If Prettyhoe304 and I Were White We’d Be Stars By Now

Before I begin, lemme take the tyme to celebrate my period coming in in what seems like a second time:


Looka that BEAUTY-FULL fucking blood ??

– Delicious! I honestly love blood ???

That’s how I stay looking so young. Actually I stole the lifeforce of the baby of an enemy last night:

Anyways I was thinking about this last night:


But instead they got fake jewISH (not hebrew israelite like at least Nipsey HUSTLE’S family truly are) doing bad shit and saying crazy named Danielle Peskowitz ?? see that jewISH last name – Bregoli doing the same shit we pull, well, Prettyhoe pulled (I don’t really do nan of that):

– One thing I notice in alot of her poses is that, unlike prettyhoe304, there’s no life in them! It’s like she’s controlled. In the upper one you can see the 3000 yard stare of a mannequin in it ?

You can see the mk ultra she is involved in here by the long pauses to her answers:

– She a funny looking, ugly mofo! She look like Vin Diesel with that jellybean shaped head and manly ass features:

– Do it Jirah, do it! ✊? Just do it in California and not in Texas like your sister did!

Anyways, say what you want about Prettyhoe but she was a self made womban:

She had her own site where she sold her own clothing line – esp. at the Slauson Swapmeet:

– I understand alot of young ladies ate that shyte up, too!

She STILL has her own challenge:

Tag #prettyhoechallenge

She dated Tee Grizzly, a prominent rapper who actually looks like my handsome brother, Kerry:

– Take that back, not really:

– Orange jumpsuits, lol, kinda remind me of when I rolled like this:

– Man, it was mad nice getting out of jail and getting my car back (Imma do a blog article talking about that later)!

That being said, in my case I’ve HAD my shit stolen!

As any cop out here in LA will tell you I started the copwatching phenomenon in LA by driving up and dowm Figueroa and Western and make sure the cops didn’t film em by fucking with em as they did their “work” which is work cause I did it too and even give folks rides and buy the homeless sex workers rooms for the night out my own pocket back when I had money. Here is THE PROOF:

Here the article here:


– Got jailed and had my shit fucked up by the LA Sheriffs which LA Weekly covered right here:


Then got profiled again by the LA Weekly for my topless activism:


– Dude who did dat article, Dennis Romero, is mad cool and peep he hispanic!

Now peep this:



He and others like him ALSO fucked up the ability to record cops under 402pc (a)(1)
which you can read here after Deputy Ortiz rightfully arrested his waterhead, hobgoblin looking ass:

*** Naw, Imma preface this by saying this: You see how they are quick to illegalize drones cause this idiot flew a drone over the fucking LAPD building – all these 1st amendment FRAUDITORS/ neauvou copwatch mofos – I BEEN SAYING FOR THE LOOONGEST those 1st amendment auditors aka FRAUDITORS (more like FRAUDITOTORES cause they are designed to hack into our freedoms) and neauvou copwatchers are PAOD GOVERNMENT AGENTS OUT TO SUBVERT SHIT so the government can clamp the fuck down on our freedoms! PEEP all them mofos got lawyers like Tom Zebra ole ass had his drone paid by a lawyer! Can’t tell me different!***

– Yet they (the lamestream lying ass media who TRIED to hide pizzagate which you can also read about here) give credit to that methhead Daniel J Saulmon aka Tom Zebra – peep the fake jewISH name – who I put ‘woke on all da credit (I had this nigga hallucinating he was in Schit-cago otherwise known as Chicago:

LOL (witch’s curse ??‍♀️??‍♂️)

– That’s what he get for buying into the bull – like the arrogant crakkkaroach he is ?? I peep they took cop-roach from crakkkaroach:

– I put that image on FIRST RIGHT HERE before 1st amendment frauditors did:


Here him buying into the notion he started the copwatching:

– I had a crush on that cop thurr. He cutee and a creole ?

Here I am ‘wokeing Tom Zebra




[purchase_link id=”32967″ text=”Download” style=”button” color=”blue”]

I also ‘woked his daddy

Chris Case Chris Case Witch’s Curse Chris Case


And this other fake exploitative (another fake jew) mofo named Onus “News Service”:

– Here come this, as my dad would say, prevert Tom Zebra:


– Glad cops didn’t help his ineffably stuttering, no talking ass!

