The Uncle Tom Mentality

Yesterday, I overheard a black water and power employee whose face I got scratched out (I don’t put my own people out there. As my mom said you keep your shit in the home and as Tariq Nasheed us black folks gotta stay on code)……


….To run me out.

Now I am gonna take the time to say – to the wetback in the new grey vehicle who DARED to roll there (it had to be a wetback cause with all of em I got a perv energy signature off it due to their bloodline) who rolled in to intimidate that mofo – I couldn’t see what you are but if I indubitably find out you are non black and you’re a wetback I will fuck you up if you catch you around here and I will get you spiritually.

I hate these crakkkas and wetbacks with a passion cause they see our own fucking men – our dads, brothers, sons – as fucking competition when we are black! WE MADE THEM! And as a sister to three fine beautiful handsome I’ll be fucking damned if I let you attack one of my black brothers, even if they are attacking me (we smooth shit out in the family, our race amongst ourselves as other groups do which I plan to lead by example). They won’t fuck – hell they praised this white rapist who raped me cause, he ain’t black and it is alright in the minds of these non blacks, even praise worthy for these non black creatures to violate black women

Chasing My Rapist

I will fucking kill you you pull that shit again on that black man!

Any black man!

Now, that said, I wanna talk about the uncle tom mentality….

99 Cents store thought they were slick…..

That said, there are blacks who I have encountered who are willing to throw away their own kind – as I have personally experienced – so they can be initiated into these other groups (it is worse when they ally with those wetbacks)……

Bedwench Turns On Me After I Try To Protect Her From Her Slavemaster Husband

– The first one was ??‍♀️

Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me

– I saw thru my third eye that these two are engaged in robbing and beating up folks as I saw her in a store with a stolen card then it flashed to a scene of a guy, extremely hurt, getting lifted into a hospital stroller and into an ambulance…..

This was offset cause IT (he) wolf whistled at me and, like someone with true Stockholm Syndrome and codependency issues (I have seen her again with another wetback dressed like a little girl indicating child molestation/daddy issues) she approved what he did and went off on me in some desperate attempt to keep any ole non black cause she hate who she is and when I said that, it set her off (trigger due to possible child abuse at the hands of black men).

– These mofos, after I righteously told his wetback ass friends off, he gets pissed cause I said wetback and tries to attack savagely, as they do….. by fucking with my shit. I hope not him but those wetbacks die from a brain anuyerism from inhaling that shit ?

Black Sellout Dating Fat White Founding Fathers Looking Bitch Gets Jealous of My Going Shirtless Falsely Calls Police

That said, being a spiritualist, a sorceress, a natural witch, I am naturally very sensitive to energies…..

I sense that black people, having a natural inclination for the spiritual due to our ancestory and given how as a collective consciousness our race in America has been so beating down into submission – as with any individual who has inner trauma wounds which I have healed that afflicts the Soul – our collective consciousness is leaking energy which is why these other races, these other energy vampires are quick to “come in” and steal our shit.

It is due to this hole in our collective aura that also allows the energy signatures of these other races to come in and manipulate us…..

This is why I don’t get close to other races and keep a hostile hostile distance between me and esp. crakkkas and wetbacks (wetbacks having the most toxic energy due to their bloodline)…….

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

As I said before 6000 hz frequency – a high frequency that repels reptilians, demons and other low vibratory creatures also just happens to successfully repel wetbacks (I notice when they are around and even though I am sitting in my van, not even playing it that loud – even if they are far away – wetbacks run ????‍♀️?????)….

That is not coincidence.

I find them loud, trashy, common, low common denominator, low vibratory, (as my dad would say) all class low, along with their cult-ure of death (that santa muerte shit).

As an aside, this reminds me of how in voodoo in New Orleans, where I’m from, we got Baron Samedi:

He is a voodoo loa of death but he has a kind and tho offensive but not in a bad way (a more laughable way like real, curses alot which real folks do) personality. He doesn’t hurt children.

On the other hand……

That Santa Muerte shit they war-ship got them cutting up – in the most brutal fashion – babies, kids, just as their bloodthirsty reptilian sired ancestors did…..

