Do Not Worship Baron Samedi Because He Is A Pedophile Who Puts Curses On Innocent Blacks

Do Not Worship Baron Samedi Because He Is A Pedophile Who Puts Curses On Innocent Blacks

I hate this motherfucker with a passion:

I never could understand why until this curse occurred.

He is the cause for this curse:

Baron Samedi Condemned Me To The Roach Realm

Wow, I just read this and saw how a big fat black woman, supposedly an ancestor – as I talked about in astral world – is connected to Baron Samedi – tried to report me to Baron Samedi and tell her where I am at in the astral plane so he could get me back as a sacrifice:

Encounter With Reptilian Created Baron Samedi Satan In The Astral

Astralworld 4: Taking Back What’s Mine

Funny thing is I heard from the Occalas’ roach attachments that he was looking all over the astral plane to retrieve me as his sacrifice and I saw that not too long before the curse hit.

Beating A Curse First Bestowed On Me By Nigger God Baron Samedi

When this curse first started, I used to hear that Baron Samedi was the orchestrator of it, that he was the one who caused it.

I was told by the Occalas very own roach spirits how him and some very deceptive spirit guides and higher selves would watch and laugh at my ancestors – they were white – calling them “niggers” and spitting on them while Baron Samedi drunk wine and laughed right along with them.

When I would remove said roach spirits it was Baron Samedi from what I heard – then saw – who would put them back in, to torment and harass me PHYSICALLY day and night.

It is Baron Samedi who put these tormentive spirits on me.

It is because he wants my spiritual abilities.

Before I begin, Imma tell you his real name – and how to defeat him.

He was actually a living person. His name is Billy Bai…. I won’t say the rest but think of Enrique Iglesias’s “Bailamos“:

He owned a market from what I understand and his ass from what I heard in the spirit world stunk so bad no one wanted to be within an 8 mile radius of him.

That is the sign of a bad spirit..

In his case. A roach.

When he first cursed me when I was 16 years old, he was placing roach attachments on me to keep me nound to the curse.

When dealing with such an entity use 1135 hz frequency, 101 hz frequency, 451 hz frequency is very good for energy vampires such as him, 845 hz to pallet him, and you can use 745 hz frequency to place his ass in a jar!

6000 hz is really effective at fighting off bad spirits like him.

That said he is responsible for the curse placed on me by the Occalas as I have been talking about here for quite some time:

I knew it!

Beating A Curse First Bestowed On Me By Nigger God Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi Condemned Me To The Roach Realm

Juat today a very powerful spirit guide showed him giving my blessings to the Occalas and Nicholas Bearden, Zendaya and a few other people he calls himself working with.

This is how they look:

That said, from what I understand – if you are part of his bloodline – as I am – AND you have great strong spiritual powers and gifts, this evil, vile, and cruel, petty motherfucker will cause you harm in the form of fatal car wrecks, tragic deaths as he tried to do to my borither Kristen, whom he ended up ultimately placing in a hell realm in which a world filled with total chaos and violence as I heard him plotting with the Occalas one day, one where my poor brother begged me, “Please Raven help me get out!”

And suicides, as he is trying to do to me by driving me insane with the roach attachments and evil spirits such as a pedophile named Seamus that he placed in my body:

– He looks like that but with glasses.

It is supposed to be an ancestor of “Rosie”, I believe really Zendaya, that is a sadistic pedophile (I saw him licking a baby girl’s vagina one night) that is from what I saw a very good acquainteance of Baron Samedi.

About “Rosie,” all throughout this blog I had been commenting that she was some girl, a young white lady, who died at the hands of the Occcalas and their curse from Destrehan, La but as I do my research – and connect the dots – turns out is is Zendaya all along as the roach attachments had been saying to me all along:

My Timeline Got Stolen On August 21 2022

I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

See I ain’t the only blood sacrifice she has caused:

I Saw In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Sacrificed Angus Cloud

Kevin Turen Another Blood Sacrifice of Zendaya

She isn’t young – and an executive producer – for nothing as I am learning in the spirit world:

I remember the other night seeing my higher self mixed with hers and using a powerful frequency – 694 hz – to separate them!

