The Occala’s Entities Are Trying To Kill Me And My Spirit Guides In Our Sleep

Please pray for us:

Ever since releasing these articles here:

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Me and my spirit guides have been under SEVERE attack (I just got word from the roach attachments who may have done it that two of em possibly died in their sleep last night)….

That said they have done something intricate
where they have connected their subconsciousness to my consciousness, took the timelines of my subconsciousness and placed their entity attachments which consist of their “Rosie” entities that wear red victorian era dresses that are really large snail like red “roaches” that take over people’s consciousnesses (I believe their minds are controlled by them as was done to one of my spirit guides) and control them:

They are connected to a large pink crab shaped “pallet numbre” that I believe may have been my former subconscious:

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