Black Sellout Dating Fat White Founding Fathers Looking Bitch Gets Jealous of My Going Shirtless Falsely Calls Police

Black Sellout Dating Fat White Founding Fathers Looking Bitch Gets Jealous of My Going Shirtless Falsely Calls Police

Now, this wasn’t right…..

The poor dude trying to help me who was mad nice to this orangutan – for lack of a better word – got punched IN THE FACE by this pos mayate, bled in the nose and got taken down (along with his vehicle) by the sheriffs……

This poor dude – he lives in his vehicle – he did not deserve this and some assholes were blaming me…..

I HATE the jealousy towards black people in America, esp. with those who internalise it…..

Looka that face – mayate kno. he was done! Lol

That being said, this guy is a head on case for self hatred, self loathing (I have been coming across A LOT of that energy from blacks as of late ??‍♀️)…..

And to think all throughout my life pee-pole have falsely accused ME of that when I was just simply being me, like here…..

I was being nice to this fat ass hogbeast when all of a sudden her face fucking turns into the white devil she is and then next thing I know this jealous fat ass white crakkkabeast unfurls a litany of gender based contumlies aimed at attacking me for having a nice body…..

I’d be jealous too if I looked like her – that I belonged to the ocean, a fucking landwhale – while looking like me…..

Unfortunately, cause I got rid of the original video, you can’t see the bitch’s full face (she look like Benjamin Franklin) but here is another doppleganger this hogbeast resembles…..

Okay, that being said – that’s an ugly bitch (he only got with her cause she fat, ugly, and white – like him)….. this situation is a perfect example of self hate…..

This girl here is another example: blonde weave, probably a prostitiute (sex worker) PROUDLY calling an ugly – that mofo when you see his/it’s face don’t even resemble vaguely a humqn – ugly fat porky pig, dog, pitbull faced wetback her “husband.” Her fucking husband.

This is a fucking travesty and an example of the percolation of self hatred in our community, in the black community……

It don’t need to be said because it’s been said a million times that alot of this derives from the dehumanizing maltreatment of black people in America, starting from slavery…..

Willie Lynch laughing his ass off cause they got ya’ll, enslaved, into the 21st century…..

We have been beaten down to devalue ourselves in an attempt to uphold white supremacy and not make these other races jealous……

Why The World Hates Black People

The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

I’ve explained it in those blogs…..

We are envied like a mofo but we don’t see the worth in ourselves like others do…..

Right around here a BLACK Belizean with a fat white broad has put me down, called me “hoe” to appease her fat ass……

His eyes are BLACK ass fuck too……

Here is another one of him and this was taken of an interracial black and white faggot tag team couple playing – out loud for me to hear – “Don’t Come Around Here No More” by Tom Petty…..

– Belizean dude knows what’s up!

Now, this is something I reeeally don’t get. I have been here since 2017, really full time 2018. There is a wetback family (consisting of a wetback bitch with 4 kids out of wedlock who always calls me a “whore” and is jealous ass fuck of me – as they are towards all black women) but I am supposed to leave…..

They have been doing HEAVY witchcraft spells (but I am powerful and am pretty much the ruler/protector of this area….. “against them” ????) to try to run me out. But I am pretty fucking powerful on my own and have dealt with even more powerful shit that allows me to fight back ????‍♀️).

More on that…..

I saw them being nice to a white bitch who preaches as Bobby Hemmitt explained all that peace and lurve crap to lull you into being a sacrifice for your ass……

– These the people putting witchcraft and thinking I should not know…. I can hear literally when I fight back their discussions of awareness…..

But I am supposed to be crazy and let people – these demons (seeds of Quetzalcoatl and their masters, the crakkkas, think I’m crazy)…..

Black folks, this is why it is important to know thy self! When you know your self worth, you become invincible. I hear shit thru the vine – these other races hate you, envy. Because of very powerful entities I am now finding out who have manipulated my life and forced me into sex work….. but I killed (and gave as a sacrifice out of spite) every half crakkka kid ever that invaded my womb – witch ??‍♀️ was twice! I didn’t even want anything. Let whatever hellbeast have em!

I can’t stand crakkkas and I hate wetbacks! The energy I get from these two groups – esp. from these invaders coming in to MY area trying to push me out – is one of envy – of our power and desiring to destroy us. That peace and love shit – as Bobby Hemmitt explained – is a lull tactic (the white bitch who be doing meth who got hair like Roxanne was saying that peace love bull to a light skinned fool who was nice and kind to her but treated me – his sister and he look like my brother – like shit while following me around stalking me and using my shirtless activism as an excuse to be a creepy fool to his own…..) to get you to become a victim for them, easy prey…..

Look, I am just going to say it like this….. they want you, us to be comedic, to be fools and joke ourselves to our detriment, our deaths as they steal, lie about us, take from us, and use us….. and now they are using OUR genetic material in the form of pushing this interracial agenda against ya’ll!

Paul Dienach predicted these demons will kill us off some 3,000 years into the future……

And guess who will inherit Afrika aka Alkebulan? You guessed it, the wetbacks!

That’s why you need to stay ✊? ‘woke, alert, and aware….. like me ??? And most of all, exclusive. Keep people out your, our inner world!

I bet you honkkkies and wetbacks thought I was gonna turn this into an anti black man post. Lol! I’m too smart – and ‘woke ✊? for that! With the exception of a FEW uncle tom sellouts, turned out and ravaged by slavery and it’s after effects…. black men have been good to me my entire life without wanting anything. Can’t say the same for sneaky pervy ass crakkkas who want sex in exchange for something…. I hate those mofos. I loathe em!

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