WHOA – it was vivid and I think I’ll get better at navigating – I hope!

That said, I went back to sleep after waking up early this morning. I WILL TELL YOU: THERE IS A SCIENCE TO IT but I am just in the beginning stages of mastery it.

Make a long story short – I worked with the energy of my body so I could PUSH my ass out! I left through the side of my body. I dunno why – maybe it is due to my recent thoughts on this past life here still rumminating in my mind: https://toplessinla.org/2018/02/17/black-womans-past-life-as-a-rich-little-blonde-white-girl-who-ran-away-from-home-with-an-old-white-man/
but I felt like a young, mid 20s white girl but with brunnette hair, thin, late 90s to early 2000s surfer girl, Ashlee Simpson look. Anyways, I felt and I guess perhaps with the 360 degree or 560 degree since I felt I was more in the 5th dimension that I had I SAW MYSELF IN A WAY LITERALLY SHOOT FROM OUT THE SIDE OF MY BODY (I still feel energized as if I have taken a walk SO YOU KNOW I LEFT MY BODY)!


Anyways, man, I can – STILL – feel energy pulsing. I feel like this, here:

Anyways, I saw myself leave my body! I feel I may have been in a higher dimension than 4th because there you got 360 vision but here I was able to see me leave my body – while leaving it – at the same time (Funny, I got that same vision here in the 3D realm).

That said, it seemed I shot through a roof – but it wasn’t in my car which is where I sleep but rather in my old childhood home. I made a conscious effort to explore instead of going back into my body (something a month before I HAD AN EXTREMELY HARD TIME CONTROLLING AND DOING – VERY HARD TIME). Unlike last time, MY VISION WAS CRYSTAL CLEAR THIS TIME (That’s why I say – everything happens for a reason). So, whiie floating, I saw my “dad” sleeping I am guessing using 4D or 5D vision in bed and I say dad in quotes because – tho. the voice was similar and the pajamas he used to wear – lol (it makes me lol cause all these things are nostalgic to my youth) – were similar HE APPEARED AS A BALD HEADED WHITE GUY (He is black and FAR FROM THAT!). That’s why I say I was either in the 4D or 5D because as famed Chris Offut said in one of his short stories about parallel universes – I need to find that book – when you go up in dimensions, things change sometimes a little or a lot depending how higher you go. Ordinary scenes will look DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT! I recall the last time I astral projected back in 2014 or was it 2015, maybe 2013 (it was usually a strong pulsation that PULLED ME OUT which I was once scared to do because I didn’t know what was pulling me out of my body and what it will do to me once I am on the other side. Funny thing is via CONSCIOUS projection I felt the same last night). That said, I was looking at my father and tugged at him and he was like “Go away, Raven, while asleep” and so I left. At one point, I went into our downstairs bathroom and saw an orb – very similar to one I saw awhile ago while in jail – floating! Out of fear, I VANISHED IT!

– The orb I saw reminded me EXACTLY of this, something I seen a while back which was a picture of a WHOLE STAR, HERE:

Now, the most heart wrenching part is and I am not sure – it might be him – was seeing my lil brother on the other side. I was wondering how he was doing, and wanted to protect him. I have been told by one psychic that he was on the otherside, trapped by some executioner hat black shadow demonic entities aboard a space craft. He died in 2012. I have seen what is quite possibly a similar fate in which I have seen him be forced on a yellow school bus by a similar looking entity – him and a group of kids – and bussed to the underworld! I have others confirm. Even more disheartening, I looked through a “mag” where it seemed some reptilians made clones of him AND ATE HIS ORIGINAL FUCKING SOUL (I hope it was a sick symbolic metaphor in the dreamscape) which both me and the psychic saw took the form of a small child. In the astral – I saw him in our childhood treehouse – lol – walking around in his 8 year old form. I asked if he was okay and maybe this is confirmation that he is but he told me, “Yeah, go away!” in his cantankerous way of talking back then. I think he is now alright. I tried to see if I could go outside – DID (something I could not do with recent past astral projections). I went out to look at the stars – as I always did as a child and even now.


That said, THERE IS NOTHING – IN THIS WORLD – like astral traveling. I have done ALOT of Earthly experiences. I never traveled out of country (except to Mexico) but having the 5D consciousness (I know realize that I have that level of consciousness) that I have… I just wouldn’t be sated. It’s kinda like how I feel when I want to eat something – WITHOUT EATING IT – I can visualize it, savour it – and feel satisified. It kinda proves how consciousness and energy are real but 3D stuff – THOUGH IT IS REAL – isn’t really in a way, I guess, let’s just say it is wrought from energy and consciousness in a way (you also got consensus ie mass realities ABD ENERGIES THAT ARE NOT AUTONOMOUS TO YOU to deal with)! That’s why in part and in many ways – Earthly experiences don’t fulfill me. Hell, now that I think about it, regarding perception – I recall once when my third eye was FULLY open and I saw various entities, it seemed like for the more amorphous, maybe spiritually cloaked ones – I could “shape” how they look esp. with the shadow people!

That said, THAT’S WHY I LOOK INWARD – ESP. AFTER DEEP INTROSPECTION – FOR HAPPINESS! FOR FULFILLMENT AND ULTIMATELY – contentment, which is what you are SUPPOSED to want, really, not a perpetual state of Happyness = mania.

That said, I feel truly fulfilled having this gift. I feel WEALTHY, LIKE I HAVE WON THE LOTTO! It is so exciting to see that world (I was actually in what Robert Monroe would refer to as the “real world time” maybe even etheric part of the astral). Wherever I went… it was sure exciting to leave out of body. I recall the last time I left I felt I was practically a ball of light – my apartment was tinted blue (the light in the kitchen was off whereas I usually kept it on). I saw what appeared to be a HUGE white portal like ball of light (which I thought was a reflection of the sun) with what appeared to be picket fences which I have seen in dreams (SO I KNOW I WAS IN THE ASTRAL) but my vision was blurry at the time.

In another instance, I was partially out of body from the waist on up – my vision was consummate – and everything was the same but had a dream like quality to it, very surreal, heavenly but coming towards me was this cartoon character cut out man with brown hair, a green sweater and blue jeans who was hissing at me, saying, “Hey, Raven!” I used my astral consciousness to call forth my hand and when I saw it it was red in colour. I was like, “I could barely get out of my body! I ain’t gonna fight this thing” and went back inside.

That said, astral projection is one of the most – exhilirating – experiences if not THE! You are no longer confined to the 3D; you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, GO WHEREEVER YOU WANT, HELL, AS I SAW LAST NIGHT – BE WHATEVER YOU WANT AND EVEN CREATE YOUR OWN REALITIES. It’s better than the suffocating and entrapping 3D. That said, I hope to have many more of those experiences. It’s a gift you get when you look inward – instead of outward – for Happyness!

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