Something Weird Going On With Zendaya (Hollywood Sacrifices)

Something Weird Going On With Zendaya (Hollywood Sacrifices)

I just made this video showing a clip stating that she has some type of “imposter syndrome” going on as well as folks coming up off of sacrifices – especially of Angus Cloud – on “Euphoria” the show:

They accuse her of having “imposter syndrome” which sounds like MK ultra. I keep hearing in the spirit world that she was stuck in the roach realm and grew up – as seen through my third eye – under latent mk ultra, spiritual mk ultra. I got 7172 Niagara Way in the astral plane where she was brought up. From what I understand this goes back to either this timeline or the timeline where I got pulled out of my body on August 22, 2022.

That being said, her ma, Claire Maree Stoermer, a witch as can be seen in a way by her ownership of an online spiritual jewelry shop, Kizzmet jewelry, was looking for a sacrifice to come up and since I was known on the PCH back in the day and had great blessings coming to me I came up as a convenient target:

Her ma shop:

That said, one of the things she and especially her higher self, Jessica Il Hisse, wants to covet is my successorship to becoming the next Hekate, which was turned into a sacrifice which I never consented to as part of this curse:

– She states in that vid that she sits in the shower for an hour. That is a sign of mk ultra from what I understand.

This her with grey eyes.

Here she is with her own brown hazel eyes:

Note she been wearing blonde hair lately:

This is why she changed her eyes to grey (they were chemically altered) instead of the usual hazel and hair to blonde as can be seen here and as I experienced one night when I went blonde and my eyes turned inexplicably aquamarine blue – like contacts – for a split second, a sign of Hekate:

When I saw the blue eyes for a sec they look like this.

That being said, from what I understand and heard spiritually some assholes – I got an Ingrid Hibert, could be these people (I attack them in the spirit plane and everything it will affect their roach attachments), or a Barbara and Joel Hipps who I saw through my third eye have my blessings and spiritual powers as well as the bitch in pink below them:

I did an article on them and their culture, The Church of The Rose, a while back:

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

Who cursed or really, sacrificed me, sold my blessings to become a successor to Hekate to her without my permission (I won’t lie due to me being made a sacrifice the energy feels controlling unlike before) to Zendaya and her ma, who is really a witch.

I also heard the folks who sacrificed me been walking around with “Daughters of Hekate” and “Zendaya is Hekate” shirts around Malibu.

Reminds me of how the wetback (or crakkka), not sure what’s going on, who sold my shit without my permission, without a Soul contract who could be the broad down below said astrally, “Yeah I sold your shit to Timothy Chalamet”.

One of my blessings was to marry a basketball player.

He look like a fucking vampire. I heard his higher to highest selves are handsome hence why women swoon for his Mad TV Alfred P. Neumann looking ass.

I also wanna say this. In the astral plane the Kardashians INUNDATE you with entity attachments. Hit their asses with roach attachments or hit em with 1495 hz (it will drive you insane), 447 hz to reciprocate, 1734 to remove them, 3127 hz for removal, 17,000 hz, 12,000 hz (shuts them down) and 3,000 hz as well as 865 hz (both neutralizes them,).

That being said a while back I remember awhile back in a dream I was on a boat with a bunch of other people in a river in a forest and we were ALL trying to get our blessings back from her in the astral plane after seeing a bunch of people huddled under a bridge (where the folks who cursed me say they want me to end up) and before that about 50 to 1 room in Hollywood.

In another instance I saw her and some hipster pals jumping off a roof of a Beverly Hills Penthouse using my spiritual powers.

That said Imma do a longer article I been working on about $elebrities and how they really get to where they are as learned through this curse tomorrow.

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