been saying for a long time that, at the end of the day, regardless of what a womyn wears, the cause of rape is violence; the desire for power, a struggle over the humanity of the other being of which the rapists feels he gotta compensate for (his lack of an ego) but inundating or, in other words, conquering another being who he feels is weaker than he is; be it a child, a womyn or whatever floats his predatory boat…they will go after those who they perceive as weaker than themselves, the sign of a bitch made male, a beta bitch™ as I call em!

Man Trying to Conquer World

Anyways, you got this King Xavier here, who feels like he is being inundated with the power of the female on a daily basis, he yells out, lashes out, goes on posts (that agree with his point of view) or tries to come on mine who opposes it. See, these guys who are all part of that, “slut shaming”, it’s the womyn’s fault – secretly, clandestinely and sometimes overtly (think Paul Elam) HATE WOMYN and seek to subjugate us all – including his own mother – how a womyn can give BIRTH to thee monsters is beyond me; I say let his daddy have him THROUGH HIS DICK – because of the fear, the power of the breast, the female form, the female body, and what it means to them!

What does it mean to them? Here is precisely what it means to them…

Well, growing up from when they were little boys, they have always had a “fear”, a deep longing of, a healthy “respect” for the female gender in the form of worshiping their mom’s/ their mamas! As they grew older and got indoctrinated into this weird, patriarchist world which HATES THE WOMYN FROM WHICH THEY WERE REARED, WHOSE WOMB THEY CAME OUT OF, they grew from fearing the matriarch = matriarchy to actually wanting to OVERTHROW it, become the matriarchy, become the giver of life (that is why in the patriarchy and according to many of these old world, old style patriarchist religions, credit for giving life is given to a MALE deity and not the womyn deity it so rightfully belongs giving credit to). With that said, many envy the power that womyn have to CREATE AND GIVE LIFE, so they seek to destroy it through destruction, through nuclear weapons, through WAR and by that use THOSE powers, those systems they have in place to defeat the matriarchy by being the counter opposite of what it stands for, which is for death (with the matriarchy = life and the patriarchy = death). With that said, you have this outgrowth of misogynist hatred towards ANYTIME when a womyn flails and shows her female body, her female form with out the permission of the male viewer (where he feels it is best appropriate in a strip club or the private domicile of his home seeing how they classify it as obscene despite the fact that it’s those very breasts that gives them = life so how incestuous can you be to make a big deal out of it sexually?). Anyways, many of these men FEAR the female form cause it represents their mother, the one who they once associated with respect as a little child, as a young boy but, as they became indoctrinated into this male patriarchist world’s views and ways, so grew to hate their mother and lost respect for her as womban and creator of him (and his destiny, too).

Ultimately the desire to male gaze and objectify the womyn through the male eyes comes from a sense of powerlessness – unjustified and unexcused – that they can never give life so they tell us – the very bodies that they were wrought from – that, we are wrong, we are hypersexual, our bodies are inherently sexual and so thus it is not fit for public view cause men, as in MAN has determined so for you, the womyn, should stay inside, cover up and never be seen without a man’s permission, which is exactly what goes on in Arabian/ middle eastern/ islamic countries even now

Arabic Womyn

– this slut shaming, this desire to control the womyn, esp. the loose womyn, through the male gaze by staring and saying, through eye contact: look at you, you’re dressed like a whore, you deserve my leering at ya! what is the problem?? You can’t handle it, so you shouldn’t walk out as a sloot, a slut anyways if you don’t like it cause I control you, I control this world and I am MAN and hear ME roar. 

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And that’s exactly where this mentality comes from; a deep disdain, longing to BE a womyn and the failing reality that they could never be one if they tried!

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