The Consciousness Eaters That I Am Dealing With Look Like The Langoliers

The Consciousness Eaters That I Am Dealing With Look Like The Langoliers

Movies tend to be – as I learned growing up – based on truth and what I am dealing with looks EXACTLY like what I saw as a kid:

Video games are based on truth, too

So you know I am not crazy.

– That said, as an aside, as a young lady I found this dude from there mad attractive:

Basiclly in the film those entities served the purpose of removing what was “legt behind”, in the past and thus making way for new memories = consciousness!

With that being said, in the astral plane, your consciousness looks like that. In the astral plane, there are businesses in the unity-verse that deals in selling you consciousnesses which I talked about a while back.

I Found Out That The Reinas Get Their Roach Attachments From A Corporation Called Relles In The Astral Plane

There were actually films from the 80s such as Albert Brook’s, “Defending My Life” and another 70’s film where a man reincarnates as a woman called “Heaven Can Wait” that shows this:

That said to defeat the consciousness eaters – this sounds like a Stephen King novel – there are frequencies that you can play to be able to get rid of them. 122 hz is one. 19999 hz is another. These motherfuckers – unlike regular consciousnesses – are very sticky motherfuckers so to remove that – which they hate – use between 613 hz to 617 hz to defeat them. Also 135 hz and 154 hz are EXTREMELY effective for running their energy vampire asses up the street!

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