I Found The Entities and People Involved In This Curse

I Found The Entities and People Involved In This Curse

I get tormented day and night by this evil shit!

That said let me go ahead and drop what is going on.

That said I am being haunted by really ruthless and evil and sadistic entities – and parasitic people such as these people here:

– I saw in the astral plane that these folks here – as well as some other folks – were connected to the Occalas as major energy sources or in other words sacrifices.

I will also mention this: I notice everytime I attack them I supposedly affect their asses in the astral, even after disconnecting them (me and some really nice people who came to help me – who are also being afflicted with the same sadistic horror such as poltergeists) from these mofos who look like this:

This is how Ethan Occala looks:

I honestly think – cause I kept hearing spirit guides says this – that he mighta been an old “trick” that I saw from my old neighborhood back when I lived in Miracle Mile as he looks like an entity attachment I had attached to me!

He looked alot like this entity here that I have encountered (the issues with him have largely been resolved).

Funny I saw him right before the curse struck!

Tell Paul Edwards The POS Behind The Gangstalking In Malibu To Quit

– I even mentioned a fat German woman involved.

This is how Nene Occala looks

I am wondering if it could be this woman – or this couple – who runs the Southern California Psychic Institute as, wheh I called them, and as recounted here, the woman, whose name happens to be Barbara – the same name of the entity attachment I had early on in the curse harassing me – had a funny German like accent and I noticed that – when I would connect with my third eye – they had ALOT of my entity attachments (I don’t notice it anymore).

I also heard their higher selves say in the astral plane after I called them out on social media that they are wrapping up their “little experiment.”

The guy also said when I sought a reading “don’t see her” and I was informed by spirits guides that thwy told the Occalas to “back off from messing with me.”

David Reina aka Gooru aka Joel Hipps Runs The Southern California Psychic Institute aka The Church of The Rose Cult

And this is how that Native American shaman living in Malibu named Mickey Addison (he has a son who works at the Malibu or Santa Monica library here at 601 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401):

He is in his 90’s and is near death.

His son looks like Bruce McCullough from Kids In The Hall:

Earlier today when I had help from folks regarding this in the astral realm they noticed that the Occalas along with Addison had large amounts of child porn but that they were also involved in a child porn sex smuggling ring as well. I had been saying them sickos were doing that up there in Malibu, which was right before I got ran out:

Revelation In The Astral Plane About The Death of A Jeff Woodard By The Reinas

The Exeter Club In Malibu And It’s Connection To Child Sacrifice And Porn And The Occalas

About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

I Am Mitrice Richardson’s Revenge For The Sex Torture Trafficking of Homeless People In Malibu

PROOF of Human Sex Rape Trafficking of Homeless In Malibu: The Redneck Courier Service

Arab Fruit Sellers Are High Level Witches Who Use The Homeless In Sacrificial Rituals

That said I was also shown that the Occalas live in a designated house which is well known and allowed by the peoole up there in Malibu, specifically Topanga Canyon Village – that’s where alot of evil stuff goes down at from what I heard in the astral plane – that is designed for human sacrifices – I believe in the physical as well as the astral.

I know that Mickey Addison from what I had seen in the astral lives up in Bayview drive.

He is friends – and did work for – a white E English dude who drives a painted car up and down the PCH and he has killed and sacrificed folks – including a young man named Steven Blair Addison or Edward something, Edward Gilge I believe.

He keeps alot of folks’ ancestors, including my ancestors, in jars to add to his power.

He even kept my poor parents in a roach motel in the astral in a jar for a whole year and even now I believe and bragged about it to me in the astral plane:

Again he is friends with a guy in a painted car who drives up and down the PCH who may be involved in the child sex trade along with him.

156 hz as well as 125 hz frequency works to free imprisoned folks in jars. Also salt works to help defeat evil entities and 6000 is also very effective for fighting evil.

451 hz frequency is VERY effective for combating energy vampires.

