The Witch’s Mark

The Witch’s Mark

Just in time for Halloween……

NOTE I got two long strands of hair on the right side of my breast.

However, on the left side, you see none…..

That is what you call a witch’s mark…..

A witch’s mark is deemed to represent an entity such as as popularly believed here the devil taking ownership of a person, laying a mark as claim to them as would be done by a cattle rancher to cattle.

It was used during the Salem Witch’s trials and the Grand Inquisition to determine if one was a witch or not.

I notice these anomoulous hairs growing (at one time they were shorter and blacker)……

Now they are longer.

I have been working on breaking my Soul contracts as of late. When I was a kid, and again in 2014, I called myself making a deal with the devil. I think these marks are the product of that deal.

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