Kevin Turen Another Blood Sacrifice of Zendaya

This is an evil bitch.

I saw in the astral plane that she had put the “sacrifice angels” which is what she – and the Occalas to sacrifice me – put on me!

That said I saw the man saying to himself, “You bitches get the fuck outta my head” right before he died!

I saw him in the afterlife being tormented by those bitches:

That said, as pointed out here, it is no coincidence that there was a second death of a young person on that set.

That said, Zendaya is a cold blooded, evil bitch to do this to my family.

I ain’t waxing poetic bullshit or conspiratorial trifle.

My own spirit guide showed me how the Occalas had me set up to be sacrificed in the astral and how Zendaya, Madonna, Issac Mizrahi, and Tim Burton are connected to me:

I saw this in the astral plane, using a Soul piece of mine from my body, right before the curse struck.

How The Image of Jesus Is Used To Destroy Soulled People And Black People

That being said I was shown the houses of folks connected to that, which included Zendaya’s. I was shown a 17155 Bayview drive in Malibu which is a designated house for sacrifice in both the physical and spiritual I surmise.

I also saw

17717 Seacrest drive Malibu CA

17455 Bayview drive Malibu CA

17945 Pacer or Pierce Drive Malibu ca.

I then was shown “sacrifice” printed over the symbol (they also branded it on my fucking forehead so I can get my shit pillaged astrally even more so) and I was shown it connected to the home of Issac Mizrahi, Madonna (her higher all the way up to her HIGHEST selves are MAJOR energy vampires and she and Sloan Bella both made themselves falsely my higher selves to control significant aspects of my consciousness so that they could keep me stuck to the curse and energy vampire off of me).

As an aside use silver swords to stab energy vampires. It is very effective at stopping them.

Also 451 hz frequency works on them as well.

Now that being said another interesting thing that I found with Zendaya and Timothy Chalamet – both them mofos stole my blessings – is that in the astral plane both of them have their consciousness connected to a government building in the astral plane – I believe it is Edelman. It is a building that deals in psychiatry:

That said ANYTIME you see a government building connected to someone’s consciousness, that means government control = mk ultra!

I heard in the astral plane that they had “total recall, sensory recall and entity attachment recall” next to their names and the buildings.

From what I understand she underwent spiritual mk ultra training at a place in the astral located at 7172 Niagara Way in LA.

The MINUTE I saw that astrally, cause my consciousness is so wide open and fucked up, I had a government institute themselves RIGHT by my consciousness and tore the living shit out of it.

They splayed my astral consciousness, had me disconnected from my body, floating through space.

Returning back to Zendaya and Chalamet (they call him “Charlamange” in the astral) from what I understand they – celebrities – go in there to find disenfranchised folks down on their luck with strong spiritual powers and blessings on the low end of the mk ultra totem pole to make a sacrifice.

With that being said it was my bad luck to have ended up on the Occalas – Nene Occala and Ethan Occala (or Apperwhite) – who had been trying to convert me – from what I am understanding in the spirit world – a long distance remote controlled mind controlled slave, in other words they have been TRYING to put me under mk ultra mind control.

From what I understand Ethan Occala is a “laserpointer” who finds people who are “enemies of the state” to target and kill in their sleep – which he has done – and Nene Occala is what they call an “airdryer” – someone who puts in new memories and an identity once they brainwash you, which her “Barbara” entity attachment had long been trying to do with me, but the shit don’t work.

This is how they look:

The “Barbara” entity attachment:

That being said – because Baron Samedi was THE FIRST to sacrifice me at age 16 – he made them evil ass mofos sign a Soul contract to kill me or else he will kill them after they stole a Soul piece of mine from him.

That said he also made my poor ancestors sign a Soul contract to get up from out under him and, I hate to say, that evil ass mofo, God, signed off on it.

The white bearded mofo you see portrayed as “god”:

Boy, I said no lies in the past cause I am going through this shit right now.


That’s exactly accurate.

The Way To Make It In Hollywood Is Not With A Deal With Satan But With The Demiurge Reptilians And His Other Archons

I will go into detail tomorrow about how “god”, “hov” is involved in all of this, sacrificing and selling out my family, my bloodline – my dad, my grandma are praying people stuck in hell realms – all cause I don’t war-ship this evil mofo!

I hate him and I HATE Baron Samedi for tearing up my family and bloodline like this!