Here are the addresses I got in the astral plane:

For Mickey Addison I got 17455 Bayview drive Malibu CA.

For the Occalas, I saw in the astral plane that Nene Occala lives in a beige apartment building I am guessing in Malibu.

Here are the addresses I got for Ethan and Nene Occala:

17945 Pacer or Pierce Drive Malibu ca

17541 Seacrest Drive Malibu CA.

I also got 1555146 or 1436431 Agoura Way in Malibu.

I also got a 145141 Rialto drive in Sweetwater Canyon!

I am trying – for the sake of escaping this curse – to find out who these people are so if anyone knows I am willing to pay them for the info here.

That said I am finding out that it is a network of people – and their higher selves (Nene Occalas’s higher self’s name is Alexis Munday and Mickey Addison’s is Peter Gomes and another higher self is named Beecher – that are involved in this curse!

From what I am gathering, and from what I know, and been talking about, it started back in my old neighborhood and then extended to Malibu.

It started with someone blocking my blessings – and giving it away to folks and quite possibly putting these roach attachments in me.

These women here were the first beneficiaries of it:

Why You Never Sacrifice Another Person For Material Wealth Especially If The Person Has A Soul

Along with – what I am learning – Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet:

Today in the astral plane when I put out the video you see up above on my Youtube channel
when folks came to help they found alot of my blessings that she had stolen from me with her in addition to her being connected to my family and ancestors as energy sacrifices as well as myself.

I keep hearing from these entities that I am supposed to be a “sacrifice”.

Also of note: one night I had a very vivid dream in which I saw folks – alot of young white kids living in Hollywood, doing the “Hollywood shuffle”, living under a bridge and in an abandoned apartment building – maybe about 20 – and it was shown to me that they all had their blessings stolen:

Kevin Turen Another Blood Sacrifice of Zendaya

I Saw In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Sacrificed Angus Cloud

From what I understand it involved a Soul contract – both in the astral as well as the physical.

With that being said the reason why I don’t post on social media is cause I have been battling this curse which has been getting worse.

In a vow to keep me silent these roach attachments along with – really more so the higher selves of these people here – have set it up to where I get out through a game in my own mind (they now have me stuck in my own mind) reminiscent of the movie “Saw” where I gotta do this and that and mainly stay silent to get vital components of my consciousness as well as astral body back.

From what I am understanding – and what I know – Baron Samedi is the cause behind this!

Encounter With Reptilian Created Baron Samedi Satan In The Astral

That said this entity here – as said before the issue has been resolved with this entity – saw that I was becoming powerful and with Baron Samedi’s support put my astral body in a blender and took my child consciousness – the last consciousness I got left after being energy harvested off of heavily by these people and entities – and stole it, warped it, perverted it, and strewn my astral body and ancestors all around the astral plane.

At one point certain aspects of her were turned into energy vampires to keep me from getting it back (925 hz and 369 hz as well as 145 hz are very good for reverting something back to their natural state).

– the issues with that entity has been resolved.

As I said before and I’ll say it again Baron Samedi – if he gets an inkling that you have great spiritual powers and you are part of his bloodline – will get envious and will destroy you!

I was shown in all the timelines where he ruled – especially where I was half black half Mexican (she reached out to me in a dream a while back) he had me poor, destitute, a prostitute (one of the first curses he imposed on me right when he got ahold of me as a sacrifice) all because I had great spiritual powers.

I also want to recount a dream I had – an astral vision – of two young white women – one a butch lesbian and the other a dark haired young white woman – entrapped in a roach helll realm all because they did not want to work with them and are spiritually gifted.

Recently I had a nightmare in which he tried to kill me in my sleep – I believe twice this happened – and I defeated him.

He is an evil mofo.

Anyways I have been using hz frequencies to b buiid myself back together – and escape wherever I am at. I was told some of my spiritual powers were given to him amd other entities, Gods all around the astral plane.

