Coming Back To Do Tarot And Spiritual Facts I Learned During This Curse

That being said I made two videos about this:

That said as I have said before in many videos I have some very wicked, evil people who put some very evil, wicked shit on me, roach attachments, namely using this entity attachments here:

Whose name is Alex Nacimento, to commandere then pilfer my consciousness, hoping to control it (they like to take control of your various entity attachments and use them against you and lately they have been using an entity attachment, a roach attachment of Baron Samedi, to viciously attack me and take control).

Lately I have been getting an idea of the people involved.

I know these folks’ names based on what I heard in the astral plane and I got Benevides:

I will say this, I KNOW that when I attack them in the astral plane it has a direct affect on this “Barbara” and “Ethan Occala” who I thought (and still wonder) if they look like this:

From what I saw – from what I know about this shit I am not certain what is real or not – in the astral plane he wears glasses.

I know they use disguises in the astral plane (they have been lately stealing a cherub faced spirit guide and turning her into a “sacrifice angel” – parts of her and my child consciousness – as well as roach attachments and other evil things in the astral plane. As I said before they have been maliciously using an entity/ roach attachment of Baron Samedi – from what I understand they been using his entity attachment to fuck with me so they can get his real name and destroy followers of voodoo and steal our and his powers).

They were using a Barbara the roach attachment and an Alex Nacimento the roach attachment which from what I understand are ancestors of mine of theirs whom they took and threw into the roach realm. They were the ones who came to a cherub faced,child higher self and bully her into a Soul contract set up by Zeus as well as from what I understand, Baron Samedi at the time that would place me in hell realms as a sacrifice for the rest of my life as well as for all eternity.

As a matter of fact there is a realm set up by Baal and the illuminati and from what I understand “the devil” or the demiurge in the spirit plane called “Istanbul” where innocent folks, who are no more than guilty of having great spiritual powers and abilities (I have talked on how the demiurge – I will say this from what I have learned the demiurge is the duality of light and dark but “the devil” along with Xenu – Scientology was right about him – rule the subconscious which is the chaotic part of the mind just like as shown – and explained – in Event Horizon:

So I am not sure if it is “the devil” but not in the conventional context as known” or the demiurge) get punished for such by being sacrificed in the worst manner you can think of,worse than energy harvesting such as astral body harvesting, having your ancestors and family placed there along with you as sacrifices for evil people to harvest and village, such as the illuminati (you can play 1248 hz frequency to combat them) and they have done nothing, like you, to deserve it. That is what I saw happen to me and my family.

” />

I said years ago that the demiurge operates very similar to how the folks who run North Korea operate (if you have something he envies or if you are seen as a threat to him in some way, however innocuous it may be, such as having great spiritual powers and abilities, he will seek to destroy and imprison you and your family as was done to me):

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Seeing Yah The Demiurge While Attempting To Rescue My Brother

How The Pact With The Demiurge Aka Yah Caused The REAL BLACK Hebrew Israelites To Have Their Identity Stolen

The Demiurge And WHY Christians Face So Many Demonic Attacks

The Demiurge Sends A Yellow Dragon To Fight Me As I Come Into My Spiritual Power

The Demiurge Wants To Keep You From Becoming Your Own God

The Demiurge Will Force Gods To Work With You So It Can Have Control Over You

God Is Actually An Archon Parasitical Device of Patriarchal Control For The Matrix

How To Defeat The Illuminati: Know Thy Names Yaldabaoth The Demiurge aka God And The Illuminati Real Name Is A G Symbol Interwoven With A Snake

I will say this – from what I learned – the demiurge, which often looks like a person, usually a man, but could be a woman as what appeared to me regarding one of my brothers, and most have a mix of light and dark, duality.

