God Is The Reason Why I Am Under Curses

I actually had to get under a better God to escape this: the Source.

And even under that I am getting attacked.

I feared mentioning it in this article here cause of the repurcussions:

I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

That’s the reason why I didn’t mention it in that article. I’ve been getting attacked like a mofo ever since.

I gotta get up under the Source.

That said I kept hearing that if I mention Zendaya I will have bad luck and horrible things happen to me for the rest of my life.

I am finding out a little why.


The God of duality. The God of this world.

The God of the Old testament.

That’s an evil mofo.

That said, from what I am understanding, there was a deal made between the Occalas, Zendaya, Nicholas Bearden and Zendaya’s higher self – I believe quite possibly a fake Hekate – to kill me in my sleep and destroy my astral body so that I could never rise back up again and get back my blessings.

At some point god, the god of this material world, I recall, signed off on these people keeping my stuff and quite possibly, killing me.

That said the God of the material realm – not the devil – was the first to condemn me as a sacrifice (I was even told that the devil himself said, “Why you gave me this girl? She is nice.”).

Here is what I saw.

Back in 2015, I saw my higher self – a baby at the time – was in a meeting from what I had seen with a bunch of other higher selves.

I had kept seeing this in astral visions now that I think of it. With folks wearing red, walking back and forth, saying I am a sacrifice.

I believe they are sacrifice angels.

Anyways twice through my third eye I saw these two entities – they are both demonic and evil and I believe they run hell realms – lift my higher self up at the time and pull her out of the “meeting.”

I heard “god” – it was an old white man with a beard sitting atop a throne – tell the two, “You can have her because she doesn’t worship me properly”.

From what I understand, I was under Baron Samedi at the time who influenced this God to keep me under curses so that I stay stuck in hell realms and he could collect the Souls of me and my family when we die.

He was the first to curse me.

The god of the material world is EXTREMELY SADISTICALLY PETTY! As I said before even the devil asked, “She is a nice person. Why do this to her?” when the god of the material world condemned me to the hell realm I am stuck in today.

That said, from what I am gathering in this curse – I been made a sacrifice to three very sadistic people – Nicholas Bearden, Nene Occala and Ethan Occala – who they themselves signed Soul contracts putting them in hell realms (that they rule) and placing them under satan.

I have been placed under that god I am now learning, who wants my Soul BAD!

I talked about him here:

Tell Paul Edwards The POS Behind The Gangstalking In Malibu To Quit

– Wrote this right around the time the curse first broke.

I have also been made a sacrifice to two really evil people whom I believe are under mk ultra control based on what I had seen in the astral plane:

Zendaya and Timothy Chalamet.

The reason why I say that is cause in the astral plane – next to their consciousness- were government buildings connected to psychiatry, which figures alot in mk ultra lore.




With that said, anytime you see a government building posted by someone’s consciousness in the astral realm, that means that their consciousness is controlled by the government.

MK ultra.

With that said I saw around them “social engineering”, “total recall”, “entity attachment recall” and “sensory recall.”

I’m getting harassed by entities big time talking about this.

Now, here is the thing that trips me up: the story of “Rosie” – a girl from Destrehan, La (like me, I’m from Louisiana) who supposedly died in her sleep in 2016 which is supposed to be the story of Zendaya ain’t adding up.

“Rosie” was supposed to have been a big fat cajun looking broad who had a Youtube channel talking about cosmetics.

From what I understand the Occalas – who put this curse – found me off of there.

That said she got sacrificed to the roach realm – saw giant roaches in real time – and eventually signed the Soul contract that killed her in her sleep.

Now, how does this figure with me:

Supposedly I died in my sleep on August 22, 2022. “Rosie” was the person the replace me.

She look like this:

I remember seeing Rosie – and her ancestors – signing a Soul contract with the Occalas to release her from that hell realm and, I surmise, take over my body.

I remember during the beginnings of that curse, Rosie, a magickal entity attachment of her, told me that I would be a sacrifice abd we all have to make sacrifices. That is including me and my family.

I keep getting differing reports of Baron Samedi being involved and signing a Soul contract with the Occalas to keep me stuck in hell realms.

I even wonder knowing what I know if it was Baron Samedi’s god – I was under him as a sacrifice – that condemned me to this.

That said something don’t seem right.

I will say this: when a powerful spirit went to procure my stuff from them, they found my blessings, spiritual attributes in their astral closets.

Zendaya has a deadness in her eyes.

All I can say is something ain’t right.

This ain’t regular astral energy vampiring or energy harvesting.

This is some type of evil shit that goes all the way up to highest throne of government.

Here is my theory: I noticed that, connected to that timeline where I supposedly died in my sleep are sacrifice angels.

I saw a sacrifice angel occupying my body. They are supposed to keep me out of that timeline (I saw a dead timeline than I saw an alive timeline I am guessing for Zendaya.).

I keep hearing differing reports of a roach attachment occupying my body or a false higher self. That is what I kept seeing.

I did not see Zendaya.

I will say that I believe in an elongated manner that these people are attached to the roach attachment that is occupying my body and sucking my lifeforce, spiritual and physical blessings dry.

I wanna say – as said here – I never agreed to any of that:

I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

Last night I noticed that very important articles had gotten removed mysteriously while I was asleep.

My spirit guide at one point showed an entity attachment of myself on a cross – a sign of a sacrifice – having my stuff funneled to the homes of Madonna, Issac Mizrahi and Tim Burton, a really big one!

I also know that an entity with curly hair called “Faitel Leader” – a reptilian like robotoid that erases folks’ memories and consciousness – is in charge of them – acting as both a sacrifice angel and a vicious regular angel.

Supposedly it is “Rosie’s” mother.

I will say this: the government worships the demiurge. That’s who the illuminati makes their sacrifices to and I got sacrificed by this evil mofo cause he didn’t like me – or my spirit guide’s – light!

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