I then saw my poor dad, family and ancestors telling me that they are stuck in hell realms.

They had been telling me that it was Baron Samedi but I didn’t wanna believe it.

That said, he IS the cause for why I am under the curse of the Occalas – and the reason why I almost stuck.

He has been – from what I am understanding, learning in the spirit world – after my spiritual gifts ever since I was a little child, setting me on paths to ruin, designing things in the astral plane to throw me off.

There was a reason why as powerful as I am I could not defeat the Occalas or see where they are at in the spirit world:

After he cursed me, he actually set it up that I would by a very minute and unfortunate chance of manipulated “destiny” encounter these very wicked and evil people who were to see to it that I stay stuck in hell realms, end up with their hellish karma (from what I understand – and saw – they got Soul pieces of theirs burning in hell) and stay stuck to in the latter part of my yeats being tormented by evil sadistic roach entities and other spirits – along with people like Zendaya and Madonna – just a few of the people, celebrities I saw him give my blessings too and open me up to being energy vampired off of.

He set up by using an entity attachment created of a Soul piece he had stolen of mines in which – from what I saw – told the Occalas that they had to sacrifice me or else he will sacrifice them, putting undue burden and stress on them, putting the onus on them, to sacrifice me.

I won’t go into too much detail but I am gonna say that I got railroaded and fucked up by some sadistic but powerful – and jealous – entities who wanted my spiritual powers and saw to it that I – and my family and ancestors – so they can’t rescue me – stay stuck in hell realms as well, forever and for all eternity and it all comes back to that evil demon Baron Samedi.

When that evil demon wants to fuck with you he looks like this:

That said, he also made my ancestors sign a Soul contract that in order for them to escape his curse and not be tormented by him, they must sign a Soul contrract offering me up as a sacrifice!

With that being said, it all started when I was young, very young.

I was always a very friendly person, with a good and sincere heart. I remember during my copwatching days – and even now – offering folks what little money I had, hooking up folks down on their luck – like I am now – with places to stay like when i saw a sex worker on the street and I hooked her up that night with a motel room.

That being said, Baron Samedi don’t like that. He don’t like light.

I saw recently in the spirit world that the reason why I got disrespected even when I was good to people is because Baron Samedi would interject and say all sorts of unsavoury things to them such as “Oh she a lil evil bitch,” “She deceptive”, “She think she better than everybody” to their higher selves, making their lower selves sour to me.

He doesn’t like what are in his mind upwardly mobile blacks and respectable black folks who maintain themselves properly and take care of themselves:

While I was in jail, at one point – I witnessed – and heard – him having my father’s consciousness placed in a very tiny jail cell with my poor dad crying for help (they keep removing my father from his body and my mother as well as sacrifices).

I saw him place a giant sword down the throat of my brother, Kerry.

I heard him raping my brothers, father, other men while in jail.

He like it when you act dark, when you act like a nigger, a mayate, an arrogant ass with no fucking respect or regards for other people or laws or other folks’ boundaries.

I will say this he also don’t like Mexicans or Hispanics. He calls them wetbacks. He especially hates Santa Muerte and says she is powerless compared to him.

He also hates black women, especially strong ones and loves white women but hates when black women go out with white or non black men:

His partnership with Maman Brigette, a sadistic entity who hates black women from my experience, evidences this!

She actually was the first God to help my ass out while I was in jail when his curse on me first broke out.

From what I understand when I was 16 years old he sacrificed me.

Remember when I used to talk about how my chemistry, Ms Preston, told me to “drop the English accent” (I went to an all black high school and, I hate to say it, and as I am learning in the spirit world, other blacks can be not to fond of folks who sound “white or articulate) – well, that was part of a curse!

I was bright, studious, and intelligent but for all reasons mentioned here I was considered a “weirdo” for my articulate predisposition and thus, a loner.

Why I attended that school is a mystery. I am very wordly minded, not confined to one culture.

That said, I was bright, articulate, a “B” student – I was always failed math with flying colors – always on the honor roll with good parents. Supposed to be bound for a good future.

No way in hell I should be where I am at now – moving from homeless shelter to homeless shelter, chronically on the streets, damn near on the verge of full blown schozophrenia.