Observing them I notice that they have an unbelieveably excessive penchant for low vibratory behaviors such as an obsessiveness for drinking, for rape and pedophilia…….

– Go on the border patrol website and every illegal getting picked up for rape is them! They have a borg like, drone behaviour along with an alignment of priorities in which they see women AND girls as only mere broadmares to serve as things to use to procreate with and push men’s legacies……

– Even a wetback here said that pedophilia is common in Messy-co……

I’ll never forget, back in the 90s there was a film – I forgot the name – in which there was a young Mexican woman who was Harvard bound and she said how women are seen in that cult-ure to act no more then broadmares to have men’s babies and to be controlled and dominated by men, a totally toxic culture which was confirmed by this young woman here:

Why any self respecting black person would wanna be a part of that shit when we got mofos stealing from us is beyond me ??‍♀️

Hmmm…. this is interesting. I am gonna do an article on this another time…..

Look, I am just gonna be real: I look down upon them! I innately do. They are the TOTAL COMPLETE AND UTTER ANTITHESIS OF ME! They are incredibly stupid with quite possibly low fucking IQs that range in the 80s….. I am a erudite and I value intelligence, consciousness and there is nothing that I can’t stand more then low vibratory stupod trashy common people which sums up your average wetback! I see them as trash, I don’t acknowledge their presence (unless it is to defend myself). I walk amongst them with my nose titled up in the air and sometimes with my MAGA hat on:

I look down upon them! I see them as beneath me, trashy! And I hate trash, just as my parents and wetbacks tend to fit the bill allll the way. Alll the way!

Oh, and another thing: when I was in college, I vociferously read books like someone who hasn’t eaten in days….. One of my favourite books was the Without Conscience by Robert Hare (I shoulda been a psychology major as I have a natural interest and knack for it):

– Boy, I remember either buying that book or checking it out when I worked at the circulation desk at the UNO library in New Orleans. Either way it brings back so many fond memories of my youth ⚘

That said, Dr. Robert Hare developed what is known as the Psychopathy Checklist, a checklist designed to discern by the psychologist whether someone is a psychopath or not……

Now, in the book he referenced a film called “The Badlands” starring Charlie Sheen in which he portrayed infamous serial killer Charles Starkweather. He made note to instead focus on his girlfriend.

He made a comment I will never forget that describes the wetback in which he says, “They know the words to the song but not the meaning.”

In my past interactions with wetbacks I note they try to sound “deep” (I think they have a lil intelligence due to the reptilians giving them the spiritual aspect of their bloodline while dumbing them down in other ways cause as said on this blog those mofos are hyperintuitive I must concede) and mimic me but….. there is an emptyness there in which, as Robert Hare said “They know the words to the song but not the meaning.” I recall one reverting right back to this simple minded, child like, unidimensional perspective when I was talking on a deep topic.

That said, I could never be with one and would attack one if it tried to get on with me!

Raid, works on wetbacks (and soon crakkkas) every time…..

I Spray A Wetback In The Face With Raid And Deputies Arrest Me For A Felony and Try To Get Trustees To Jump Me In Jail FULL STORY

Nothing in this world makes me madder than a stupid person (my heart goes out to those with learning disabilities as my brother had one) and considering all the toxic traits of the wetback, it is an insult for them to feel as if they can even on any level enter my orbit, my personal space!

I’ll make them pay and bust their walls of stupidity down so they’ll see since they are too stupid – with bricks for brains – to see shit!

Looka this wetback – complete with demonic skull – try to have authority over me, trying to appeal to my conscience (I don’t have a conscience for my enemies and my heart chakra is closed to them also)

As a matter of fact, regarding this, my favourite phrase is by Adolf Hitler which goes like this…..

“Close your eyes to pity. Act brutally!”

– You damn right! Now, you know ??

That said, returning back to talking on the uncle tom mentality, I notice that, even amongst Afrikans, Alkebulans (the original name for Afrika) as I shall say who have never been enslaved – there is a tendency to have low self esteem and feel that their worth had to be sponsored by these inferior races…..

….And they are with some OOGLAY azz wide bois…..

