I Am Willing To Do Whatever For A New Van or Minivan

I Am Willing To Do Whatever For A New Van or Minivan

It can be old or used but it gotta work…..

I hate having to do this but my situation is desperate. Mad desperate……

I was sooo excited when I FIRST got this….. I was mad excited. It just dims my heart…..

That being said, I’ve been stranded for awhile. My minivan is not working. Head gasket messed up. When I tried to remove the engine cover bolts I guess I put too much torque cause they broke off in it.

I Saw This Coming Thru My Cards: My Minivan Head Gasket AND Radiator Fan Is Fucked

Imma Just Have To Ghetto Fix This Head Gasket WITHOUT Sealant or Replacing It

Fucking Engine Smoking Imma Have To Mad Max ‘Woke This Motherfucker

I am asking, pleading – I am willing to do anything just so I can have something dependable, reliable to drive in again…. It can either be to fix this here (my mechanic shop said $1,500 just for labour and not to mention the engine). The head gasket is blown and those are cheap to get but I know labour is crazy. I can work with someone else to get it running (cause it is a strain on my lil bit of money using ubers going back and forth to Autozone) or…..

A van van. Don’t have to be new, but gotta be reliable, able to run, in fairly good condition.

I am asking cause I been stranded out here for about a good two months and am frustrated like mad hell and it sucks to be in this situation – again.

I was so happy when I first got this. It has been mad bad all the way, like downhill.

So, I don’t have any money. Lemme say that. But I’ll do whatever – sex – just to either get a much needed new set of wheels or to get this running. Thank you!

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