I Am Starting To Think That MK Ultra Is Involved In This Curse

I Am Starting To Think That MK Ultra Is Involved In This Curse

That said, I am learning alot in the spirit realm about this curse.

The other day, I was shown that Ethan Occala or is it Apperwhite, Dave Apperwhite, works out of 171425 lichten st in LA which I shown in the astral translates to 17425 Allegra st which they claim is where Google is posted and in the astral as well as the physical they conduct “social engineering” aka mk ultra tactics on the populace.

Now, last night – as part of this curse keep me from getting my stuff back – I was shown that both Zendaya and Timothy Chalamet – two folks I am finding out stole my blessings and paid the Occalas to do it – have government buildings posted by their consciousnesses, which from what I was told pertains to governmental “social engineering” aka social mind control.

It reminds me of how back in the day when I used to delve into “conspiracies” they talk of certain folks who are under mk ultra control who are launched into the public to deliberately influence agendas.

I also heard something about Zendaya dying in her sleep before she became popular or something.

Now, that said, returning to the Occalas – I saw that out of that Lichten st building Ethan Occala aka David Reina is a lawyer but I also kept seeing, “laser pointer.” From what I am understanding, a laser pointer is CIA parlance for someone who finds targets for the government to take out then, take em out .

I happen to be on that hitlist after, from what I understand, the Occalas saw a Youtube of mine I did in 2011 and wanted to fawk me up then.

I saw that Nicholas Bearden worked as an investment banker and then I saw “remote viewer”. Those are people who are hired by the CIA to spy on so called “enemies of the state.” They started using them publicly – well, with a lil public cognizance – back in the 60s.

You can see more on it here: https://allthatsinteresting.com/mk-ultra

That said, as learned from my spirits and sometimes theirs stating their intentions when they fawk with me, consistent with MK Ultra is that Nicholas Occala from what I hear wants to make me a remote sex slave and get me into prostitution via long distance mind control which reminds me of the mk ultra based book written called, “How To Create An Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave” by Fritz Springmeier which you can read here by using his roach attachments to do it by wiping out my consciousness and installing what he wants, in:


Now, returning back to Zendaya and Chalamet, I heard the government buildings they came out of was one for psychiatry and I was told it figures big for mk ultra. Psychiatry and mk ultra goes hand and hand:



Like I said, I heard she died in her sleep.

That said, as part of MK ultra, a major part of what they do is wipe your memories clean, your consciousness which has been a big thing that has been happening to me. I have had my consciousness all fawked up, have had memories and such from my consciousness and astral body energy harvested and given to others.

They use an entity attachment named “Faitel Leader” – sometimes a curly haired woman who supposedly got sacrificed – to keep me stuck to the curse:

She wipes out your memories in the astral plane and in your own consciousness.

I kept hearing at the commencement of this curse and even now that I am some lil experiment:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

I even heard the higher self of that guy right there, Joel Hipps, say in the astral plane, to “hang up on our little experiment” meaning me one night.

I have been saying that this is no regular curse. This shyte I got IN MY HEAD are not regular entities.

While in jail I was the victim of “microwave weapons” in which entity attachments of Nicholas Bearden would reach out beyond the wall and grab me and use an astral instrument to burn like hell the top of my head, which felt like an iron on my head.

There are even CIA agents that talk about this:


I am hearing my bloodline, family, ancestors got sacrificed

This morning I had my baby consciousness full on taken out, removed, energy harvested off of and manipulated.

They put my consciousness and the consciousnesses of my ancestors, family and bloodline meant to wipe our consciousnesses clean every single day.

I heard Nene Occala in the astral plane plotting to put these roach attachments on a girl on the beach she saw who is 21 just cause she looked pretty.

I believe these roach attachments I got are the ones used to clandestinely kill folks in their sleep and they are using that on me and my family.

My astral body is being energy harvested off of like crazy by the celebrities such as Madonna and Tim Burton, Issac Mizrahi and Zendaya – a spirit guide of mine showed me I was tied to these people in the astral plane – and I am constantly having my stuff from in the astral plane by these people that is enough to drive me insane.

That said there is alot more to this curse then it just being a curse.

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