Selling Myself Tonight

Selling Myself Tonight

I am completely desperate! Every business I try to create goes nowhere so I am desperate.

That said, you have seen my body…..

I Walked Shirtless On Skid Row And Not Once Was I Sexually Assaulted

Backpage no longer exists. Craigslist is a bust so I am coming on my own site with an offer for all of you: I am selling my ass!

It is practically legal in LA so I’m just gonna come out and say it: I am selling my ass!

I am doing sensual massage aka bodyrubs, thai massage, escorting and even car dates ($20 for a blow job), $60 for sex. I am dead serious.

That said call me at 310-359-5199 or at [email protected] to see me in person, for these services…..

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