White Supremacist Stalking Creepy Crakkka Who Called Me A Bitch Gets Put In His Place With A Can of Raid

White Supremacist Stalking Creepy Crakkka Who Called Me A Bitch Gets Put In His Place With A Can of Raid


It is California license plate number 8TRT460.

Demon seed even got a demon on his car….. see that reflection on the hood of it’s car…..

….He was gloating early, saying “hey” till I put it in it’s place……

THAT SAID I HATE when these mofos lust – cause that’s exactly what it is – lust after black women like we all want them demon seeds of leafblowers…..

WHY Are Blacks Trying To Pander To A Race Of Degenerate Pedophile Rapists Leafblowers

I hate to say (for my own kind) but unfortunately those are low class, ignorant blacks with colorist – and daddy – issues or really prostitutes who’ll want your bean bag built asses otherwise known as “beaners.”

I caught this beaner posted up – at least further – up Topanga early this morning. I KNEW this mofo was here for me and that’s why I went allll out my way to squish the life of any crush this beaner may have had for me.

NOTE how this beaner, based on it’s temperment, wanted to fight me like I am a man.

Wetbucks Treat White Crackhead Like Gold While Treating Black Crackhead Like Shit

Black Biracial Women Saying Wetbacks Abused Them For Being Black And Why You Must See Race Through Spiritual Eyes

These two articles are why I, as a black woman, go well out of my way to make these wetbacks feel unwelcome and uncomfortable around me, I don’t care how they come at me.

They wanna come at you like a man, but lust after you? Fuck outta here!

I had some steal some butane from me last week which I will talk about in a future blog.

They wanna take from us, but not respect us and I am cognizant of this and this is why I shut them down when they try to enter my personal space and “think” they can get close and intimate with me, like I’d yield to low IQ fuckers like them!

I mean if you fear us that much and wanna be cowardly when you approach, having the audacity to wanna beat us down so you can achieve us (I find this to be the case with wetbacks and crakkkas) go fuck with your own kind, your own weak bitches…..

Blacks are naturally the strongest anyways and all the rest of you all are naturally weak…..


I am not gonna let somebody who sees – and treats – me that way think they can get close to me, even lust after me, or think they got a shot!

That is why humiliate and disrespect their ass. Return the favour!

They have no respect for us, think they are white and think we should bow down to them so I act and come off in a manner that, as spoken about here…..

Exclusivity Is Key πŸ”‘ For Soulled People Living Amongst Organic Portals

….that puts them in a position of inferiority, where they gotta answer to me!

Like I say, it is all a game of dominance that starts in psychology and ends in spirituality πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ¦–πŸ‘€πŸ—‘✏🩸 where I use my spiritual abilities to cut their beaner weeners off! Cold off.

I don’t fuck around with em and let them know they can’t fuck around with me. I mean what part of “I love Trump” and “I don’t like your wetback asses”, calling em “wetbacks” and shit, do those low IQ beaners not get!

I know my worth that’s why I don’t fuck with – and reject – those things…..

That said, last night, while in my van, I did a lil bit of meditation on what is this energy blocking my crown chakra. It has been blocking it, forming a film around it, since birth, practically holding me hostage to where it is hard for me to concentrate and meditate and I have a sinking suspicion that it is blocking my third eye from seeing it so I can remove it, making it ever more the more elusive.

It is like being a sniper and trying to train your sniper aim on a target.

It’s hard.

I heard stomping, like something with hooves, walking around my van and disturbing me with noises such as banging on my bathroom bucket, messing with my food and tupperware and other stuff every. time I tried to remove this shit off of me.

I asked my third eye what it was blocking the crown chakra and it showed me Satan.

That said, I said all this cause all day – as evidenced above – I’ve been having rapist ass mofos targeting me…..

His SUV’s license plate number is Minnesota license plate number HFS 095.

His hitch trailer license plate number is California license plate number 4MA1598.

Methhead toofless wonder (you know he on dat crystal πŸ’Ž teefless ass mofo) fled when I broke out that can of Raid, about to spray his ass like the roach he is…..

That said, I feel that because I have been desperately trying to break free of this entity, evil shit in the form of these nasty ass organic portals have been getting sent my way who have a rapist – fuck lustful – energy towards me.

