They Can’t Kill My Spirit

Though they try…

I RECOGNIZE that the reason behind why THIS happened:

Along with the subsequent RACIST trolls like Irene Brennan looking to pick on me while in a weakened state like vultures to (what they think is) a carcass here:

Along with DEMONICALLY POSSESSED/INHABITED individuals like here:

IS cause they wanna kill my spirit! Like reptilians, they feed off of misery, pain like the reptilian induced attack that occurred against me, recently!

It’s designed to throw me off course, divert my attention from doing what I came here to do and I recognize that, I recognize it and that just makes them pissed because what else can they throw at me aside from death? That’ll just strenghten the message. All they can TRY to do is sully the spirit – which will fail and has always NOT succeeded. I’ve seen their facial expressions, happy because they think I’ve fallen and that – this time – my spirit will be FUCKED! No, my spirit HAS NOT been sullied! I am still here and stronger and more resilient AND RESISTENT than ever!

I discuss the agenda of these reptilian/ demonic attacks, here:

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THIS reminds me in MANY WAYS of how kids involved in pizzagate aka MK ultra are put through substantial abuse: rape, witnessing murder, dehumanizing acts which are designed to take the spirit out the child, of which you can read more, here: AND HERE ARE PICTURES OF IT HERE: AND HERE: IT IS NOOO COINCIDENCE that after parking in the mid wilshire area – the other side – right by the media companies, I had another vision to become the Antichrist which I have had COUNTLESS TIMES which I talk about here: here: here: and here:

…which I will discuss in my next blog article…

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