Astralworld 15: Meeting Satan

Astralworld 15: Meeting Satan

He wasn’t the red dragon that I anticipated. Instead I saw what appeared to be Satan from South Park, who looked like this:

I thought it was comical cause, as a Satanist, I thought that Satan was the red dragon I called myself war-shipping, the red dragon spoken about in the Book of Revelations.

Boy I was wrong.

I awoke to find myself sailing with Satan. We passed my childhood home, which had been ruined by the war between my ancestors and what I now realize to be Barbara’s ancestors, who confiscated it from who I now know to be the fake Baron Samedi or “Baron Samedi the ‘roach attachment‘” as Barbara Jo Hipps (finally got the bitch’s name) of the California Psychic Institute considers black folks in her subconscious mind (she calls us “roach attachments):

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

– As I write this them evil assholes are using their psychic powers to “microwave” my vagina.

That said I awoke to find myself in Satan’s carousel, floating with him and his demons.

He gave me the crystal quartz wand which – combined with his power – was deployed to enrap folks in web like crystal structures which was a super effective weapon to bind entities and people from attacking you:

Barbara and her band of nazi weirdos came on broad to try to nab my parents but we binded them in a web. So did a host of other entities including these giant bestial demonic entities that were pale in nature.

He brought me to his realm that was extremely ornate – and gloomy – to say the least.

The skies were red. His people, who I saw when on the carousel going through Pallet Numbre’s lair, were there. They wore the red suit wearing Satanists I saw earlier.

Astralworld 12: Meeting What Barbara Turned My Dad Into, Pallet Numbre

He sat high atop a throne that was beautiful, baroque in nature and black in color. It had an ornate flowery design, seemed to be made of really strong thick oak and reminded me of the seat the devil, Milton, in The Devil’s Advocate, sat in here:

But it was black and red colored.

Let me tell you how I ended up here:

Baron Samedi the “roach attachment” and his henchpeople got ahold of my parents and my brothers and were torturing THE FUCK outta them: raping my dad, using mechetes to open his mouth wide while singing new R&B tunes, I saw my brother’s mouth wide agape after being placed in a pallet designed to keep him from leaving (and make him obedient).

I recall the cries of my poor brother yelling for my help and me being helpless to do anything. I recall seeing my dad in chains (except Pallet Numbre and a few others all these entities have an obsession with homosexual sex and with destroying my family). I later came back from my realm (I will tell you how I created it – it was to save my family), Raven’s Realm, with Stormtroopers whom I created using my mind to destroy his realm.

Baron Samedi the RA (roach attachment) gave me a “present” in the astral that had my tortured parents – my dad, my brother Kristen in chains, back to me.

It was a sight that pissed me off. Then Satan came to pretend to rescue. Like Baron, the hero I once looked up to only wanted my family’s Souls and I was hellbent to keep that from happening.

That said, Satan sat on his baroque, Soul laden throne as all his people gathered in this ship like lair to supposedly defend me and my family.

Satan kept asking about my family, wanting my family and especially – all these entities had a weird fascination with him – my dad! He kept telling me not to touch the present that Baron gave to me and that his people would get them. He kept asking where did I place the “present” of my tortured parents at. My intuition, my Higher Self, told me not to say shit cause that mofo was only gonna go capture them and feed off their energy, as the demons were doing to me.

Satan’s demons started grabbing at me, slashing at me and trying to rip my Soul pieces in the centre of my heart chakra out.

Where your Soul lies looks like a mini kingdom based on what is already going on inside of you, in the subconscious mind:

His demons kept ripping and tearing at me and I could physically feel the pain in this realm, letting me know it was not a game (when in jail I use my third eye for remote viewing purposes and treat it as an interactive TV).

I could feel something cut my stomach right now and go down it.

I was able to fend them off and pushed them off and cut off a few of their heads. Meanwhile Satan encouraged it by saying, “We need Soul pieces, we need it to feed” – a refrain I heard ALOT coming from the inner world of Barbara’s subcobscious that I now know invaded my subconscious from whence all these entities are aspects of.

I then started fucking up his realm and his demons and attempted to flee until he apologised and said that he was not after me – or my family – as sacrifices.

That said he showed me his kingdom:

He showed me thw bottom lair that was full of sacrifices: poor people, poor Souls in chains and wearing bondage gear in various states of abuse being whipped by the demons while attached to walls. The walls looked just. like Baron Samedi’s walls: stucco white and the had German influenced wooden support beams criss crossing each other. I could hear poor Souls – including Barbara’s and the nazis she was with – begging for help. I later went back and freed them cause she had gotten me from out of a few sticky situations.

His realm did not look as hellish as some of the other realms and he was nicer, too, very charming which in hindsight I chalked up to trying to “lovebomb” me into a Soul contract – and selling my parents.

He kept asking about my parents over and over again and said that they could stay with him. I said “Oh hell no” and he then said that they could stay with him for “protection.”

Not falling for it, he at one point took me on a trip to Yaldabaoth’s realm where I got to see his cloudy and dark realm abode in the sky which had a wicked looking castle that looked like a giant, leafless, dark wood tree that was made of an equally wooden platform. It looked like this:

All the folks walking around looked drained and dead and they all wore black, red, dark robes and looked melancholy and barely moved. Some were human, some were these shadow entities (I presume Souls with all theor spirit drained in them) with glowing eyes which I have seen before:

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

I Figured Out What The Burqa and KKK Hat All Black Wearing Entities Are

It was depressing.

Satan said to me that this used to be his till his brother God stole it from him and casted him to hell. Feeling sorry for Satan because Satan was so nice – trust me, he was and didn’t even seem like he wanted to be fed off the sacrifices – I sympathized with him and honest wanted to help him regain his kingdom but I knew he was full of bull.

I won’t lie. I felt safe in his kingdom. I later learned that like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion that I am a daughter of Satan in that, like them, I signed a Soul contract with him to be his daughter. My role was to be the antichrist and fuck up Yaldabaoth’s realm and confiscate that shit back but then I would die before said dream could be realized and end up back in hell.

That Soul contract had it to where I was destined to die at 58.

I later broke it.

As a daughter of Satan I was given a Soul piece named “Eden” which was an aspect of another witch, my mother, who is very powerful and myself (at first I was told it was of a biracial witch who was a satanist who tried to help Barbara and got struck down) – a very dark aspect of myself – which helped to increase the fuck outta my powers. It was placed on the right side of my body and made me feel like I had an extra consciousness and like I had a magick cannon on the right side of my body.

I felt like Mega Man with a weapon the right side of my hand:

The right side of my eye also was the power eye and had the intrusive thoughts, issues that had been plaguing me as discussed here:

The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

Turns out my old consciousness and Gooru’s was placed on the side of my head, in my mind, my consciousness.

Looking back on it I didn’t wanna fuck up Yaldabaoth’s realm as he had helped me out too. He got me out of so many binds during this ordeal but, like the others, he demanded a Soul contract, even attempting to kill my parents and my brother Kerry, whose Higher Self later made a pact with Satan and called himself, “Satan Williams” lol!

That said Satan tried to schmoove me – as did the others – but I stood steadfast as an obligation to my family and refused to bring them.

That is when Baron Samedi ambushed him and Pallet Numbre came to the rescue.

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