Who Could These People Be

Who Could These People Be

My spirit guides kept saying that they are linked to the Occalas, the people who put this curse and evil roach attachments on me to begin with:

The other day through an entity attachment that connects and allows me to hear what is going on with them in the astral plane and I could hear them heading to South Central to “beef” with me and stay at a motel for the night to await for me to come out the next morning and fight!

They took my parents out their bodies and killed them in their sleep.

I want them dead for what happened.

I won’t lie.

That said they stated through that thing that they were going to leave at around 5am to 6am.

I awaited two whole hours and they did not come out.

I did hear their entity attachment – Alex Nacimiento – tell them in their motel room to “lie low” as I passed by.

I also heard through that thing that they were driving a brown Range Rover license plate number B425SAB1.

That said, I awaited a two whole hours for them and they didn’t show.

That said, at around maybe 6:15am or 6:30am I hear alot of hoopla from their roach attachments saying, “It’s them!”

I don’t believe it. I am used to seeing – and hearing – a German woman and a peanut headed white man with glasses, not them two thug life looking mofos!

I don’t believe it but their roach attachments and my spirits don’t lie!

That said, I hate to say cause I didn’t wanna pass up an opportunity just in case – I followed them to the bus stop and took the pic you saw, actually a screenshot of a vid to be lowkey.

That said, I keep hearing to this day that it is them.

These things are tricky.

Everytime I would unplug the back of their subconscious as described here:

The Key To Defeating The Paul And Veronica Edwards Aka David And Barbara Reina Curse Is To Aim For The Subconscious

– They have actually been removing my articles on my own site through some type of compromise using the roach attachments they are using.

They also plan to fuck up my consciousness EVERY NIGHT so that I focus on fighting that instead of exposing them and that shit ain’t gonna work now that I see it for what it is.

That said I tested them spiritually by doing that and the harassment by this entity here:

He goes by Alex Nacimiento (they turned him into a mindless roach attachment) and a Dax Brevard or, “Dax Shepherd” they nicknamed him!

I “checked” into their energy and noticed that it doesn’t check out.

I checked their consciousnesses, checked them for entity attachments – aside from the fact that that entity there would vanish when I would unplug them it didn’t check out.

I will say this: last night I checked them and I could feel and sense and even see them connected to a HUGE version of Nene Occala who looks like this:

Her higher self looks like that and is riddled with roach attachments.

I keep hearing that they have killed their higher selves – I rescued one one time AND another from the roach realm – and make mock higher selves to replace them!

And I felt a peanut headed guy who looks like this which is how Ethan Occala or Apperwhite looks in the astral plane:

That said you have to be careful with these things cause they can be tricky. I actually
found my stuff in these two people here whom I profiled in the article below for being “Barbara and David Reina”. Energy signature, entity attachments, stolen powers, stolen spiritual abilities ALL checked out. I even heard Joel Hipps – the guy in glasses – higher self say while I was taking an Uber, “Welp, our lil experiment is over so let’s see who else we can get to take over?”

The Occalas And The Network of Psychic Black Magicians They Work With: Barbara and Joel Hipps and More

The roach attachments themselves were saying, “It’s not them.”

When I would attack them, it had no effect.

These roach attachments though will block you from seeing where they are in the astral while allowing them to see you, create roach attachments to get you to destroy yourself by making them out of higher selves, stolen spirit guides, etc.

You gotta kill these lil mofos to eliminate them.

To AT LEAST get em off your back 122 hz and 19999 hz work very effectively!

That said I heard the entity attachments working with em, the roach attachments mainly, will shield them, disguise them in the astral plane etc.

It is a NIGHTMARE to get rid of these fockers off.

That said I don’t think it’s them.

I was later told that they were two ex cons coming down for an interview in which the Occalas wanted them to drive a white delivery van to pick up kids for their child snuff pirn films they make up there at Topanga Canyon Village up there in Malibu.

I talked about it before here:

The Exeter Club In Malibu And It’s Connection To Child Sacrifice And Porn And The Occalas

About The Reinas aka The Occalas And Their Children And Involvment In Child Sex Trafficking Ring In Malibu

Revelation In The Astral Plane About The Death of A Jeff Woodard By The Reinas

They got a thriving child snuff porn industry up that way!

I heard that the people said “No”!

But I will say this. When I asked my third eye to show me their name it showed me Benevides.

I kept seeing “Benevides” before this.

They could be people involved with em.

I am trying to remember if the door to the room they came out of at the time was locked.

I am not sure but I am wondering what dealings they had with em.

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