4:21 – They don’t want hiz azz there

Good, run him out! Perverted azz mofo!

– Run Tom Zebra azz out too ??

– Before I cease talking on Tom Zebra, I wanna say that I saw in the astral plane that he hooks up with low self esteem women (cause who’d wanna fawk THAT – even prostitites shouldn’t) like prostitutes whom he gives drugs too (and who understandibly take advantage of him) and I saw that at one point him and the meth’d out crakkka here:


Were planning to interview me as a joke but his handler – an older white lady – stopped him!


– Bitch put on a shirt.

He look like a fucking monster baby:

– He got a water ass head!

I could tell how the lamestream media feels about me after a reporter who works for a well known feminist reported on my being attacked by a trick (who I since have ‘woked) wrote about me in Vice Magazine and how the drunken ass owner, Shane Smith, responded, who I have since ‘woked as well – starting yesterday:

– The way it says, “She call haself the coparazzi”

While trying to give credit to lame white bitches for starting it (culture vultures):


– I created this website to shut that shit. Down! You ain’t stealing diss!

Vice magazine, the same people who photoshopped nigger onto a bus drive in Liberia:

You can see for yourself here:

That being said, I peep that attitude was conveyed around the time I stopped looking euroPEAN:

And more nap-tural as if it was a bad thing to accept my physical blackness:

– This shows I am related to Egyptian royalty!

That’s an ancestral shadow. She tries to live on in me but I refuse!

This how I look naw after coming full circle:

To be honest – and to be honest with me – I think it’s more than just race with me, but spiritual!

I know I got spirits, demons fucking with my ass (most spiritually powerfull people do) but, like take note here:

– Bitch, I was hanging with everybody!

– Two white ladies were influenced by me to go topless, yet when this young white lady came about her energy stole the part:


There’s definitely an element of race but I believe energy plays a part too.

I am stronger, don’t take no shit while she gives off a playful (saw her aura was pink), vulnerable, malleable child like energy.

She is strong, but not like me! I got battle scars to prove it – yet I’m still here:

She on the other hand fled after a few scuzzy dudes approached to sexually harass her.

She didn’t stand her ground.

She smart, and strong but not as strong as me!

It was that vulnerability that attracted folks to her and not I but I don’t give a fuck cause I seek domination, to control and actually reject those who don’t resonate with me and so thus their acceptance of me!

I stand alone!

Always did! I find strenght in being alone, doing things on my own. I’m a loner and I find most people come to me when they wanna soak up MY strenght. I ‘woke they asses! The daze of altruism like my past copwatching, etc. for me are OVER! If you ain’t been loyal, done shit for me – fuck off! I’ll see you in hell – as I look at you while you suffer in my self made underworld – so I can feed off your soul energy!

Now, my afterthoughts on this: In prettyhoe’s case it was pure racial – what pisses me off even more is that many of dem white men’s FED off her spiritual energy while not really doing shit for her as per her potential:

– This gotta be the dude from “Coach.”

– That dude right there IS Dan Lauria from The Wonder Years:

– He look a lil like the daygo wop I fought off the beach near the pch! I had a crush on him back in the day!

– They had a sexual harassment lawsuit launched against em back in the day:


In my case, yeah there’s racism involved but it is mainly spiritual! I won’t lie!

I did Rock of Love with Bret Michael’s back in the day. The production team, people on there were lovely. Even when I had left the show some of the folks still loved me and my name got touted on CH1’s website a few times:

– I was so cutee back in the day and still look the same at age 36.

Now, while looking I came across diss here:

– Prob. got ‘woked. That’s why she regrets it lol ?

Here the article:


That being said, I wanna say something: stupid ass niggers and crakkkas (most of whom are fucking cowards who want you to do something so they can live thru it vicariously) were the main ones saying, “I woulda beat her ass” and diss and dat!

Calm the fuck down! This is why NIGGERS get caught up!

