God Turns People With Souls Schizophrenic So They Can’t Escape The Matrix

God Turns People With Souls Schizophrenic So They Can’t Escape The Matrix

In all of us resides the Soul pieces of our ancestors and the spirit pieces of God, Yaldabaoth, and “Satan” – get rid of them (not your ancestors).

I got rid of the god one and my luck came right back. I also notice that this asshole attacks at the crown chakra.

When I got rid of em my crown chakra closed and I felt my old Self again so apparently these entities were entering in via the crown chakra to attack and suppress my spiritual advancement through a mild form of possession where these things attach to the crown chakra and so thus fuck with my mind.

Currently I got entities that look like this from the roach realms:

The Roach Realms of The Astral Plane And How They Cause Schizophrenia

They are these cloudy like heads of consciousness called roach attachments that engulf you in their consciousness and usually into hellish scenarios.

Some folks like Cookie Tookie get engulfed into these:

Now Barbara Reina And Homophobe David Reina Are Trying To Steal Cookie Tookie’s Soul

It Is With Great Sadness That Cookie Tookie Passed

I find it crazy that as mentioned in these articles here the entities I have heard sound robotic and they replicate and create new entity attachments, like a computer virus or computer program, letting me know that we humans are literally hooked up to the matrix, a super computer system for “God” aka the demiurge aka Yaldabaoth!

The Pineal Gland Is KEY To Breaking This Schizophrenic Curse

I Now Realize That I Was Being Inducted Into A Parasitic Consciousness And Soul Eating Astral AI Supercomputer

Psychic Attacks Against Lightworkers Are Rising

The Kingdom of God Is A Kingdom of Astral Parasites

Based on what I’ve experienced and from what I have heard from others entities are placed IN our physical bodies as entity attachments to keep us from waking up from the matrix.

We literally are giant machines (our bodies) in the astral plane hence illustrations like this:

– Notice how there is a synbolic bar around the person that they have to break free of to truly be free of the matrix: as above, so below.

This is THE closet to what I saw, experienced:

I noticed all throughout snakes being used to transport or block things comimg in. Reminds me of the demiurge aka “god.”

I saw entity attachments criss crossing my body, some designed to protect while some – like the alligator heads and fish “roach attachments” are designed to compromise your mind and thus your Soul, the root cause of possession and schizophrenia.

That said, that is why in part we are – especially the more psychic – are surrounded by spirits all the time. Many of the ones in us like our ancestors are designed to protect from external attacks but, when you go against god the demiurge, seals aka chakras in you get open to allow entities to come in and fuck with you.

This is why Tony Sayers and others say get rid of your chakras:

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