That said when that teacher – who I long suspected was a satanist (I’ll never forget the day she asked a class of 15 year olds “If they like bumping cats?”) – told me to “Drop the English accent” when I stood before the class – as I always did – to speak – I couldn’t understand it! I couldn’t explain it. But I lost a major Soul piece that day, a major part of myself that the Occalas would ultimately get and inadvertently help me remember who I am.

That said on my 18th birthday, I was officially under his curse as a sacrifice. He had reptilians come in (which he planned to do under my sacrifice curse with the Occalas) and take over my consciousness, removing my personality, removing my intelligence especially (that is why in Youtube videos in the past I came off as missing something and that was because right along with that missing right part of my Soul he had removed a number of things like intelligence, personality, etc. and he placed his roach realm – he works very closely with that realm cause as I am learning he himself may be one – in my head, my consciousness so I could never escape his – or anyone else’s – curse!

He also placed a large cannon ball chain in my neck chakra to keep from getting my voice, and Soul back! My identity back!

From what I understand as part of his sacrifuce of me he had branded on my forehead “Hoe,” “All you will ever be is a hoe” which was a jealous spite to my studious, intellectual nature and you will never be shit.

All the while – unknowingly to me – Ms Preston got my 120 million in spirit money and from what I understand was “blessed” with being able to start a successful skin care business worth millions, living in a big home, at the expense of me unwittingly as a “sacrifice.”

Baron Samedi is an evil motherfucker.

I also wanna mention that before I get into the next part that he raped me as a child.

I just recently learned in the spirit world that at the age of 9, when I had an outer body experience (he had condemned me and my family to the roach realm when I was real young cause I remember having a vision where I saw roaches all over the walls, etc.), he had raped me and kept me from returning back to my body.

Of note, I wanna mention that he is a pedophile. He just recently sacrificed a man named Boopac Shakur of footagegang215 for going after pedophiles:

He sacrificed him and placed him in a hell realm, one of his where he rapes and tortures him.

All throughout my early 20s, into my early 30s was literally a blur of getting drunk and having sex – and having sex for money – all because of Baron Samedi.

I will say this as an intro – when I was in my early 20’s, maybe 22, I recall hearing on the radio a song called “I Could” by a biracial American Idol contestant. I recall looking it up online and not being able to find it.

I found out later on it is because Baron Samedi put me on the road to ruin – he had taken me out of that timeline and put me in damn near a parallel universe where I was destined to be homeless, roaming from city to city – from Massachusetts to NY then to LA – and not really get anywhere despite working industriously and tenaciously to make it as a reporter or in entertainment (I interned for New England Cable News Network at one point and dud two articles – one for the Times Picayune and one for Citybusiness newspaper).

In the other timeline, I woulda made it as a major TV presenter.

I was suppsed to be blessed materially and to make it in mass media, the entertainment industry but Baron Samedi, aka Billy Ba…. derailed that! Totally derailed it and gave MY blessings away unwittingly to other as I am finding out through this curse under the Occalas.

That being said, my poor spirit guides and higher selves, who fear his wicked ass to this day, tried their best to bring me back my blessings from the roach realm, namely Eden!

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t of been on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and Game Show Network’s “Without Prejudice.”

He devastated my poor higher selves, spirit guides and traumatized my ancestors.

He had them stuck in pallets or at wprse, living furniture which is when – I saw it being done astrally – you basically turn a Soul, a human into a non moving object. Palleting does the same.

That said, in 2011 – from what I understand he feared – and knew – I would get spiritual back in my old neighborhood in miracle mile in midwilshire in LA.

I was a prostitute, or an escort at the time. I had moved from macarthur park near downtown LA, the slums, where I had made $300 per hour to all of a sudden making, having to do $200 for 2 hours in Miracle Mile.

That is because from what I am now understanding Baron Samedi knew I would becone spiritual and ultimately cone into my power to where I could defeat him and the curse he had over me and my ancestors.

