How To Defeat The Occalas and How To Bring Down The Illuminati

How To Defeat The Occalas and How To Bring Down The Illuminati

That said before I begin let me go ahead and talk about how to defeat the Occala’s and their roach attachments:

This is how Nene Occala looks:

I keep hearing a “Sandra” including a “Sandra Jones Allen” and a “Sandra Rosenweiss” and, knowing this curse started in Miracle Mile, my old neighborhood (I believe) I actually ran into a Sandra Kedwell and another broad who I keep hearing in the spirit world (but don’t believe) is Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon Ciccione:

Sandra Kedwell:

This is the bitch who I keep hearing is Madonna’s daughter but I don’t think is:

Here is Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes:

I also keep getting a Sandra Pimental who is a manager who works at the Vons here:

17380 Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades CA 90272

Assaulted At The Vons On 17380 Sunset Blvd Pacific Palisades CA 90272

I was told she a manager at Vons who is part Mexican, mainly white with blue eyes and typically dark hair. She went by Cincia Pagliacci and was obsessed with working this boy here, dressed like the devil:

Malibu Getting ‘Woked By The Devil Because Lost Hills Sheriffs 5150’d Me

His name is Devil Hilton:

She looks somewhat like my old elementary school teacher Ms Mipro but with blue eyes and black hair:

They gonna try to disguise the evil bytch so use 925 hz or 694 hz for discernment.

I also got that this “Nene Occala” or Sandra Jones used to live at 1124 San Jacinto in LA and worked at a library.

That said another one is Ethan or Giorgios (I got a Giorgios Iaacola) who from what I understand is a shady lawyer who is half Messican and half crakkka and walks around like a cholo!

He looks like this here:

He is supposed to be from what I have seen an ugly motherfucker.

From a viewer she explained that this sick fuck – who likes to steal from people, especially poor folks – is extremely rich and is mentally ill and is an insectoid.

I have that comment documented here:

Nene Occala is supposed to be a nurse from what I have seen in the astral plane of her, especially when I first got afflicted with this shit when they came to me for a Soul contract which I refused to sign. I documented that here:

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

From what I understand both of em live in Malibu. From the spirit world I got a 179455 Pacer or Pierce Drive, a 17717 Seacrest drive both in Malibu. I got a 1724 Beverly Drive (where his law office is supposed to be at) in Beverly Hills.

I also got a 133131 Apartment A in Agoura Hills or Agoura or Agoura Way or Alhambra Way in Malibu, CA in a beige brick building.

I also had a very powerful guru say that they lived in Santa Monica.

The funny thing is I actually saw in a vision that Nene Occala – a fat German bitch with mental problems (I saw she had been going to a psychologist discussing how “envious” that she was that I would walk around topless and hide behind two kids as the reason for why she was bothered, offended. She later ‘woked that poor psychologist – I believe her name was Rebecca Donahue, who I later rescued from the awful hell realm they held her at. Apparently it was out of jealousy as well

From what I saw astrally they have two kids, a boy with a bowl haircut whose name is Mauve or Mavis – very funny name, Marlin, Merlin, Mervin – I remember it being Spanish and a fast ass girl of maybe 5 years old whose name is Candace Occala who looks like this here:

I also believe that they are related to these two people here (I keep hearing astrally that it is a group of em and they are Mexican) whose names I believe – a tarot reader told me this as well – Benevides:

There is another one whose name is Mickey Addison or Nicholas Bearden (from what I saw that maybe his son’s name) or Billy Van Hatten who from what I understand droves a white town and country Van or a jeep and lives in a two story mansion up in the Topanga Canyon Village, around there somewhere in Malibu. I also heard he is an excessive drug user. He has is also friends with a Native American looking guy who drives a painted car on the PCH all the time.

He looks like this, actually he looks like Moe from the three Stooges but is 91 years old with a bad heart (hit him with 25 hz to 32 hz frequency right there):

That said I got that he lives at 17455 Bayview drive in Malibu CA.

I saw in the astral realm that he killed and raped a child named Justin or something Gilgos back in 1987, a poor kid from an abusive background who was destined to be rich and famous. Like me he stole his blessings and spiritual powers after sacrificing him, turned him into a poltergeist.

He interestingly has a daughter named Angela and a son possibly named Nicholas who works at the Malibu or Santa Monica libraries:

601 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

23519 West Civic Center Way, Malibu, CA 90265

He looks like Bruce McCulloch (but fat with a somewhat old gay ass high pitched voice) from Kids In The Hall:

Like with the Occalas – I saw Ethan Occala was a remote viewer for the CIA who does “laser pointing” which is the act of killing an enemy of the state – or anyone – using “psychic powers” aka roach attachments. When you hear strange stories of perfectly healthy celebs or politrickians turning up dead in their sleep and we’re perfectly healthy all of a sudden it is cause of those roach attachments, which are super sentiment. This is how they look: regular ones vs the ones they use:

That said it notice the sentiment ones have their own brain.

