I Knew That There Was Something Keeping Me Bound And Miserable And Astral Traveling

I am sooo pooped from my astral travels…..

I gotta defeat the shit that is holding me within, captive from opening up my crown…..

That mofo and this bitch too…..

That being said, Imma miss my good friend from Arkansas. I FORGOT to take a fucking pic with him – I forgot….. Damn!

That said, there is REALLY SOMETHING STRAIGHT keeping me from advancing…..

I was in the astral last night, “dreaming,” and I was in a large 7-11 to get some popcorn. I saw a white lady working there who looks like the lady who works at Autozone who was nice to me but warned others about my getting topless etc. That said, I then went up to the cashier with one of em looking like him:

He was laughing and stuff with another latina co worker, saying, “Yeah, this is how you come in” – cause I wasn’t even wearing my red mesh transparent top – while wanting to see me naked in a strip club.

THEN, like a beam of light, now I don’t recall if this was in the dream or when I awoke – I think it may have been in the dream or I think when I awoke for a tiny bit, I did breathing exercises to induce a crown chakra opening. Thru the third eye I saw it opening and even felt it but then I noticed two fingers “sewing” it up like a gift wrap and keeping me contained. It opened like wide then appeared like a tunnel as it was getting closed.

I need to figure what those two fingers belonged too…..

That said I went into this honeycomb maze cavern that was like the abyss cause it had a big hole in the middle, a bottomless pit (I guess) – cause the fate of my brother in the astral is what was weighing on me – that reminds me of this:

– It was like this but the dirt wasn’t as smooth and it had holes like a honeycomb but further spaced apart….

It’s weird cause when I travel via the third eye things will appear like initially in cartoon mode where things just appear as lines than further change to having colour and sometimes look cartoonish like when I saw the fingers wrapping up the tunnel which was a manifestation of the closing of my burgeoning and opening crown chakra.

In one of the honeycombs I saw a being that at first looked reptilian then looked like My Little Pony like a dragon like cartoon version of it – I have seen it with my own two eyes when my third eye was open – it had red blush on the cheeks and was nice. Looked like a pool flotation device:

– The spikes looked like this…..

– The body like this…..

Here is My Little Pony:

That green one looked. JUST. LIKE. WHAT I SAW. Juss.

That being said we entered one portal – which is where the rooms led – where I saw some type of bodycam acting as my eyes – I musta been a drone:

It had all that writing and stuff and the grainy look but I was flying over a city….

….and I was flying thru Chicago (why Chicago?), first seeing a shootout at an intersection which stopped and everybody ran when they saw me and I was scaring people, scaring some people by an apartment complex away from the vehicle they were hanging out at. It was so vivid. I then entered the projects around dusk/nightfall and the only person who didn’t run was a 30 something sandy haired medium built white dude named Persinger-something who said “hey.” I recall extended my hand in the childish way I once did to shake his. He was very nice. Out of curiosity to see how I looked I asked for a mirror. I went inside to see if they had one but it was mad hard manuvering my body.

I then was “taken” via my third eye to an external view of myself where I looked like the racist ape caricatures of blacks once seen in old style films from the 30s:

– Fucked up how I was portrayed….

I sho’ wuz ooglay – had to throw in that joke.

I then decided to roll out and go elsewhere and I entered another portal that brought me to a basketball court where I saw future stars I sensed playing on court (I saw one before in the Patti LaBelle astral vision). I then saw a door that seemed to lead to infinite blackness and I had to push a bunch of times to open it and when I did I saw something that looked like a smaller, much smaller version of the Large Hadron Collider which is designed to open black holes to parallel universes…..

It looked more like those things you see used at photo shoots to block out light…..

The screen was black and they were hanging on a pole like a terrace descending one by one. I “heard” it was a camera tho.

I then left from there and was gonna go fuck an enemy up but seeing that it was taking too long to get to the mug I ‘woke up….

Imma miss my fucking friend:


His energy is so strong that he caused a BIG ASS dent in my car like Superman:


IMMA SAY SOMETHING RIGHT NOW: IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU GOTTA DRINK TO BE AROUND SOMEBODY, DROP EM! NOT ONCE did I feel an urge to drink while around this dude! We had a true cohesive resonance going on which I did not have with others. I have heard tarot readers say subliminally that I would be coming across those of my soul tribe and I noticed that he had spiritual powers as I saw from his aura. His energy is powerfull and I noticed the effect it had on an area and when we would energetically merge while talking:

– Reminds me of this!

I talked on this awhile back, sorta:

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

That said, like I did this 37 and pregnant for 17 years pot bellied bad energy mofo with a dark purple aura:


RUN ??‍♂️??‍♀️ THEM MOFOS UP THE S(KR)EET! If you ain’t got no resonance with a mofo, they should not be around you. Don’t tolerate mofos. IF YOU GOTTA TOLERATE A MOFO RUN THEY ASSES UP THE S(KR)EETS ?? If they energy ain’t right don’t tolerate em. I have learned thru this whole spiritual healing/awakening thing to respect myself by not letting mofos around who ain’t on my level of consciousness and aren’t worthy to be around me.