Like mofos, this is what I am sensing, who are projecting their own lustful vibes and thus rapist ass desires unto me and my body, thus objectfying me and forcing me into a position where I gotta show them who. the fuck. they are truly dealing with beyond the spell casted by the evil ass entity influencing them to do this, to make them a sacrifice in the process…..

Like this crakkka here:

– Right before he came around a creepy crakkka in a fairly similar brown SUV came around and tried to park as I was shitting on my toilet and I chased it out!

That said, let me tell ya about that crakkka in that red suv. He’s been stalking me for a month, like he’ll do the lil drive bys where I can’t catch him.

That said, this is THE FIRST – and most likely will be the last – his scary ass will park directly across from me.

See these dumb ass bitches come around, deluding themselves with a fantasy of what they expect me to be….. for them! They don’t know the real me……

Nasty Ass Sexual Predator Parks Right Behind Me To Masturbate And I Run His Ass OFF

– I warded the dudes off while protecting the guy with me when the thugs surrounded us…..

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

Here another mofo, that time a wetback, who I sprayed with Raid!

I Spray A Wetback In The Face With Raid And Deputies Arrest Me For A Felony and Try To Get Trustees To Jump Me In Jail FULL STORY

Crakkka FLEES When I Threaten To Put Witchcraft On Him

Wetback Male Tries To Put Hands on Black Female Just Now

This Is Why I Keep My Heart Chakra Hardened

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

– I’m honestly thinking about going to the Malibu Times so I can get these crakkkas and wetbacks heads together so they know the fuck I am and who the fuck they dealing with so I can throw them nasty, trifling ass expectations of me and my shirtless activism right out that nasty ass gutter water they got that shit in!

I ain’t got this shit on for nothing….

So trust don’t come around here with that racist/hippie fantasy bullshit cause – trust – you will sorely hate yourself – and regret it – for doing it.

Keep out with that stupid shit!

Even through my third eye, when I asked it how this crakkka initially saw me before the confrontation, I was shown the word “happy.” After I saw “violent”. Good. I wanna shatter them nasty, perverted ass expectations that thing had of me before.

That said, you can see he a weirdo. That said the thing I pick up with him is that he one of them weird-heauxs who picks females who he thinks he has a resonance with and obsesses over them, builds a fantasy in his mind of the person rather than try to understand them from their perspective. He lives in fantasy land.

He is also a racist motherfucker.

Note he calls me, a black woman, a bitch when I wouldn’t acquiese to his bullshit!

This is why I put both the wetbacks and crakkkas in their place when it comes to lusting after me.

I feel there is this palpable fear of black women’s strenght. And when these other, weaker races come at us, it is like a bullfighter trying to “tame” a bull or in this instance, as pointed out in the blogs above as well below….

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

…..They come at us with this energy of “we gotta dominate you so we can feel better about our weaker selves” instead of just accepting us for us, me for me….

Why would I wanna be around somebody weak like that. Someone who is so insecure like this wetback here…..

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

Aztec Skantè Warrior TRIES To Attack Me Then Comes At Me With A Knife

Who feel that you gotta be weak so they can feel strong.

Why would I want that? Why would I voluntarily wanna be around that energy?

That is the rapist energy.

It is the sign of a male ego wrought in material, carnal definitions, needing outside, external validation to make them.

I’m in the process of ascending. I’ve already transcended. Why would I wanna be around low vibrational energies like that?

I recall one of the dudes rendered as part of that toxic karmic cycle would say “You are a delicate lil flower” cooing that shit to me like I am a baby.

I saw in the astral realm that he is an alcoholic – good I broke ties with him – and he missses his mother.

Many of these guys are coming from issues with their mother and, as I will explain in the next article in which I will talk about the “Jesus Christ Sacrifice Archon Programing”, you ain’t gonna make your shit my shit!

Your shit is not my cross to bear. I am not here to redeem your shit. Your shit, your mommy issues, are your cross to bear.

Try to impose your shit on me and you will end up here, becoming a sacrifice for my reptilian ancestors……

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

– Come over here with your own perverted, twisted projections of me and you will end up on that list, just like some fools from the other night who did who ended up losing their car in a car wreck – and they lived in it – the other night πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ¦–πŸ‘€

Peace ✌🏻

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