This is sad ??‍♀️

That said blacks worldwide have what I call an inclusive mentality in which they literally let others walk all over them and will even forgive them (tho they don’t give their own the same favour). This works against you….. as I said before blacks must start getting self respect and start operating like the jews and keep all your secrets and shit to yourselves……

The Pathology of White Folks Blaming The Jews For Everything And What Black People Can Learn From The Jews

Excluding other mofos is how you value yourself and get other mofos to value and respect you.

The best illustration of that is the difference between a heaux and a slut. People value and respect what they can not have. There is a reason womben have always played hard to get. Why pick up artists say the best way to attract folks is to be an asshole.

There is truth to this as I apply it in my own life.

When you make yourself too available, you lower your worth. Think of the difference between a lambo and a miata or a saturn! lambos are valued cause there are not many and they go at a higher price! They are exclusive. You wanna be exclusive. Keep mofos out as Malcolm X in his wise days said.

Imma say this: those crakkkas murdered Malcolm X cause he was for true black empowerment.

He wasn’t on this begging and pandering to be accepted shit like the government created black lies matter, but he was all for keeping the black community separate and thus keeping our secrets protected.

He was all for creating a segregated but better version of the black community.

Insecure whitey couldn’t have that so they took him down, as they did the Honourable Mu’ammar Gaddafi, who sought to create a truly independent black Africa, free of abuse and exploitation from whites and other non blacks, in which control over our resources would be returned back to US!

He sought to have Afrika (from here on out it will be referred to as Alkebulan) create it’s own currency, rendering back control to Her (Alkebulan) over it’s own resources, it’s own bank etc…. but crakkkas killed him before he can bring it to fruition:

Whites pushed intergration cause it works for them.

They knew you knee-grows, due to their manipulation and enslavement and grooming of us through years of abuse – see them as superior.

THEY KNEW that as soon as they opened the floodgates via integration that all the best and the brightest in the black community was gonna flood into THEIR community so they could be kept under lock and key – monitored – to avert a real revolution, by jacking our best!

THEY KNEW that this would weaken the black community and give them power over us culturally, spiritually, energetically…..

This Why Black People CAN NOT Have Nice Things

As my mother alwats said, intergration killed the black community.

That said, follow me……

I saw this mofo thru my third eye shaking in bed due to the ‘woke I put on him ??

I died laughing when I told IT is inferior and made him feel that way and he blew up ???

I was hoping, trying to get him to suffer a heart attack.

One less crakkka to deal with ??

That said NOTE I don’t acknowledge their presence while tearing them down and all the while letting them know I am addressing my black audience…..

This is how you gain power: you keep them out by letting them know they don’t matter to you.

I notice that esp. with whites there is a toxic tendency for them to think the world revolves around them and their thoughts.

Every so often I’ll see those low lives comment how they are “unsubbing” to someone they merely disagree with all the while not even contributing a dime to said person.

That is the hubris of the white person which I seek to tear down as explained and broken down here:

The Psychology and Training of White People and Their Lapdogs The Wetbacks

That said, the best offense is defense. My parents always said you gotta play their game which I can not do (just that in itself proves how much brainwashing blacks are under and how much control we let them have over us). Blacks are a billion dollar market – we can make moves. I am so proud alot of blacks supported Lil Boosie’s film, who reminds me of a rapper version Mu’ammar Qaddafi:

He is trying to make something happen fot US all (FUBU).

That being said, as someone who is different with great spiritual gifts (cause I am a natural witch) – just as black people have a powerful energy from which other folks have sucked from……

….You learn the nuances of keeping people at bay who only wanna get close to you to mess with you out of envy for your own survival…..

Like my brother Kerry, I don’t explain shit to my enemies or even give a warning I just attack with sadistic glee…..

I Spray A Wetback In The Face With Raid And Deputies Arrest Me For A Felony and Try To Get Trustees To Jump Me In Jail FULL STORY

When you open yourself up to debating with your enemies, to dialogue, you are opening yourself to being manipulated and then conquered.

As was done with the Hawaiians (who were black tho. they try to separate us by saying they Samoan)……

….And the natives, of which we are too…..

They get in via “harmony.” THEY KNOW you lust cause of your natural HUE-MAN disposition to get along with them.

