What White Entitlement Looks Like

What White Entitlement Looks Like

Here is a better picture in the light…..

He look like them things here:

That said this mofo – this trick (not really, a sugar daddy), Stephen Haight, THREATENED TO USE MY FELONIES – AND HIS “GOOD STANDING” IN OUR WHITE SUPREMACIST, COLONISED SOCIETY – all because I wanted my money after acting as he called me a sex surrogate (really sex slave) for his old, busted, water head, already on life support (witches, you know what to do πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜‰) ass……

When I was sleeping, this mofo kept forcing me awake to practically rape me: he then told me some lie that he has erectile dysfunction while telling me that he was on viagra (why get on viagra when you got erectile dysfunction?) and took cloves and other shit to raise his dick up so he could torture me (he felt entitled to my body cause he was paying, which he almost didn’t, thinking that he was “paying” me, a hoodrat as he called me, alone by being with him at Laguna Beach – seeing THAT as payment) and treat me like I am not human.

That said he treats restaurant, service workers like they are not human as he did the staff at this hotel where he said in which he attempted to comp (get a free room) the hotel by complaining about little things such as there not being enough lil snacks, the tv having a small stain on the black (NOT the screen) part and room service being 1 minute late. THE SILLIEST, SIMPLEST SHIT he would go berserk on!

That said, the worst part is what the spirits told me: He treats black women as shit cause he views us as inferior.

That said, he has other non blacl girlfriends who talk to him like shit who he treats like queens: one of em, an indian, knew he was with other women and told him point blank she was just using him for the money and just demanded the rent. They even throw his ugly old small dick crusty ass off while he has sex with them. Not I! He demanded and was touching and nearly beat me when I was too tired to have sex (I stood my ground).

I only did it cause I need an RV.

Out of desperation I did this shit cause I needed an RV. He would NOT let me sleep that first night, even pawing and grabbing at me as I tried to sleep cause I was too tired after he drove me out to do anything. Even as I slept he had sex with me, which at that point I had to tell him about himself which he took issue, proclaiming that “He a man” and that he is entitled.

I will say this. I hate insecure people. He is insecure. That said, given what he said that “he is the man” and “I am supposed to follow him unquestioningly…..

Anyone who has to beat another down to be strong is weak!

That said – the attacks, attempted beatings, treating the service staff like shit, the throwing my felonies in my face when he tried to squirm his way out of paying – all connote to white male entitlement.

You hear about that shit but never really see that shit in action, especially as intimiately as I have.

My mother once said she saw me being with a creole black man or a Native American and now I see why.

I could never be with a white man.

I will fuck with Mexicans, or creole black men, but never a white man and it is because of the pure entitlement them racist white supremacist colonizers feel towards EVERYTHING, including women of color’s bodies and how quick they are to pull the white privilege card, and their perceived dominance over you, as he did when he threatened to call the police and use my felonies against me cause I would not let him take the lil bit of money he owed me for putting up with his shit!

I could never be with a white man. Never.

Note all the men here are mostly of color:

Storytime: The Time A Cult Tried To Recruit Me

Sister here, Stacy Dash, learned the hard way, when a kkkrakkka she was with falsely accused her of hitting him and one of his lil nasty dog bred daughters:

Had she been a white woman – she wouldn’t of been in any cuffs. The “female privilege” woulda been invoked and HE woulda been arrested!

Her “pretty privilege” ain’t worked too, kinda how “wealth privilege” don’t work for blacks cause blacks driving nice cars STAY getting pulled over…. for being black!

Irrefutable Scientific Evidence That White Men Are Actually In Fact Women

That said, I kept hearing this idiot talk about, “I am a man”, “I wanna feel like a man”, and him telling me that I had to support his abuse of them service workers, showing up DELIBERATELY late AT CLOSING TIME and demanding they gotta serve him, all because “he a man” and he told me that I had to show him unconditional support cause “He’s the man.”

That bitch – see, as made very detailed in that article above, white “men” are EXTREMELY insecure. Like their female white counterparts they fear everything and it is because of their weak genetic defective nature:

Racist Inbred Crakkka Named Aron ‘O Muireagan Reveals White People’s Fears of Black Self Confidence

– That’s why he kept saying, “I need to feel like a man” cause they instinctively know they aren’t men and created misogyny – which is linked to white supremacy – to feel like a man:

Irrefutable Scientific Evidence That White Men Are Actually In Fact Women

– Just as he did to those restaurant workers he felt the need to put others down to build himself up.

That is the mentality of all whites, which is begotten by fear of white genetic annhilation.

They are extremely fearful – especially of black men (they fear and eradicate the warriors of a group before colonizing) – and feel they gotta conquer just to be around others…. which is why I don’t like them!

I don’t like insecure motherfuckers and I find that every. single. white person I have encountered has that propensity, where they feel they gotta be on top and be war-shipped to merely co-exist with others, and the insecurity is so unreal that….. when I worked as a full blown sex worker, white “men” lit took it as a compliment that women placed “no black men” in ads cause they literally felt at constant competition with black men, nevermind they still gotta pay for pussy which would then be passed unto that black pimp they feel so at competition with.

My spirits told me that, while looking into his thoughts (spirits can see that), they saw that he felt black women are supposed to war-ship him. He had NO OTHER racial group there. They are at constant competition with black men amd have sick fantasies of separating black women from black men while abusing the black woman as my spirits told me. They told me that they see this when looking into the minds of white men. This is why we instinctively have a distrust of them and instinctively wanna keep white people – and others – out of our space.

We instinctively know what lies in their subconscious – and conscious – minds and don’t wanna have anything to do with their manifest destiny conquest of us.

That said, they hate me because I don’t war-ship them. See, I am God. I exalt no one before or above me. Whites HATE when you as a black person acknowledge your Divinity and they wanna try every which way they can to tear that down, as that white devil did to me (I was told as part of his thoughts he hated that I did not war-ship him).

More blacks need to adopt my attitude, and a black communal mindset, and work amongst each other and with each other to come into true power. It is how you get respect by being exclusive and keeping these other mofos out. After all diamonds are expensive because of their rarity. Be a rare diamond.

That said, look, I hate prostitution and prostituting but I need a new RV. If you wanna help him me up here:


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