I Actually Found The Person Responsible For Putting This Curse On Me

I Actually Found The Person Responsible For Putting This Curse On Me

And literally feeding on my consciousness by literally hooking up to it in a way that would scare the shit out of sci fi fans: a literal walking, talking living human parasite this broad is:

  • https://youtube.com/@navigatingspiritualrealms?si=51rJwI4P2M-RN6zB
  • It used to be, interestingly called, “Alchemy De La Roach”.

    Here are some of her videos:

    Ironically here this bitch talks about demon possession.

    Notice the rest of her vids are about fucking nasty ass roaches and spirituality, meaning this wetback (I found out how she looks – thought she was black – in the spirit world) fucks with that demonic shit to torment folks and take em over to steal from em – using roach attachments – and then eventually kill the person in their sleep and “feed” em to her roach realm:





    Here are screenshots (I can’t directly embed from here) from that nasty ass, evil channel:

    That said I won’t go into detail but I found this out directly in the astral realm. I want to say that before she was “agreeing” and trying to curry favour with me on my channel. This was right before the curse struck:

    I notice she did a vid talking about “demonic possession” – in my case “roach entity attachment possession” – going back to 2021:


    From what I am understanding she made a deal with a roach realm to steal folks’ consciousnesses in exchange for them feeding off of em, and the ultimately ending up in her hell realm. She will like in my case – and as most evil mofos working with roach attachments do – take a spirit guide of yours or higher self and put them in a hell realm and turn them into a roach attachment then use them as a conduit to attach to your consciousness so that she can vampire off of you in the literal worst way by piggybacking off your consciousness and stealing your blessings, etc.

    I recall hearing her higher self have the audacity to tell the roach attachments she had on me to just tell me to “no longer go topless on the PCH and keep it pushing.”

    This evil conniving bitch used this set up to steal my blessings, spiritual powers and abilities and I was not the wiser.

    I have actually been trying to get this bitch off of me – and it is like but worse than having a witch attached to you because it is a physical person – and kill this bitch but to no avail.

    That said from what I am finding out in the spirit world her name is Melissa Eckhart and she is from what I understand half white and part demon seed of Quetzalcoatl aka part wetback with bright blue or green eyes and dark hair. Having stole my shit from what I understand her beaner ass used to or still does work at Disney and would boast of having ran “the naked black bitch off the PCH.” I don’t know if she works there now but I found out she works downtown and Imma find out where

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