But you have to understand they are not on that waveland.

Due to their inferior genes they seek to conquer and subjugate:

Look up the fear of white genetic annhilation which Dr. Francis Cress Welsing spoke on……

I notice that whites LOVE IT when you want to be them: have their inferior genes, eyes (which, like them, esp. if blue – are vitamin D deficient and can’t survive for too long in the sun), dog hair……

– These creatures actually call it “glorious” to kiss a dog like that.

That is the (psycho)pathology of white people!

They hate it when you love yourself.

Exude that quality!

That said, same with the wetback. They war-ship whites and wannabe white.

As said by this thing here:

They think they are white or, if they are brown, they wannabe white……

This is why I tell blacks to avoid their asses and see them as our enemies, too:

There Is No Black and Brown Pride Only Black vs Brown WAR

Don’t sleep on (or with) these creatures either……

They war-ship whites cause their demon germanating daddy Quetzalcoatl would shapeshift into one……

When they first saw the Spaniards they thought he was “god.”

And you think crakkkas fucked us over with crakkka christ….

In many of my convos with them they view whites as “gods” and even superior them.

Thus they buy into and are an arm (hence why they attack black communities) of white supremacy.

There Is No Black and Brown Pride Only Black vs Brown WAR

They are to be dropped off the list completely and never trusted.

On a spiritual level I wonder if they have done witchcraft on the black community because I have come across uncle tom ass knee-grows who are so devoted to them that they will throw their own people out to be accepted by these low vibrational creatures…..

– Yes they are in fact putting spells on the black community.

I saw thru my third eye they had a white mini car – like a slavedriver – pushing us.

I quickly sent it to hell to free our collective spirit.

They have and work with very evil and sinister and powerful spiritual entities cause, one time, right before I left my old apartment, I had an evil entity named Beelzebub, actually it was this skeletal archon I talked about here who created an etheric bond between me and those wetbacks, thus wreaking havoc on my energy body and causing me to act in ways that were crazy, made me “commiserate” with them by inadvertently being on their energetic frequency abd thus causing confusion and compromising my message.

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago (right before I sprayed that wetback with Raid) was I able to exorcise it did I feel a monumental difference – better – with that etheric chain being lifted out of me!

That is another thing that blacks gotta work on collectively: generational curses or as some would call, generational trauma.

It is very real and as I have proselytized on this site before what happens in the spirit realm DIRECTLY will manifest in the physical.

As I have pointed out in an instance with me trauma, the trauma forming, starts in the womb and like a computer code gets encoded in our dna, which we pass down to others.

I believe that, based on our collective trauma, we have so many blind spots due to energy blocks being created to escape the pains of trauma that we can’t begin to build the black community physically until we work on ourselves energetically.

Acknowledging The Truth Will Set You Free of Energy Blocks

It is in the astral a massive wound that is leaking in our collective Soul (shit man there was a band in the 90s named that and now I know why).

When I just now used my third eye to tap into the collective Soul consciousness of blacks, I saw trains carrying us to hell but I just fixed it…..

We’ll be going into these glorious gates, a good place ??

– I also saw on the side of the train tracks darkness = our enemies on the side.

That being said, the collective Soul needs healing. Major healing. I made it a lil better now using my powers and all.

Imma try to do more work on this later on but I honest gotta work on myself hence why I have gone into hermit mode as of recent.

That said, for you all who gotta work side by side with these things – ya’ll must do a lot of mental gymnastics, and a few inner jedi mind tricks, just to make it thru the day.

See, I can’t cause I am too sensitive to energy and will implode/explode – even get physically/ psychically sick if I can’t say something.

See as one Native American said to me I am supposed to walk the path of a shaman so I can’t…… I just can’t deal with the baffonery and bullshit of the world.

That said inner collective healing is needed – along with finding our true collective enemies in the spirit world.

Once we conquer ourselves, we can conquer our own community (shame I had to say that).

Make the Black Community Great Again ✊???

– Also don’t forgot what I said about tapping in to our satanic kundalini energy……

Satan Is The Black Person’s Kundalini

….Youtube took that shit down cause I told too much truth.

– Rejection is key ? to warding off your enemies…..

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