That said, the evil mofo these evil mofos put on me, they say it’s the devil, I hear they are under the demiurge direct, I also heard, and as explained in a past article and vid regarding a book written by John Elliizz saying he saw the demiurge, Quetzalcoatl:

John Elliizz’s Book CONFIRMS Wetbacks Are The Demon Seeds of Demonic Reptilians

John Ellizz’s All Seeing Eye Book Confirms That Christians and Muslims War-ship A Reptilian So Called God

From what I have seen, dragons or “Quetzalcoatl” controls consciousness in the astral realm of folks and we all have entity attachments of him attached to us.

He is actually under Hekate who uses a special whip to wrangle him in.

That said I keep hearing that they are under something dark and malevolent (I honest can’t see Satan or Quetzalcoatl or the demiurge – whose other half as talked about in my book, “Astral World” – he was actually good people – being that) that’s totally evil.

Astralworld 15: Meeting Satan

I will say, regarding that Alex Nacimento entity and as discussed in my book, astral world, he was called a Guru meaning someone who runs hell realms and is directly under “god” and I was told that the person who put this on me wanted to run just that: his own hell realm:

Astralworld 13: Meeting Gooru

How The Gooru System Works

I noted years ago in an astral vision that the demiurge appears as a dragon, and his/ her alternate true form is as a human:

The Demiurge Sends A Yellow Dragon To Fight Me As I Come Into My Spiritual Power

And I’ll never forget, at the start of this curse, being told that these people who put this curse on me are allowed to energy vampire and astrally body harvest off of super spiritually powerful people like myself because my powers – and what I teach on the demiurge – are a direct threat to “god” and that is why they are allowed astral body harvest off of people in the astral and make sacrifices of innocent people.

This transcript based on an interview called “Tricked By The Light” mentions how he appears as a man and how he provides duality as a playground for him to feed and from my experience, what I learned from this curse and as talked about in past blogs based on what I just sensed at the time.

I will say this. I keep hearing during this curse that I got kicked out of my body on August 22, 2022 (from what I saw in the astral plane I got thrown out of my body by an Alex Nacimento and removed to make way for another victim of theirs from Destrehan, La, like me (I am from New Orleans, La., named Ashley Hampstead – the name she goes by in the astral – Victoria or Veronica Terrace, I got a Veronica Gilgli) by God, who I said in the past was Zeus (Hey-Zeus, a pormenteau for Jesus – the real one whose name I know got kicked into the roach realm for knowing too much as what happened to me, very similar to this brother who came up with great frequencies to use):

He came up with Zakaos frequency and he also got fucked up by the illuminati (you can use 1248 hz frequency and add a “2” at the end to get your shit back) which is extremely effective for mind controlling parasites, like what I have:

That said, I got removed and Soul swapped, similar to why alot of truth tellers in the entertainment industry get Soul swapped and removed, for being too spiritual, for not being shallow, for not being superficial and materialistic. Jay Z and them war-ship “Hov”, the demiurge, the dragon for a reason:

The Hollywood Elites Show The Sumerian Gods They Worship At The Hollywood and Highland Mall

The Demiurge Sends A Yellow Dragon To Fight Me As I Come Into My Spiritual Power

That said I keep seeing that his real name is Ethan Apperwhite, a trick (I hate to say that I did that but it was a curse placed on me by Baron Samedi which was NOWHERE near as bad as what I am facing now), who had a bald head, was very nice and was into from what I could see latent spirituality (I understand the curse started in my old neighborhood in Miracle Mile back in 2014, when I first became spiritual). I even talk about how these people, entities – via Alex Nacimento and a “Barbara” the roach attachment sacrifice angel (she derived from having an ancestor of mines placed in a roach realm where she lies I believe to this day, who wrangled and bullied the higher self of mine, a child, into signing a Soul contract – came to me in the astral plane via an astral projection with a Soul contract which I refused to sign:

Harassed By Woman Beating LAPD Officer Billy Bob Ziesmer and Officer Trick Kwon For Being Topless In Public

I talked about it in a couple of paragraphs there.

I woke up with my third eye bleeding and now I understand they had set my third eye to be opened to that realm as a sacrifice:

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