Proof ALL White People Are Monsters

Proof ALL White People Are Monsters

ALL – not a few……

I thought this creature was gonna blame the illuminati, as per usual when they deflect blame off themselves.

As Taurean Reign said – crakkkas are the masters of projection, deflection, and deception…..

This has to be the worst whitesplaining….. I mean whites have brown eyes and hair too so wtf!

Here is IT’S channel (IT has the nerve to show the world that IT and IT’S kind have destroyed then save it in that “good white/bad white” way as I explained yesterday……

??‍♀️ Fucking hypocrites…..

Basically, this crakkka is denying crakkka involvement in a CRAKKKA OWNED IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL’S use of the bones of murdered black kids in an incident in Philadelphia where white racist ass police firebombed black kids owned by a black power militant group known as MOVE which you can read here…..

They also try to pull that schadenfraude “it’s the joos” bullshit to – as per crakkka propensities – negate their involvement in atrocities altogether aka victim blaming – such as how they try to blame blacks for slavery by saying we sold ourselves.

If those pieces of shit could, they would VICTIM blame the Native Americans for accepting smallpox blankets….. oh wait…..

You can read more racist whitesplaining revisioning here….

There is a reason why I will continue to keep my feet on these honkkkies – and wetbacks.

Youtube even knows I tell the truth by this reverse projection in which I am called a “racist” (they keep a close eye on my shit)……

White people – like The Thing – live to conquer, assimilate and destroy and you can never get along with those things by being yourself…..

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