They Are Using MK Ultra Tactics That Got Me Going Through Hell In My Own Mind

They Are Using MK Ultra Tactics That Got Me Going Through Hell In My Own Mind

I am in PURE HELL in my own mind and so are my spirit guides:

That said, I have been going through a NIGHTMARE in my own head as I try to escape this curse.

Everytime I try to do videos or articles exposing the truth of what is happening they do something to my mind to mess it up, throw me off, play mind games with me (claiming if I say this or that I will never get vital parts of my consciousness back) and pretty much intimidate me in my own head so that I can never get help!

That said lately from what I understand these entities and the people who put this on me are trying to get full control of my consciousness so as to completely control me, which I fear is nearly coming to fruition and in a very bad and scary way.

Lately these roach attachments that the Occalas – Nene Occala, Ethan Occala, and Nicholas Bearden – have put on me have been removing MAJOR parts of my consciousness usually at night while I TRY to sleep – and play mind games with me to intimidate me into silence so that I don’t write articles like this or do videos on it. During the day I will get initimdated by these things into enduring obstacle courses to get pieces and parts of my astral body back – and not piss them off – just so that I can have a normal day and get through the

This is how Nicholas Bearden, a Malibu witch, looks but OLD, 91 years old to be exact.

From what I am understanding from knowledge acquired in the spirit world Ethan Occala is considered a “laserpointer” for the CIA – someone who directs then to an “enemy of the state” as a remote viewer and gets said person attacked spiritually. “Laserpointer” connotes to killing a person to death. This has nearly happened to me more than several times, usually when I am asleep at night.

Nene Occala is what is called an “airdryer” for the CIA as seen through the spirit world. This means someone who removes someone’s consciousness and memories and replaces it with another, in other words brainwashing, ising entity attachments like “faitel leader” and another called “Evil Knievel” to do it. This is a tactic that she has been trying to do to me as said through her “Barbara” sacrifice angel entity attachment as mentioned all throughout this curse.

This is how the sacrifice angels look.

From what I understand none of their “gifts” are natural to them. They steal them as per a Soul contract made between them and some roach entities from I believe – I saw one night Pleiades and Orion and I saw Poachers 13 -meaning they are from a realm of sadistic roach attachments that like to pillage and steal from folks’ consciousnesses.

That said they have been tightening their grip on attempting to control my consciousness.

For the past couple of weeks I have been awakening to witnessing my consciousness being thrown into a “wash” every night in my head along with my spirit guides designed to full on remove my consciousness and memories from my head, forcing me to try as hard as I can to remember things the next morning. It literally feels like a head trip but a dangerous one.

I keep hearing Nicholas Bearden say, “I want a Soul contract” when I go through this every night.

I want to mention of note that I saw in the astral plane that Nicholas Bearden, a Malibu shaman, is a remote viewer for the CIA.

Like I said here, I keep hearing in the astral plane that they are doing this on me as a “little experiment” and to create a perfect “mind controlled slave” remotely as mentioned here:

The Occalas And The Network of Psychic Black Magicians They Work With: Barbara and Joel Hipps and More

That being said I keep awakening to having large parts of my consciousness divided, removed from my astral body, from what I understand given to celebrities up there in Malibu with one big one I keep hearing named Zendaya as part of a sacrifice, with me being made the sacrifice.

From what I can extrapolate, based on what you can read here:

I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

Kevin Turen Another Blood Sacrifice of Zendaya

Remember the story I spoke of regarding a girl who died in her sleep supposedly named “Rosie” aka Ashley Hampstead (that name “Hampstead” I saw actually correlates to a government building in the astral plane) and replaced me in my body back on August 22, 2022 (interesting thing is the day after a shop owner actually told me he got a call through static from someone sounding EXACTLY like me):

My Timeline Got Stolen On August 21 2022

That said, from what I saw in the spirit plane – another consciousness got placed into my body that is not mine from where my spiritual gifts and powers along with my blessings get funneled directly to Zendaya.

I saw that she herself is managed astrally by a fake Hekate that is really manned – I say that cause that is exactly what I saw – Nene Occala, one of the people whom from what I understand she signed a Soul contract with along with Ethan Occala to sell me and my family and my ancestors in lieu of her family – my whole entire bloodline – so she could benefit off what are my blessings and spiritual powers.

All of them.

From what I understand they are using an entity attachment named Lori Young to do it, as a medium via which to funnel my spiritual abilities and powers through to her so she can benefit off of.

The other night – now we are all attached to machines – and motherboards – in the astral plane.

That said, underneath my motherboard I saw a clone of Zendaya (the funny thing is I had a nightnare the other night about clones in Hollywood) with her Soul consciousness and I heard that my Soul consciousness could be swapped with hers and that almost happened.

During this curse – along with my consciousnesses being swapped out – I keep hearing that my Soul matrix, really serious aspects of my astral body – were being swapped out with other people – every single day.

One very very powerful spiritual leader showed me astrally that their Soul consciousness was connected to the back of my head at one point, repeating refrains such as “I don’t want you to have anything, I want you to smell like shit etc.”

Their higher selves also keep connecting to the rest of my body as well, their Soul consciousness and such.

I described what I saw here:

I Now Realize That I Was Being Inducted Into A Parasitic Consciousness And Soul Eating Astral AI Supercomputer

Don’t even get me started on how, astrally, they instituted government buildings on the cornerstone of where my consciousness is such as Project MK Ultra and CIA. I have had the possessing spirits of my dad from another timeline and a man named Seamus Anderson’s consciousnesses placed in mine that are designed to possess me and make my inner entity attachments move on their own.

When you have a government building placed on the cornerstone of your consciousness that connotes to government mind control and infuence.

They been trying to put me and my family under that for the entire year whle been dealing with this shit, this curse.

Speaking of that I saw a government building for psychology centered right around where Zendaya’s consciousness is along with Timothy Chalamet:

I saw “total recall”, “entity attachment recall” and “sensory recall”.

I kept hearing that both of these people put their karma – government karma more than likely, given what I know – on me cause I am experiencing all these things and worse.

Kevin Turen Another Blood Sacrifice of Zendaya

I Learned In The Astral Plane That Zendaya Paid The Occalas To Sacrifice Me So She Could Have My Blessings

They have done something to my consciousness to keep mw from being able to get help.

That said I am under HEAVY curses. Please pray for me.

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