Assholes like that are just energy vampires anyways looking to suck off your energy to enhance themselves. I saw this while talking with another victim of gangstalking today who I helped give a jump too. They had some lil gangstalking assholes who stopped to stare then act as if they are there to help. I “turned up” my energy (and stifled the evil shit that I gotta exorcise – I think it is a reptilian – that is holding me back and holding me from awakening to my true powers) ran em!

Me and that guy had been just coincidentally talking about they asses – shit like that – and how to ignore them and not feed them energy since possessed organic portals like that leech on to folks like us for “battery life.”

It’s funny cause also I noticed that when I said something to the dudes – whatever is attached to me on the right side, trying to possess and control me, was suppressed (due to my fasting) up until I spoke to them and that is when that shit “got power” and was able to “spark up” again.

We were talking about how the best way to engage with organic portals is to ignore em (really don’t speak cause it creates energetic chords esp. if they are looking to agitate like the dude in the next article). Stare em down and impose your energy or as I do my ‘woke on em via the evil eye ?

Speaking of which I saw that funny orb in the sky again:


I believe that’s the SAME ORB that came down from the sky one night when I started my spiritual awakening back in 2014 while talking with another spiritually talented soulled human being. It came down and down till I looked up and it flew back up!

That is not a typical star. It ain’t a drone either. It is some sort of orb that is designed to keep folks from spiritually awakening as shown to me numerous times in the astral like a coupla days ago when it was showing me it being opened and it showed it was designed to cause upheavel towards me via the organic portals it influences and at times possesses.

That being said – I wanna share something else:

Afrikan Ifa Priest Tries To Get Me To Sell My Soul To Oshun

That whole thing with Oshun was very similar to what them fucking reps tried to do to me here by forcing me to be with people that I am not compatible with, who I have no energetic resonance with:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Stalked By A Child Molestor

Happy I got rid of his ass….



Fucking delusional wetback!

That day was fucking V DAY ✌? ya’ll have no idea…..

I Feel Good Cause I Feel Fucking FREE

Okay, Oshun is a fucking feminine – in the stereotypical sense – “god”:

Look! I’m more fucking masculine on the energy scale: I take pride in this! I enjoy ‘wokeing on my car, I grew up being into Mega Man, Street Fighter, I took karate instead of gymnastics cause I saw it as “girly”, I have been in fights mainly with men…..

I EVEN GOT THE FUCKING BUILD OF A TINY DUDE FROM SOUTHEAST ASIA – which harkens back to my past life…..

I don’t wear fucking make up, I don’t give a fuck about my appearance, shit as a kid when watching movies I always saw myself as the man in them….! Hell, I get off on intimidating men! I won’t lie. I see em as competition as other dudes do to each other….. – the only folks who don’t count here are dudes of my soul tribe and I will be able to sense who you are as I am psychic so you can’t get shit past me….

I am honest very masculine.

That being said, HER ASS IS THE FUCKING SPITTING OPPOSITE OF ME! She focuses on looks, beauty, the fake false “pick me bitch” toxic masculinity validating version of femininity.

The heaux ain’t me! She has no business coming to me or getting that Ifa priest eggplant head to claim dat heaux as my patron saint….

Look (nigger) bitch back the fuck off…..

That being said, this was a shrewd fucking attempt by the demiurge to try to pull me back under the net of it’s control by forcing me to be under the control, the energy of a so called “god” THAT. I AM NOT ?? COMPATIBLE WITH!

They were better off sending Thor:

Thor Does NOT Want White Supremacist Worshipping Him

Thor Does Not Want White Supremacists Worshipping Him

He was the only “gawd” to ever appear without my calling on him and because my soul is white as based on my past life:

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

He would resonate more….. But even he, I ran his ass up the s(kr)eets ???‍♂️ cause I know the True God is me!

The soul, my soul, is God!

That said, Oshun was designed to be a sorta spiritual attack. She shows up as the queen of pentacles in my tarot deck. She is from experience a trickster who likes to act like she is working with me but is really out to destroy me and my spiritual potential like the time she acted like she killed my rapist yet she didn’t:

Even got 7 of swords on that shit.

She like the others interfere with my ‘woke and it took MY ‘woke to fuck him UP!

That’s why I am ADAMANT about not wanting SHIT around me cause the current entities who come to me mean me no good and nothing but harm!

One designed to pull in the reigns on me to come into my spiritual power by putting me under something again to give my soul energy too while insulting me as well.

She is part of the energetic trap net designed to keep soulled individuals in the matrix asleep by keeping us under demiurge-archon control by having us war-ship something outside of our souls…..

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

She is an avatar, an Agent Smith of The Matrix:

I mean, c’mon man I took apart my fucking transmission pan HOW THE FUCK SHE MY PATRON “gawd”


That being said, I expect the attacks as I energetically and spiritually come into my own. It is frustrating but as I fight the shit I start to notice folks of my soul tribe coming to me and many of these people don’t “look” like me – they are typically old white men and it seems I have always gotten along with em. Also funny I have been attracted to them as a little child too ? It’s a sign that I am on the right path so Imma continue to fight this shit and give pointers to those who are like me out there, suffering in the same position.

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