It’s a fucking show. From my perspective it’s a fucking show. The girl was doing it for ratings. I didn’t take it serious cause she wasn’t a fucking THREAT!

At the time I was living in a sober living home where someone did pull a knife on me. This wasn’t shit!

That being said, peepole (I ain’t trying to reach you organic portals – fuck ya’ll ??) need to stop doing shit for ego. That’s how mofos – esp. those with hair brain triggers – get caught up doing 9 to life or 15 to life like the one punch dude cause ya’ll don’t think and see the overall picture.

I see the overall picture.

One thing Imma say about hispanics I RESPECT their outlook on TRUE spiritually and I respect that they – unlike niggers who got hairbrain triggers and cowardly crakkkas who just sit behind a computer screen saying they’ll do this and that (or hide behind their whittle gun which like Dr. Francis Cress Welsing said is an inverted black penis to compensate for their lack of male genatalia and testosterone: https://depts.washington.edu/bonebio/bonAbout/race.html) – they know when to act and when not to and when to take shit serious and when not to.

Now, I’ve been raped, gotten into fights with mainlt hispanic – I ain’t gonna call those mofos men – and held my best:

– Mofo came at me with a bag of bricks. I didn’t even know I was fucking stabbed! It ain’t like the movies where you do all that dramatic shit – you won’t even know!

If she did that shit to me on the streets – fuck it her scared white ass wouldn’t even get close given how I carry myself now. I’ll nevar forget when I chased them two wetback DUDES who ganged up on me to steal my phone and when they all jumped in the car I grabbed one of em even holding on to his arm as they took off in a car – I had skid marks to prove it:

– Dude the day after – guess they posted something on social media – called me a “vato”. I took it as a source of pride. I know it means male cat but that is a compliment to me ??

Alotta people call me a man and that is a compliment to me. Means my inner Divine Feminine is showing:


This lady sums it up why they, mainly wetbacks who come from a cult-ure of machismo and death who are the MAINS one who wanna physically fight me for going topless – have the psychotic anger for how I define my being a WARRIOR WOMBAN

You can’t let ego run you! The gift of discernment is KEY! Case in point: I was with a friend. I know a bad spirit was around me. I know he being a natural medium he is easy to possess. I been with him many times….

After fighting this mug off here:


I peep he don’t speak in his sleep – meaning the BIG time demon was gone (but not the other smaller one whose name is Caim who is represented by a crow that looks like a plague doctor).

Long story short – I wake up in the middle f
of the night and he on top of me (he kept saying my pussy was hot earlier) and I just shrugged him off: no fight, no police, nothing. It wasn’t that serious to me. I know him. We been intimate before. He’s helped me out numerous times. Takes care of me financially. It wasn’t that serious. Now had it been a stranger who had not paid me – dat would be different. Now that I think about it it’s fucked up cause folks have this astringent definition of rape and if a woman is cool with some shit in one context and not in another – like I am here – then she will never be perceived as a victim or as a rape survivor.

All I’m saying is YOU determine what offends you inwardly. For instance, when ya boi, Milo y
Yiannopoulos, a gay dude, came out saying he fucked an OLD man when he was 15 and he liked it – remind me of that Katy Perry son lol – the fucking feminazis slammed ole boi (I ❤ LOVE gay dudes – had a few who wanted to fyck me and saw some when I heaux’d), trying to project they shit on him!

– Don’t we make a cutee couple!

Anywayz I strongly KNOW we live in a cult-ure that sorta gets folks to wallow in victimization! Case in point I fucked my brother when I was young. Many folks fiddle with their siblings when they are young. They call it experimentation! That said, I don’t like how he went about doing shit – I know he was abducted by aliens when he was 2 and they stole a soul piece I just recently got back for him so that influenced him – but still I don’t take it serious and it don’t hurt.

If a person ain’t bothered by something that bothers you let em be! Don’t project your misery/hate/anger out on them! We got enough of that in diss world!