It’s a fucking shame where I shoulda been and where I am at in life due to heavy curses imposed on me by both them sick mofos.

They are worse than the devil.

That being said the Occalas, through bullying a higher self who was and is a baby, forced her through duress to sign a Soul contract.

That said they used it to make themselves my higher selves using that “Barbara” sacrifice angel roach attachment and this Alex Nacimiento roach attachment:

He attached very sentinent roach attachments to that Soul piece stolen from Baron Samedi (really, me) to turn me into some sort of mind controlled slave and through strong alcohol urges – which I used to complain about back in the day – them basturds came close:

Hit David Reina And Barbara Reina With Drug And Alcohol Urges For Stealing My Ancestors

I Was Acting Crazy For Two Nights Cause A Drunk Alcoholic Put A Love CURSE On Me

As I Fight Off The Archons They Gang Up With Matrix Gods To Hit Me With An Alcohol Urge

Archons Attack My Soul After Giving In To Archon Induced Alcohol Urge

Breaking Away From These Tricks Has Helped Me To Break Free of My Alcoholic Addiction

They also tried to turn me into some long distance remote controlled “sex slave” and prostitute which I kept hearing in the astral (he seems to have an obsession with that) which reminds me of the book by Fritz Springmeier called, “How To Turn Someone Into A Mind Controlled Sex Slave”, a symptom of mk ultra!

That said – again, as recounted here they visited me in the astral plane for a Soul contract and I said, “No”:

Harassed By Woman Beating LAPD Officer Billy Bob Ziesmer and Officer Trick Kwon For Being Topless In Public

That said they decided to turn me into a sacrifice though I never consented to a Soul contract and told them “no” in the astral.

They had celebrities like Madonna, Tim Burton and from what I heard a bunch of others sign up to feed off of me and my bloodline for generations to come, well into thr afterlife.

That said one of the people to sign up for it, Zendaya, both in the physical as well as the astral, went to the Occalas from what I understand after they visited her in the astral plane, offering to provide her blessings and showing her where her life coulda, shoulda been headed had she not STOLE meand my ancestor’s blessings: poor, homeless, drug addicted (that was actually a curse the Occalas attempted to put on me which I have not fulfilled) and a street prostitute.

I also understand it was her destiny to end up in hell realms. But instead she – and they – imposed that on me

That said, she offered my family, my bloodline, and myself up as sacrifices:

” />

I remeber in the astral plane they kept referring to a “Randy Jackson” being involved and sure enough he LOOKS like Randy Jackson.

That said, all throughout this curse I kept hearing, “Zendaya”. I was even told that the “Z” in “E and Z” stood for “Zendaya”.

David Reina And Barbara Reina and Michael O’ Terrence Made Deals With Entities Called “E” and “Z” from Mars To Invade People’s Minds and Kill Them In Their Sleep

To Destroy The David and Barbara Reina Curse Destroy The “E” and “Z” On Mars That They Made A Deal With In The Astral Plane

I also heard that if I were to mention Zendaya my life would be made a miserable hell.

From what I understand she has a “demon” made from an unfortunate higher self or spirit guide of mine who got placed in a hell realm by the Occalas, in Ethan Occala’s head.

I rescued her the other night and found her – and a couple of other spirit guides – attached to hell realms meant to feed Zendaya.

That being said, remember how I used to talk about a girl named “Rosie” aka Ashley Hampstead or Veronica Terrare from Destrehan, La, who got caught by the Occalas in their crosshairs and supposedly died in her sleep due to a similar roach realm curse they placed on her and whom supposedly took over my body:

My Timeline Got Stolen On August 21 2022

That said from what I am learning about the Occalas and their connection to Zendaya (one night when I was trying to get my blessings back I could hear through an entity attachment the Occalas driving to where Zendaya was, with the roach attachments saying she is their BEST customer).

From what I have seen and heard she has a Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde personality.

That said I recall going back to when I was in jail, when the curse first broke, having the “Rosie” entity attachment (they turn the spiritual aspect of a person into a “sacrifice angel” as they did my mother once they kill them. My poor mom hasn’t been in her body since due to this curse inflicted on me by Zendaya and the Occalas and Nicholas Bearden, an evil vile cruel Malibu shaman:

They turned her into this at one point after she was made to leave her body – and almost never return.