There which is another guy, actually a bunch of em, who is involved who would act as “Baron Samedi” the roach attachment etc and would harass me for my spiritual powers. From what I understand he is either half latin and black or like my dad’s friend creole. He is supposed to be the nephew of my dad’s good friend Sidney Bartholomew pictured here:

Here is som body else, a prince hall freemason, that is involved in this shit and is an evil mofo for putting this on me named Charles (he got ancestors and freemasons protecting him. I will just say this use 1248 hz on the illluminati. It may work on them. I don’t know.

He is on the PCH. He placed an evil entity in me much like Nicholas Bearden or is it Billy Van Hatten.

He looks like a kid named Eddie who I went to elementary school, St Paul the Apostle, in New Orleans with who I defended my lil brother Kristen against one time (and later rescued from getting hit by a dump truck).

That said I learned in the spirit world that he uses in addition to stealing folks’ powers and abilities using roach attachments like the Occalas and Addison do to steal folks credit card information and his father owna a bank in Chicago, ILL.

I kept getting a Thomas or Vincent Odell or Inez or Baez and I thought it could be this guy here named Louie Bee whose name is Baez, is a dark skinned hispanic and once harassed two spiritual workers named Castillo interestingly:

This is how Louie Bee:

Imma tell you how to kill their asses cause this is the most sadistic, evil shit you could put on somebody.

They do some shit to attach their roach attachments and Soul conciousness (you can get their energy signatures from somebody doing that) to you and then constantly invade your body and take your shit, astral body parts, pieces of your consciousness and, to feed their roaches, make to where you feel that shit, which is tormenting to say the least to your ancestors and folks in the spirit world helping you. You can use 616 hz frequency to block their evil asses and their evil ass higher all the way up to their highest selves from getting in.

As an intimidation tactic their roach entities tell me these dumb mofos – who can’t think for themselves and go by cue from their roach attachments (they are whole ass parasites) – read my blog and will do whatever I mention that could fuck me up in an effort to keep me silent as a control tactic but I ain’t letting that shit work on me.

I also wanna mention when me and my spirit team went into their consciousnesses that shit was filled with memory blinding flashing lights a la Men in Black which denotes some mk ultra going on.

Those fuckers have no spiritual talent whatsoever and rely on the roach attachments – and whatever they stole from other people – to get their shit. I was also told these mofos rely on these roach attachments for their consciousness.

That said, they can’t grow their own consciousness. Tear out the top part of their head or you can use 1449 hz to attack it. That usually damages them.

Since they are energy vampires 451 hz works and you can also use 177,900 hz or a smaller frequency, 2160 hz that can destroy a person.

Use 177,899 hz ok Mickey Addison aka Billy Van Hatten.

Now, to subdue their roach attachments because they have a sticky consciousness (you can remove them from their crown chakra as well cause those fuckers are natural energy vampires that steal from folks) use between 614 hz and 617 hz and place that IN them, astrally. Go all the way up to their highest selves cause all aspects of them are involved in this shit.

Those roach attachments are the source of their spiritual powers and strengths along with their hell reas so get rid of em!

You can also cut the chord tying them to their roach attachments which is at the top of their crown chakra.

That said go IN them and remove their roaches.

Also their hell realms – the source of their power – is around their bodies. They might try to change the location of where they at so use 694 hz, 637 hz and 925 hz to see where they are and what is what. They look like this, like spirit jars:

That said use 156 hz or 125 hz to free the folks in those jars.

They may use a frequency like 115 hz – a forcefield – or 115,115 hz to protect it. Use 117 hz or 117,117 hz to remove said barrier.

There are probably more powerful barriers – and barrier breakers – out there that I will update you on.

That said, they will probably use frequency disablers. To enable frequency use 114,715 hz or 117,700 hz. To disable use 114,730 hz or 117,730 hz.

Again they – as two tarot readers told me today – they like to use deception in the astral. Use 925 hz, 694 hz and 637 hz to see what is going on.

That said once you remove the roach attachments use frequencies designed to fuck up someone’s vital organs. 24 hz frequency and 32 hz are very good frequencies for that.

They may try to take themselves out the spirit world. Use 1234 hz and 1171 hz to pull them back in. 1934 hz is good for putting yourself OUT the spirit world.

That happened with these energy vampires here who I found trying to snatch my blessings, etc. I sensed when they came around them doing just that.

I recount that here:

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

I knew I was under a curse back then.

Also, in the astral plane, put them – as they did my parents – in hospital beds or bury them which symbolizes sacrifice in the astral.

I don’t like robbers, I don’t like thieves and I strongly feel that such people should be killed. I don’t like a non real fake evil motherfuckers at that like these mofos.

Take em out!

They will change themselves into entity attachments so use 114 hz or 114,114 hz to change em back!

To timeline jump use 116,900 hz or 1169 hz.

To break a barrier 1135 hz is very good for that.

You can also use 3400 hz to renew a frequency.

To go between the material realm and the spiritual use 117,119 hz.

Use 1715 hz and 1448 hz to get your shit back.

Imma do Part 2 on more energy vampires involved in this curse and the illuminati tomorrow.

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