LA Malibu Sheriffs CONFIRM They Were Engaging In Extortion Last Night With Youtube False Flag

Now, I am gonna be real – I don’t know if it’s the new stones I brought cause last time when I brought two green ones I HAD ISSUES (I figured it out) – AND AT THAT TIME I WAS HAVING ISSUES WITH THE SHERIFFS where I got FALSELY ARRESTED for being topless in public AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by Deputy Thieme (I feel drained now after buying the lil purple one but it was after, I mean it was like being on drugs, BEING ON A FUCKING HIGH!) which you can read about here:

but anyways…

I think the sheriffs just confirmed what I had sensed AND HOPED WAS NOT TRUE! THEY FLAGGED MY VIDEO ON YOUTUBE “FOR HATE SPEECH” AFTER I POSTED A VIDEO OF THE SHERIFF ACTING SUSPECT AFTER I SUSPECTED HE WAS INVOLVED IN POSSIBLE EXTORTION (I hear crows CHIRPING like a mofo and usually the animal kingdom communicates things to me and that shit I sense may be – hopefully not – troublesome) which you can read about here:

That said, why else would they shut it down UNLESS THEY WERE ENGAGING IN ILLEGAL SHIT??? WHY ELSE? That deputy (it just came to me they did it at 8am this morning) WAS ACTING MAD NERVOUS, REAL SUSPECT which made me think what I was thinking (which I was hoping was NOT the case). That’s prob. why they don’t want me around! That said, if anything happens, I’ll keep you all updated…

Now that I think of it, I SWEAR I saw the same deputy who was in the Part 10 of that “video series” from last night, driving in the same direction where I purchased my stones today. How that mofo can work (cause I know they work 8 hour shifts) like that is BEYOND ME!!!

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