This bothers me…

Now, I DON’T EVEN LIKE – PERSONALLY – DOING COPWATCHING, ESP. FOR OTHERS OR EVEN TAPING THEIR ASSES!!!! Unless I have to (that’s only if they are fucking with ME on the topless thing or anything else!)

Given my experiences here:  https://toplessinla.org/2017/11/16/the-illuminati-still-trying-to-recruit-me-for-their-perverted-agenda/ Experiences with the unknown: https://toplessinla.org/2018/01/24/witnessing-alien-etheric-manipulation/ AND ESP. HERE (AND THIS concerns seeing cops TRUE FORM IN THE ASTRAL): https://toplessinla.org/2018/01/26/alien-la-cops-threaten-me-in-malibu/ and here (THIS IS AN EYE OPENING READ TO SEE THE FUCKED UP SHIT POWERFUL PEOPLE DO TO STAY IN POWER A LA #PIZZAGATE – google “pizzagate”): https://toplessinla.org/2018/03/01/the-time-i-witnessed-a-human-sacrifice-in-the-astral/ Here (GREAT READ based on visions I’ve seen of SELL-ebrities whi’ve sold themselves for Earthly Trinkets): https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/09/kanye-wests-soul-is-being-held-hostage-in-a-deep-underground-military-base-by-aliens-in-the-astral/ Using the so called “unknown” to make things materialise advantageously to me or just being able to astral project: https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/22/with-proud-happyness-and-glee-i-announce-to-you-all-that-i-just-astral-projected-early-this-morning/

Fuck, look at my eyes:

Those are witches eyes!

You can read AND see more about the shit here:


and here:



Now that I fucks with the Spirit World and, as a Seer, can see WHAT REALLY AFFECTS or, better yet, AFFLICTS OUR WORLD, I CAN NOT GO BACK TO BEING SUBJECT TO SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH MUNDANE, BANAL EYES ANYMORE! I just can’t!

I’m better than that! I KNOW BETTER! I’VE SEEN BETTER! I’ve seen what attaches to people on the spiritual plane and possesses them to do shit – unwittingly. Esp. now given that we are in the Age of Aquarius as I talk about here:  and here: MANY FORMERLY UNSEEN, HIDDEN THINGS ARE NOW BEING REVEALED! What really runs our world is now coming out, hence why 2Circles’ and Kininigan’s channels got shut down this week and last in which both revealed ALOT about reptilians!

Hell, many LA County Sheriffs deputies and police are reptilians or are reptilian possessed (their energy signature is different from others – Esp. LAPD).

I recall the last time I was in jail and being processed at the Airport Courthouse a spikey haired guard said to me, “You’re a celebrity. Didn’t you used to copwatch?” Though not overtly acting it out there – I took issue with it! Let him know I deal with the Spirit World. As I come into my powers (I full fledged astral projected last week in a DIFFERENT BODY which you can read about here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/22/with-proud-happyness-and-glee-i-announce-to-you-all-that-i-just-astral-projected-early-this-morning/  Plus you can see my eyes change which was divulged above!). I had a guy who I saw in the “Spirit Realm” shapeshift into an ugly, black frog like reptilian (he didn’t like when I called him out) SAY THE SAME THING, well, similar: “I miss your copwatch videos.” THAT MEANS WE WANT YOU TO REVERT! That’s the energy I pick up from that. Be asleep. The reptilian guy put me down for talking on esoteric subjects BUT WANTED ME TO TALK ABOUT THAT so you see what that shit was all about (Now that I think about it, the guard I mentioned earlier I think maybe a hybrid with doormat abilities). I know so much more. I’ve come so far. It’s analogous to seeing a person – and I hate to correlate Earthly Trinkets materialism with success but follow me here – “get out the hood,” and a person shouts to her or him, “Hey, weren’t you slinging dope on the corner?” It’s a reminder-rallying cry AND WISH that I would revert back to when I wasn’t effective, didn’t know shit, WAS NOT AWARE OF MY SPIRITUAL ABILITIES and thereby stay in a little societal box where I fight AN IRRELEVANT FIGHT and NOT THE REAL SHIT HOLDING HUMANITY BACK! A reminder anf wish for me to not be spiritually effective. A longing for when I didn’t evolve and come into my true identity, which REALLY makes me a THREAT to the reptilians running the show! As I say, you don’t get the level of hatred I get FROM RANDOM PEOPLE being spiritually influenced to hate your ass as I revealed here:


…Unless you are a threat! You don’t get the “reptilian-cat eyes” unless you are a hybrid, which I am starting to think I am one. I grew up in New Orleans East not too far from a NASA plant. I had constant “dreams”, VISIONS of UFOS! I always received constant hatred. You don’t get that UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE WORLD FOR A VERY SPECIAL PURPOSE, on the level of Jesus Christ, a Buddha! That said, I know WHO I AM and WHY I AM HERE, and it goes beyond mere silly ass “copwatching” which cops are just like the Guard Dogs for the Matrix, analogous to the Hellhounds who guard the gates pf Hell, hence why the military who are in many ways tied into law enforcement, have the “Devil Dog” logo in the armed forces:

Look at those red eyes…!