He moved in Alex Nacimiento, a very evil entity attachment who I witnessed one time in the astral plane putting a poor young Mexican girl and her friends (who later came to save my brother Bryan when the curse of the Occalas hit through hell by putting them through demonic obstacle courses), in to take command of my timelines and my mind, my consciousness to keep me beleagured under heavy heavy heavy curses for the rest of rest of my life (and afterlife) so he could covet my abilities, my spiritual abilities and powers.

Now, from what I understand, it was around 2015 that the Occalas – I keep getting differing reports – supposedly found or stole my missing Soul piece.

I do remember seeing Alex and Barbara “the roach attachment” removing my Higher Self, a baby, at the time and being allowed to after hearing God say, “She will never worship me properly.”

Barbara is a sacrifice angel as I have been noting in blogs and vlogs. They look like that.

That said, we are all under different Gods and my God was Zeus at the time (it is usually one connected to your mother, father or ancestor). That said, we are all under different Gods and my God was Zeus at the time (it is usually one connected to your mother, father or ancestor).

I have reason to believe – this gets complexed – that he was influenced by Baron Samedi at the time.

I have reason to believe – this gets complexed – that he was influenced by Baron Samedi at the time.

As I have learned during this curse – I was totally compromised – Baron Samedi at one point set up it that I am his connection to the Source at one point, making it extremely hard for me to escape the curse.

That being said around 2015 I started becoming spiritual. It was around this time that money became tight. It was also around this time that my poor ancestors made a Soul contract from what I understand with Baron Samedi to sacrifice me so that they can no longer suffer what they were suffering under him.

Again, with him being my higher self at the time – and thus my connection to Source – it made it hard to evade this curse!

With that being said, after reading this – I now know that it was Baron Samedi who set me up to be sacrificed and was looking all over the astral plane – as noted here – way before the curse struck when I met a female ancestor in the astral plane who was giving out my blessings and out the word out to have me get taken back as a sacrifice to Baron Samedi:

Encounter With Reptilian Created Baron Samedi Satan In The Astral

Astralworld 4: Taking Back What’s Mine

That said, at one point from what I understand the Occalas entity attachments stole a Soul piece of mine that was meant to make me a sacrifice to Baron Samedi (if a spirit has alot of your Soul pieces or a big chunk of your Soul you can end up in their realm when you die) and, as mentioned before, Baron Samedi used an entity attachment made of me to basically lure them into a Soul contract threatening to sacrifice them if they don’t sacrifice me, basically putting them into a position where they have to sacrifice me – steal all my blessings, spiritual abilities etc – which they have benefitted from during their deal with Baron Samedi.

Again, to note, these people are wealthy with great big homes in Malibu but meanwhile I am homeless.

And they are white (Nicholas Bearden is a “white” native american who is 91 years old).

He put their karma on me – they are stuck in hell realms so he put me in them as well – amd worst of all set me up to be destitute for life.

I kept hearing how the Occalas don’t want me to have anything, want me to be a street hooker and comes to find out they are echoing the sentiments, the curses that Baron Samedi laid on me – ony forehead – so mamy years ago when I was 16.

He set all of this up. He set it up so that roach attachments were placed in my head so that I could never find the Occalas and defeat them, making them a target when he was actually the target I needed to defeat!

When I would remove said roach attachments, they would say that they got “permission” from him to move back in.

When me and my ancestors would remove the Occalas’ and Nicholas Bearden’s higher selves such Alex Beecher, Nicholas Bearden’s higher self, or the Barbara or Alex Nacimiento entity attachments – both of whom would say “I want you to have nothing, etc.” – it was Baron Samedi as the roach attachments would say that would move them back in.

Lately, from what I understand, he has been selling me as a sacrifice to Hollywood celebrities – both in the astral plane as well as in the physical I believe through the Occalas.

From what I understand with Zendaya, Ethan Occala changed the Soul contract or created a new one where neither one of them have their Souls end up in Baron Samedi’s hands or in hell realms.

Now, remember how I talked of a young lady named “Rosie” or Ashley Hampstead who was from Destrehan, La who supposedly died in her sleep and was supposedly placed back in my body after I supposedly died in sleep on August 22, 2022?

My Timeline Got Stolen On August 21 2022

I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

That being said while trying to get back in my timeline or really retrieve my blessings I notice that it is Baron Samedi who VIOLENTLY blocks me from getting my blessings back.