Speaking of witch ??‍♀️ Imma ‘woke dat bitch Lacey Duvall (the girl on rock of love) tonight! I remember all dem crakkkas attacking me for not bowing down to ha like they did Oprah Winfrey in The Color Purple:

That’s why I enjoy ‘wokeing crakkkas and damning they asses to the hellish realms of the astral (to Melfore ?)! They the EASIEST mofos to get like diss crakkka here (with receipts):


Now, I will admit I am well spoken, proper, articulate and am not really “hood.” Angry, yes, (now I am more inner content) but hood – no! Also during those times I did look a lil European back then too:

But even after and esp. during the copwatching phase I still would see my videos get play on CNN regarding my so called “conspiracy” aka reality theories when the latest psyop like Sandy Hook (or as of recent the corona virus) would come out and this was when I had an afro and looked more natural:

– Lemme show that uglay ass picture again!

Here a better one:

– I ain’t gonna lie my lips look like I’m on crack!

But like with prettyhoe – tho. I was a known hoe – when I stopped toeing the line of respectability and started my topless thing you don’t hear a peep. They tried giving white bitches credit for it but that is why I created Topless In LA so they won’t steal SHEEEIT (I started it here first in LA) from me like they did by giving methhead-heroin crack baby stuttering goof Tom Zebra credit for starting the copwatching shit in LA!

They ain’t taking my glory. You give ME credit.

Speaking of which it reminds me of how that lady Unwine with Tasha K only got a youtube platform while a wide (jew) is doing it on radio and making BIGGER bucks!

That’s why I don’t work with shit and do shit alone!

That being said, I will be honest. People always say that folks who make it or are involved in enter-tainment deal with the occult. When I was young – I will go as far back to say going back to a past life – I made a deal, or called myself making a deal, with satan. I wanted to be the antichrist and be like Hitler and go down in history for killing a whole lotta people then popularized, glorified in pop media later on as Hitler was! I was one of those malcontents who also hated my high school which I delve into here (you would too and I heard they asses closed in all things 2008 – around the same time I had returned years ago – I was told this in 2012 same year my brother died):


That being said one of my other wishes was do what Keanu did in the Devil’s Advocate and go back in time and change high schools so I could get the high school experience I felt robbed of:

– That was an excellent scene. Made me wanna be a lawyer (for status).

Now look at where I’m at: crazy and happay

– More like content ???

I didn’t really wanna go into enter-tainment. I called myself selling my soul in an attempt to be friends with that mug ????? and trying to get the highest position in hell (the antichrist) so when I gotta go, I ain’t in the heap.

It didn’t turn out like that.

Instead it set me off on a spiritual journey of discovering my own Source powers and that I can be both God and Satan using my own Source power: no need praying aka preying to some-thang for help:

It all started back in 2014. That old apartment broke me down. I always had money in the bank but I felt aimless and thus lifeless – something a teacher said years ago (during a kundalini awakening) cored out my identity and in it’s place was a hallow lifeless zombie like corpse of myself just going thru the motions.

People don’t know just how dissatisfied with myself that I was when I had no money. When you know yourself and got your identity you got all the wealth in the world thurr:

– Looka this – I wasn’t smiling. I was frowning. Tired over the constant sexual harassment over something that ain’t me!

I am not happy, really truly content (you don’t wanna be “happy” all the time cause then that will mean you will fit the DSM-V criteria for “mania”.):

– wif a few wine bottles, alkie-hole thrown in:

Despite all this shit here!

– I laugh it off cause I got true happiness: inner contentment! Wouldn’t even be showing you diss if I were traumatized! I take it as a badge of bravery honestly! ? I did the best I could do so I came in 3rd place ?

– I’ll nevar forget telling my friend on my 36th birthday that it was my happiest yet! Yes I am homeless but I’m happy to be homeless. Well, I gotta car so that counts as a home but just not in the traditional sense but the only thing that fucked it up was a regurgitated fry I found I believe put there by this girl named Blair (starts with a B) at Sizzler’s on Vermont in Koreatown (Lee dat one ALONE ??‍♀️)!

Honest tho I put ‘woke on that mug and when I last saw him in a catatonic state. Imma try to get him to a death state using the powa ?? of my third eye ?

