Watch These Celebrities Who Come To You In The Astral Plane

Watch These Celebrities Who Come To You In The Astral Plane

When you see them it is either to recruit you into G the illuminati or to steal your blessings as shown here…..

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Going back to 2019 I had astral visions of Patti LaBelle stealing my blessings….


This lady was the first to put me on:

POS Scrubs Trying To Use Me For My Knowledge AND Spiritual Abilities

I have been seeing Jay Z and Beyonce lately…..

I recall going back to 1991 having a vivid astral vision of me and a coupla other kids – ages 6 to 9 – in the parking lot waiting to go backstage with Jay Z and his entourage and security.

It was to have sex with them.

This was back in 1991. Jay Z did not blow up till 1997 so I did not know who he was to become then:

When you see a $elebrity approach you in the astral plane, it is to either recruit or steal your blessings (this is why healing is important).

I will often see through my third eye a giant sacrificial head with all sorts of energy chords to it and folks draining the sacrificial head of energy.

These sacrificial heads are usually tied to a Soulled person with ALOT of trauma thus which is how they can attach and allow a Soulled person to be drained as an energy “tap” fountain sacrifice for others.

If you are not cognizant of what sacrificial heads are, refer to here:

The Sacrificial Head Entity: How They Work and Why They Are THE HARDEST INTERNAL Entity Attachment To Get Rid Of

That said, to remove them, ask your third eye to show you the $elebs who visited you at such and such a time. Then ask to see the astral book allowing to exist. It will usually show a sacrificial head. Use your third eye to create a frequency fence in the hz millions to burn the book!

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When I did Patti LaBelle’s, I could HEAR her in the ether say, “Wait, I thought this spell would work?”

Checkmate, bitch!

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