Baron Samedi Condemned Me To The Roach Realm

Baron Samedi Condemned Me To The Roach Realm

He DOES in fact harm kids as he put a curse on me since I was a little baby to stay stuck in the roach realm and stay condemned to a life of trauma, homelessness and hardship all because his evil azz wants my spiritual abilities and is trying to curse me to commit suicide so he could get him.

One time while in jail while I was haunted by his entities and nearly died, I awoke in his realm to bloody walls and attached to a wall where he tortures his victims, some of whom were kids.

I learned that he took away alot, almost all of my blessings, including to be rich and famous.

I also learned that when he is in your bloodline he causes trauma, grief and suffering and hate blacks who are good and respectable people.

It is driving me crazy trying to get rid of these roach attachments but what really kills me is my life is already fucked up by him but now he is trying to fuck me and my family’s afterlife as well, he even raped my baby brother who passed on years ago.

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