Astral World 16: Pallet Numbre Fights Baron Samedi For My Freedom Part 2

Astral World 16: Pallet Numbre Fights Baron Samedi For My Freedom Part 2

Pallet Numbre came busting in, saying, “What are you doing to my daughter? You are not fucking with my family like this?”

He swallowed me into his realm which was comprised of boring, very banal brown wooden planks with windows. It had folks walking to and fro from what I can recall – followers and I also saw people trapped in rooms, some having been turned into brown oak baroque living furniture, whom would yell the same thing over and over, usually sexually explicit profanities or things like, “help”, all the while being arrested to the wall and in some rooms – such as one where I later saw my brother Kerry – are trapped folks being eaten alive by roaches, with the room I later saw him in being bathed in darkness and had a red light in it.

I also saw a room in which harboured people in it which had stairs leading down in which the walls were decorated with people, I am guessing my enemies and other sacrificed people offered up by others, in various states of decay, chained and tied by the neck and arms. I saw versions of myself, Soul pieces, from I am guessing alternate realities as well as this one that were white and had red hair.

To witness that was sobering.

That said he snatched me up and told me to stay inside of his realm and not to venture out as I have too many enemies, entities trying to attack me!

I recall Baron Samedi being scared to death and, at one point, dropping his search for me. I also recall him being swallowed up by Pallet Numbre and placed into his torture chamber, where he was stuck in the acid of his stomach, begging to get out.

I recall that his followers were able to get in. They tried to attack me and Pallet Numbre’s followers but Pallet Numbre unleashed giant human eating roaches that devoured their asses and their lil machetes.

After that was done I recall asking about my little brother. After he said that he devoured him in his acid stomach I went berserk and started destroying his realm and body. I started rescuing any and all sacrifices he had which inadvertently included some of Baron Samedi’s people.

I recall him asking why I did that. I said no one fucks with my family! I feel strongly about my family and don’t play by them.

I recall then rubix cubing him and enwrapping him in a web that gyrates on it’s own, thus entrapping them which is what rubix cubing is.

After a while, I recall Barbara and her Nazi henchpeople coming in and taking me on board another carousel, this time to meet all the people in the astral plane.

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