– Look at all that blood like pizzagate aka RITUAL SACRIFICE, WITCH (pun intended) most of our wars – and the worlds wars – ARE ALL ABOUT! Read “Report From Iron Mountain” to see what I mean: https://toplessinla.org/2017/05/16/before-pizzagate-the-coverup-of-the-report-from-iron-mountain/

THIS where the devil dog symbolism cane (as in canine, Kane or Cane – yes, pun intended) FROM: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellhound

– Yep, hellhounds who guard the hates (excuse me, I meant GATES) of hell. Note the correlation between the devil dogs red eyes and the blaring red eyes of the hellhound. Also note the depiction of blood = sacrifice which also occulticly acts as a step in for THE FLAMES OF HELL, ALL OCCULT SYMBOLISM!

Think about it?

– SEE HOW I DROP DEM JEWELS! They don’t like how I can take knowledge and correlate shit together, like pieces of a puzzle!

– I recall TWO HELLHOUNDS were sicked on me in the astral by an old jewish property manager (THEY KNOW ALOT about the occult and how to PROPERLY worship “god” aka THE DEMIURGE which I talk about here: https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/14/god-pazuzu-amun-and-satan-are-all-the-same-god/  hence why they are sooo successful and the unfortunate holocaust – in which they were offered up as a sacrifice by the illuminati – MEANS BURNT OFFERING!) and my late grandmother jumped on they ass and stopped it, a bunch of my ancestors – well, really, mainly her (she looked Ecuadorian when alive and had NATURAL jet black straight hair like a South American indian) stepped in to STOP IT! STOP THEM!

That said, here’s the videos from last night.

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In this vid here, you can hear me mention the part where the dude getting arrested says to the deputy, “I got 5 1’s.” I believe the deputy spoke under his breathe. WHY ELSE WOULD HE SPEAK UNDER HIS BREATHE UNLESS SOMETHING SHADY IS HAPPENING???

– This is OF COURSE not the first time someone has been extorted out here in Malibu. This fruit vendor here recounts how a deputy, an old ass white man, tried to extort him for money:


It’s funny how after I heard the “5 1’s” comment AND STARTED TO RECORD – IT WAS AS IF BY TELEPATHY THE COP KNEW I WAS RECORDED and pretty much went hush hush with the guy which is why I suspect them to be reptilians!

And there are PLENTY of UFO sightings out here by Topanga Canyon Blvd which you can read about, here:


Here, you see the deputy (HE LOOK LIKE A WHITE VERSION OF MY DAD WHO IS A RETIRED NEW ORLEANS COP) getting suspiciously perturbed, while walking past him in the mud (FAR FROM HIM), asking me questions, I mean the way he ACTED struck me as a lil suspect:

– The video, interestingly, IS THE 6TH VIDEO in the series which correlates to the Earth Realm in numerology!

Here the other videos…

You know, it’s funny but after that police encounter I had a surreal “dream” where, again, the cops appeared to me in the astral (I think many are spiritual). It was a young white dude – 30s – one of the people I filmed. I was in the backseat of my car trying to sleep – up until I saw the police car lights I had a hard time going to sleep, I didn’t know why – and now I realize it was to witness that incident and I awoke at the “witch’s hour” as well – about 2am. But it was kinda scary AND REAL. The said young cop appeared and tried to get me out the car. I’m like, “Fuck no!” So I knew this was some astral shit (IT SEEMED REAL) when he popped open the trunk and offered me “something” I don’t remember – and said that it was a peace offering and they weren’t doing no crooked shit! Then I saw the sergeant I saw earlier with crew cut – short, big dude – sit (now this shit seems symbolic) and he sat on a “white shit” or seat or throne or some shit dressed in diapars and tried to give me somethinh to drink and chill. THEN I was back in the kitchen of my old childhood home and saw an entity who took on my dad’s appearance (I can tell by the aura) and it was saying se fucked up, sexual shit LETTING ME KNOW THAT AIN’T MY FATHER – it was fucked up! Anyways the same way that shit was presented to me – the vision with the cops, my dad
etc. – was the same way Baron Samedi, a voodoo Death Lwa (Loa in English) – presented himself to me when I wouldn’t put alcohol on his altar back in the time when I had my old apartment (cause I’d drink it all!). Man, that was a trip! Anyways, I don’t know what was going on but in the end of one of those final vids above you can hear the cops with the young lady (when shit first went down, I recall the deputy saying to TWO PEOPLE: “What are you two doing here???” so I dunno WHY they let her go or what she did to be let off the hook or if that is even her but yet I don’t recall a second car showing up to take the other car’s belongings) READ OUT LOUD the price of the shit being expunged from the car (one item was $100 I recall). I just know having been to jail that that shit – from what I can best recall – is usually DONE AT THE STATION which is why the comment asking the guy – I’m guessing – money and the dude says in a sheepish tone “5 1’s” perturbed me!

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