I believe they cut the chord at some point:

That being said I recall seeing “Rosie” sign a Soul contract in the astral plane with her ancestors and with the Occalas to get out the hell realm she was in. Again, all without MY permission. My consent.

I am NEVER involved in ANY of the decisions that involves me that these spirits and people make about ME. And that pisses the FUCK OFF!

With that being said from what I understand I died in my sleep on August 22, 2022.

I have had confirmation of that via my third eye, showing my whole Soul I conjecture sticking out and seeing a former “sacrifice angel”, a former “higher self” in charge.

I was told I was put in a jar and that day, the next day after, did feel like a dream. It was when I was staying at the homeless shelter on Pico blvd.

With that being, I recall that night having someone else’s ancestral timelines slapped on the back of my body.

I also recall the next day going into a store and the guy who works behind the counter, a very level headed man, said to me that he had gotten a call from someone who sounded EXACTLY like me called admist static – the sign of a ghost – saying, “Help me!”

That said, again, I kept hearing “Zendaya”‘s name refrained all throughout this curse.

Confirmation that she was involved came to me one night in the form of the Rosie entity attachment saying, “Yeah, you got me” after I made a comment connoting that the Rosie entity attachment is in fact Zendaya’s roach attachment.

See, as part of this curse, they place roach attachments of the folks who want to sacrifice the person all in their consciousness so they could never escape the curse.

It sounds far fetched to the uninitiated but I have had Tim Burton and a few others placed in strategic parts of my consciousness in the capacity of roach attachments, designed to harass and fuck up my shit.

That being said my experiences with this is alot like mk ultra which I plan to expound more on in the next article and video.

I noticed that my spirit guides who have been stolen by the Occalas have been converted into entity attachments placed inside a fake Hekate – and helmed by a “real” Hekate that is a composition of my higher self mixed with Nene Occala’s and designed to keep those higher selves – and spirit guides – stuck in hell realms so that Zendaya can thrive off their power, which I noticed she has:

I have been trying to ‘woke them out using 1185 hz as well as 125 hz to bust folks out of hell realms!

I am still trying to find my other higher selves.

I got a call from it the other day RIGHT BEFORE putting an article up!

Even more sickening is I found an entity attachment made of my mother – who got sacrificed as part of this curse and never returned to her body – who got turned into a “faitel leader” which is CIA parlance for an astral entity attachment that is designed to wipe your memories and consciousness clean.

The other night I witnessed my poor mother in the astral plane looking pathetic, catatonic, after losing her consciousness after being trapped in a series of roach motel hell realms for a year – along with my father by Nicholas Bearden, a remote viewer for the CIA who is 91 years old and looks like him, but old:

I remember when they got entrapped in a hell realm in the astral plane.

I want to kill these people.

You come for me you don’t come for my family.

I remember once having a dream about “clones” in Hollywood aka Hellyweird. At one point me and my ancestors noticed Zendaya’s mask superimposed on my face in that original timeline and a bunch of timelines.

I was later told that they were gonna start swapping out my Soul matrix with her, etc. etc.

This is all mk ultra type shit.

The only thing I can deduce is that from what I have observed that “Rosie” lady who died in her sleep back from Destrehan, La in 2016 was set up to be a roach attachment who would take over my body and keep me from returning back to that original timeline on August 22, 2022 so that all my spiritual powers and blessings can be funneled to Zendaya.

It was the timeline that Baron Samedi was guarding, (he was placed in charge of my timelines in that timeline) and was blocking me from getting back in as part of the sacrifice.

That being said, this is sickening. I never asked to be a sacrifice. My family should not be going through this. The Occalas – along with Zendaya and her “Hekate” – and Nicholas Bearden all made a pact to destroy me – with Hekate doing the most to kill me in my sleep and make me a sacrifice – and keep me from building myself back up literally in the astral plane. We should be wealthy especially after coming out of a hard fight between Baron Samedi and my ancestors.

They went through hell – and hate his evil ass still – because of him.

I was promised fame and money as part of the latter years of my life as told to me by a psychic back in 2016. Now it is just a series of going from homeless shelters to homeless shelters, fighting evil spirits and namely, roach attachments off in my head and around me (they open up your consciousness in a way to allow you to be physically affected by spirits from the astral) every single day while rich people like the Occalas and Zendaya become richer off MY blessings.

My life shouldn’t be like this.

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