I Walked Shirtless On Skid Row And Not Once Was I Sexually Assaulted

I Walked Shirtless On Skid Row And Not Once Was I Sexually Assaulted


I remember the other night when I took a piss near a parking lot (I had to let it go)….. a guy, a brother, a real black man (unlike the fake ones of Malibu aka Mali-heaux) offered me baby wipes instead of a finger up my vagina as the neandeRAPES of Malibu felt so inclined to do…..

People talk shid about Skid Row but since I been here the men are GENTLEMEN! I think it is because they are black with a real black consciousness. Thet are not like the rapist crakkkas of Malibu who felt inclined to fuck with me and rape me despite my mental status, such as how the spirits informed me that that day when I was mass sexually assaulted, it was a deputy at the Lost Hills Sheriffs station who told people to come out and sexually assaukt me and that no charges would be pressed and that if I did something in retaliation a day later, after coming out my mental state, I would be the one getting dealt with – the same station that killed Mitrice Richardson in complicitness with the people of Malibu, all of whom know what happened to her!

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Lost Hills Malibu Sheriffs Tried To Set Up Itinerant Homeless Man for Mitrice Richardson’s MURDER

Real Talk On How Other Races Show No Empathy Towards Blacks With Mental Illnesses

Malibu need to burn for that shit!


– I’ll never forget – my blog is a personal diary – the night when Deputy Castillo raised my shirt while the other deputies watched and molested my breasts. There is also a deputy out there named Deputy Clarke who from what the spirits told me viciously rapes black women, usually escorts, including Mitrice Richardson.

Malibu needs the Skid Row energy.

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