I was trying to fit into the world, be of the world – tho. I am not. There was alot of inner struggle, uninitiated anger, a sense of the hallowness of people who I now know to be organic portals and that I was deeper, better than them! I have that spark which they don’t have: the Soul Spark and my old apartment on 637 Hauser Blvd brought that out.

When I moved in in 2010 my work went down (contrary to what I thought would conspire moving from the “ghetto” to a nice place). I initially didn’t want to go (I DESPERATELY wanted this place owned by the Russian Mafia in West Hollywood) but it was for the best and I am happy I took it. I didn’t wanna heaux or be known as a heaux all my life. I wanted my identity, my soul piece aka soul peace back amd 637 Hauser Blvd was not what I wanted; but what I needed ?

I’ll nevar forget 2014. It was the start of my spiritual awakening. I started astral projecting via the crown. Meditating, going in my inner Self. I would binge watch 13signsastrology, a spiritual luminary who I practically worshipped (then I went on to Baba Bobby Hemmitt):

– That was the last vid he made before he fell off for like I think 3 years then he made a miraculous return.

I was really exploring my spiritual prowess and abilities. I saw the demon I later now know some German wide bitch nurse out of jealousy and out of influence by this demonic entity – sprung on me (I’ve been whipping em ever since). That being said, being someone who was always a truth teller, “social justice warrior” – something we need – I realized the truth that the ills of what we face in human society goes beyond physical contextes like skin colour, gender etc. Going off of what I saw online, what David Icke said – I started pointing my finger at the reptilians who are just one of many entities that the demiurge aka “god” will put on the frontlines to attack: they are called archons:


That being said, when I started talking about em – I was already doing financially poorly but my income went down to ZERO (I was still happy and it was a very happy, exciting time in my adult life). That being said, that is when I got into the occult side of spirituality = working or as I say ‘wokeing with spirits. I got forced into satanism which was another archonic program (along with HYPOchristianity, islam – all the mass mind control re-ligions and ALL spiritual systems that require you to war-ship something outside yourself – yes I am gnostic)!

I developed a bad drinking habit (every three days I felt a strong inclination to drink Jack Daniels which is why I now recognize Belial, a reptilian, was behind shit):


– Every 3 days had to have it, I didn’t give a fuck about whiskey before. I would set up a mirror as per mirror magick and have two mirrors facing each other and give energy as per my deal in exchange for getting money.

THAT MONTH and ONLY that month I made $3000. Hadn’t seen that mo-nay in a while! I made it from prostitution: every dude who came thru my door war-shipped dragons or hand an unusual affinity for em! That’s how I knew this shit was something spiritual! I later found out that the entity I was war-shipping – and later sending to a hellish afterlife after ‘wokeing em – is a huge red dragon whom, again, I was sacrificing people to in my ‘wokeings! His name he revealed to me in a dream was Melfore.

I went thru alot with this spirituality! Everyone who is REALLY on that path do. Went thru shit in 2016:


– As I came into my Source power I started fucking all my enemies, then, later, all my spiritual enemies (and even allies) up! I need nobody but me. They were just there to piggyback and feed off my energy like the demons I was once attracting in human form.

I became God and Satan.

Now I gotta figure out this manifesting shit so I can get mo-nay on my own terms.

I’m becoming a god – representing God and Satan, the duality of nature. My energy has conquered areas. I don’t need a sword, gun or even a loud mouth: my ‘woke does it for me. My third eye mainly!

That being said my block to material access was mainly spiritual: those reptilians control shit. They as the archons influence things and they will fuck you up if you don’t do what they say. As I saw they can miraculously remove blocks and inimically place them cause they control the system. Only way I can reach wealth and be self made materially is by defeating them. Is the only way for me in the world as well.

I control my image. I LOVE ❤? my site! I say what I want. I got total freedom and the life I want to live – not the one as told by the rest of society they should wanna live, with all the stupid lemmings, sheep following suit aka organic portals (it’s nice to know what I been going up against all along – when I call em that, it shuts em down):


That’s why I walked off that reality show: cause I couldn’t control shit! All the wealth in the world ain’t shit for me if I can’t be me. Most people want status to show off to friends cause deep down they are dependant on people’s approval. I’m not, which makes me free!

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