How To Keep Toxic People From Out Your Heart Chakra

How To Keep Toxic People From Out Your Heart Chakra

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I notice that the ones who remain strongly attached or in other words obsessed with the person I did a reading for them on will have strings, chords attached to that person.

But it goes deeper…..

That said on the right side of your heart chakra system is a ventricle in the astral plane – along with a box – that allows you to harbor those who are “outsiders” who have hurt you, helped you, loved you in some way.

This is how folks enter to hurt you.

You can block them (and remove them) by consciously pushing them out of the right side of your body either through visualization or your third eye.

That said, I did just that to some toxic mofos the other day when I wrote a blog post that very much needed writing. I felt a major difference by closing myself to a certain group 👉🏻⬜ and by doing so, it has made things alot better for my inner Self!

No more confusion, feelings of being torn – I blocked those bitches and now they can not hurt me 👉🏻⬜

Yes, I am referring to whites and the writing and production of this article here:

What White Entitlement Looks Like

By getting rid of kkkrakkkas as a preference has greatly improved my self esteem and my ability to deal with their egotistical nature which derives from a huge inferiority complex which they manifest as a false superiority comppex.

Glad I removed them.

In the astral plane I saw that they had, be default of my preference, invaded my ancestral lands, my mind, my life, stealing my blessings and dropping them on other mainly white people.

Dropping them was the best thing.

I reunited with my powerful Nigerian ancestors (whom through the confusion I was torn from) and it was beautiful. This is why when I hear love knows no color or love everybody and especially these idiots saying, “Let everybody into your energy”, DO NOT DO THAT! You fuck yourself up doing that! You literally can subvert yourself doing that shit as I saw in the astral plane. I saw Snoop Dogg, all these loose ass people, whites and I ran em out.

My inner world became clearer, and safer for me and this will have an impact on your outer world as your enemies will be blocked from seeing your moves by being unable to enter your heart chakra, which is a whole system.

You allow mofos in by creating emotional ties with mofos – whole groups – which you must block by any means if they are causing you confusion and chaos.

That’s why I say ACTIVELY make mofos feel unwelcome, run em out. It is how you do it. On your end – this is why they say there is power in not caring – it automatically creates blocks to that person in the astral plane and in your heart chakra mostly so they can’t hurt you, even if they try to create “feelers” as I call them either deliberately or accidentally (through the power of energy as carried through thoughts).

That said, running people off in your heart chakra. This is why you need your ancestors for abetment.

You ancestors come through the right side to help and block invading parasites – like those white mofos I was talking about from Malibu earlier – out of your heart chakra system so they can’t invade and use your heart chakra to fuck with your thoughts:

…..One day that dong was made to go to the far right side rather than the left so I love outsiders more than I love my own family……

Feed your ancestors, take care of them so they can act as deterrents from invaders.

My ancestral protection was so strong they had to fuck with my ancestral DNA to get to me and it took high level sorcerers – and their spirits – to do this!

That said, NEVER block your heart chakra.

Your heart chakra IS literally the lifeblood of your body in the astral plane. When you close, you can die hencs the term “dying of a broken heart”.

Cut them chords, keep them toxic people out!

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