To rebuild myself – it’s complicated as they had some of my stuff in jars (156 hz and 125 hz works to remove spirit jars) – I had to use 1714 hz as well as 135 hz to back things missing. These people – and entities – will manipulate your ability to use that so you can use 3400 hz or 145 hz to revert.

694 hz as well as 637 hz (ironically the old address for my old neighborhood in miracle mile) are very good for seeing where things are at in the astral realm.

When dealing with spirit jars you wanna use things such as frequencies that teleport so you could get your stuff back.

That said they totally destroyed that child consciousness, raping aspects of her, cutting her up, placing her in roach realms. They had cut off, tried to cut off my connection to God, overtake what little consciousness I have left (they like to do that so that you can not call on God or anyone for help once you have moved on such as Nene Occala’s former psychiatrist –
Rebecca or Rachel McDonough (it was an Irish last name) who tried to reach out to me right before the commencement of this curse.

That said these people like to use their roach attachments – and even your own entity attachments – against you to control you as much as they can so that you can never get your stuff back.

Once they commandere control of your consciousness they move in to take control of your consciousness they inundate you with Soul contracts that have a veritable effect – even though they are illegitimate – to keep you from getting your stuff back such as what happened last week after I had succmbed to a drinking urge (they put Ethan Occala’s drinking curse on you so that it makes it harder for you to escape the curse as a “contest”) and for that you can use 112,000
hz frequency to just remove that shit in one lump sum.

I will say this they have you living in your mind but the effects are real and dangerous. One night I was told I my consciousness would be put in the roach realm in the 4th dimension.
These things – and “people” – like to make you feel helpless and enact fucked up narratives in your head designed to keep you running in circl es in order for you to get your shit back. They usually like to attack at night.

That said I awoke to seeing a giant roach of about 20 ft sitting on a telephone pole and I saw a smaller – but giant – roach flying right past.

Your consciousness – not merely your Soul – is the main thing that goes right before you die so if it is stuck in hell realms, that is where you go when you die!

Another thing I have been warned about is that these evil ass people watch my Youtube channel and blog and that if I say anything on here – such as what frequencies to use – they will block me from using it.

Imma say this! Given what I have seen in the astral plane these people are literal parasites who (due to some Soul contract made with the roach realm they work with) have to depend on those roach attachments (they are from some roach realm called Poachers 13) for their consciousnesses and spiritual abilities which are stolen from others, making them effectively parasites.

That said here is what I was told and suspect is Ethan Occala harassing me through email awhile back:

Here that evil motherfucker is bragging about attacking my baby brother.

I am wondering if he is Mario Vallen who confirmed who he was through email after sending me highly sexual messages:

He sent me that strangely after I had made a break in the case regarding the folks involved. He ALWAYS sends highly sexualized and pervertedly charged messages.

I also kept getting a Manuel Hernandez. I also got Benevidez. Another person involved is a woman named Sandra Pimental who works at the Vons located at 17380 Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades CA 90272 as a manager.

I heard about her at the onset of the curse and at first I thought she was “Barbara Reina”.

She was described as having black hair, white skin, blue eyes, built, and half Mexican (from what I heard she hates Mexicans and especially blacks) and she works as a manager that Vons UI mentioned here. I was told in the spirit world that she dated this Lost Hills sheriffs here:

She has been sending me messages as Cincia Pagliccia (email at: [email protected]

Here is Devin Hilton here. I heard she tried ti curse him and the curse bounced back!

Malibu Getting ‘Woked By The Devil Because Lost Hills Sheriffs 5150’d Me

I also know that there is a young white kid named Sanderson involved who looks like Shawn Mullins and from what I seen in the astral a mix of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and Machine Gun Kelley! He was wearing a trenchcoat and we were in a classroom and he was trying ti skip class and steal something of mine:

That said Imma keep doing research but if anyone knows the names of the folks who out these on me please contact me at [email protected] and I will definitely pay you for the info.

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: paypal.me/RWilliams387 you like the content.

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