Destroy Their Motherboards On Mars and Venus To Defeat The Occala aka Reina Curse

Here is a video I made talking about all the shit I had to deal with after giving in to an alcohol urge created by Peter Occala’s own issues with alcohol (and substance abuse) as part of this curse!

Part 2:

That said the key to defeating this curse – really, it’s an invasion of the mind – is to attack the motherboards they – Peter and IIona Occala – have on Mars and Venus respectively:

This is how IIona Occala’s “sacrifice” entity attachment looks:

This is how her consciousness looks based on what I first saw when the curse commenced and when it was being inserted inside my pineal gland:

This is the entity attachment she uses to tie her roach attachments to your pineal gland:

This is how Peter Occala’s entity attachment look:

Michael O’ Terrence aka Michael Reston I believe his name is also works with that one.

His motherboard is grey and is located on Pluto.

Crazy how all this works in the astral plane.

That said IIona and Peter work with these evil bitches called “Scarlet women” which are roach attachments – roaches fill their bodies like the “Edgar suit” off of Men In Black – made from previous victims (one is codenamed “Rosie” after one of their victims, an Ashley Hampstead” and another was an ancestor of mine named Mathilde McPherson) who go around, stealing people’s blessings, consciousnesses and spiritual abilities in the astral plane – just about everything and they are particularly vicious and nasty about it – whom the Occalas done targeted:

That said – let me preface this by saying that EVERYONE has a pallet numbre in then that records their consciousnesses, etc.

That said the Pallet Numbre that the Occalas use to conquer people’s consciousnesses and take them over in their sleep and is associated with these victorian era red dress wearing sacrificing bitches is a large pink roach attachment (I was told he is a large pink or red roach) that looks like this:

Now when I’ve heard him –

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