From what I understand it is part of a deal made with Zendaya to keep me “dead” or stuck to where I can’t rise back up to get MY shit back.

I keep hearing “robbing the grave” and “robbing the cradle.”

Lately he has been trying to kill me in sleep as I and my ancestors start the process of breaking the curses – and breaking free of him!

Recently I had a very vivid “dream” where he tried to pull my Soul out my body and because I am powerful – he could not.

Lately, he has been torturing and tormenting the fuck out of one of my spirit guides – a cherub child like angel – turning her into a prostitute at one point, turning entity attachments of her inti highly secualized dolls, etc.

He has been attacking my consciousness, trying to keep me away from my blessings, etc. and using the entity attachment conciousness of that pedophile, Seamus Anderson, to do it, swapping stuff of mine in the astral plane out and giving it to Zendaya, the Occalas and Bearden and heavily, heavily spiritually oppressing me to keep me from getting my shit back.

At one point he used the entity attachment of a man in Malibu who works with him named “Aaron” to allow astral viewers to see what I was going through – the torture he would mete out on me through the Occalas.

That being said I talk about him and what he has done to me and my family at the outbreak of this curse on Astralworld!

Astralworld 3: The Sacrifice

Astralworld 8 They Can’t Just Leave Me Alone

Astral World 16: Pallet Numbre Fights Baron Samedi For My Freedom Part 1

Astral World 16: Pallet Numbre Fights Baron Samedi For My Freedom Part 2

Astralworld 12: Meeting What Barbara Turned My Dad Into, Pallet Numbre

When I was in jail, I saw that he was waiting beneath the basement area of my parent’s home, smiling, waiting for the opportunity to kill them in their sleep.

He also created an entity attachment of my little brother Bryan, whom through Alex Nacimiento he had placed in hell realms as part of the curse on me, that was designed to harass me and cause me great pain and suffering.

Before that I believe either he or the Alex Nacimiento entity attachment he invited in created an evil entity attachment of me from what I saw and drove my brother mad, to schizophrenia, ultimately making him commit suicide.

It was all Baron Samedi’s fault for my child like, learning disabled brother’s death in 2012.

While in jail, I had saw him placing my poor dad, mom, aunts and uncles in various hell realms, barely clinging to life, with machetes in their mouths as he did my brother Kerry, raping my male relatives while singing songs.

I ‘woked the shit out of his ass while I was in jail.

At one point he captured me and had me hanging to a wall till I freed myself!

Under this curse he had the Occalas – who are in hell realms themselves – having spirits, entities come through the walls and grab me, torment me, at one point placing irons on my head and burning my head.

It is all cause of Baron Samedi (from what I understand the Occalas as well as Bearden signed a Soul contract with their roach realm saying they are not allowed to grow their own consciousnesses so they can’t even think for themselves).

Baron Samedi is instrumental in selling me to various celebrities in both the astral as well as the physical as a sacrifice such as Zendaya, Madonna I am learing, Tim Burton and a couple of others as noted here:

Astral World 16: Pallet Numbre Fights Baron Samedi For My Freedom Part 1

Astral World 16: Pallet Numbre Fights Baron Samedi For My Freedom Part 2

– It was Barbara’s roach attachments that actually tried to pay to free me as noted in one of the blogs there.

Every night he uses I believe the Occalas and Bearden as entity attachments to haunt me and attack me and terrorize me in my sleep, causing me to cry in my sleep as some spirits, and a couple of higher selves, have noted!

He uses them to remove large chunks of my consciousness, partition them around, etc.

He has done gotten so bad that even Nene Occala, Ethan Occala and Nicholas Bearden stepped in and said, “Leave those people alone.”

I realize this cause now that I have come to the realization that he is the cause of everything I am able to see where those assholes are in the astral plane and I am not getting compromised as much as I am moving towards breaking free of this Bullahit so I could have a better life – and fate – not the evil shit he has written down for me.

One time he was laughing while my poor ancestors were writhing in hell realms and while my poor dad was inundated in roach bites, being torn apart and eaten alive by giant and small roaches in the astral plane.

This is what that sadistic being has planned for us.

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