Aztec Skantè Warrior TRIES To Attack Me Then Comes At Me With A Knife

Aztec Skantè Warrior TRIES To Attack Me Then Comes At Me With A Knife

They ALWAYS wanna attack black womben but let a brother be there…..

Motherfucker I took taekwondo as a kid don’t come at me like that.

He told me he used to get his ass whooped in South Central by blacks for selling drugs in their gang territories.

I also heard thru the grapevine a dude looking to kill him for stealing “his” girl ??

At one point when I jumped up and did a karate kick right before he could put his hands on me he stopped and said, “Imma get my girlfriend.” ??

That said, envy is a motherfucker…..

Weak Willed Beta Males Come To Tear Me Down

The Attack By The Nigger Reveals The Psychotic JEALOUSY Men Have Towards Me

The Energy of Envy and How It Has Always Sabotaged Me And Why I Think It Exists

Basically, this mofo envies my power over this area. You can hear him here state that “gtfo” as I am recording, minding my own biz:

Here is one of his “girlz” (heauz) trying to steal my energy with the shirtless shit:

I knew what they were all about when they first came around here…..

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

What really pisses me off this mofo got THE AUDACITY to wanna fight me for calling him out yet he called the cops on me and got me 5150’d yet I ain’t supposed to do shit to nan of em…..

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

Here he is fucking with me as I stayed in the hospital yet I can’t fight back ????

The Fake Peace Sign RV Douche Trying To Steal My Melanated Energy Has Been ‘Woked

That’s a bully.

I am gonna drop a psychological profile of him:

– Nice to see his ass at least in handcuffs after what he did to me…..

That said, he told me (while on better terms) his ma and pa did drugs, sold the shit. He was then placed in foster care along with his 6 or 8 siblings (GOT DAMNED ALL THAT FUCKING, SHIT!). He has abandonment issues. A “need” to belong and be part of something.

I hate people like that cause they are needy and will turn against you in a NY sec. just to be part of a crowd.

Hell, while drugged up some folks booted up his head to fight me.

Mofo can’t think for himself and I don’t respect that. Can’t fuck with (as in deal) with a person like that. Too wishy washy, codependent, needy. That said…..

I walk alone, proudly! I am a loner. I don’t need friends or a crowd to validate me. I validate myself.

Weak needy people need people. He is that type of person. I disdain when folks don’t look into their inner Selves for solutions and he strikes me as that type with a hivemind consciousness who follows the crowd.

Another thing I pick up off of him is not just jealous but a desire to wanna control!

As noted in one of the videos above which you can hear here:

And here:

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

The Fake Peace Sign RV Douche Trying To Steal My Melanated Energy Has Been ‘Woked

This wetback basturd seed of dopehead fiends wants to run me off using his hipster ass cornball friends to do so cause they can’t take a strong black womban who don’t acquiese to the fake male dominance bullshit of these other weaker cult-ures……

Black people of both genders got more testosterone than other races so gtfo!

I’m more manly than his ass. I seriously thought he was a trans-man when I first saw him/her/ashim/it!

That is the bag of BIG ASS rocks that he came at me with before choosing to stab me……

In the same vein that wetback skantè warrior tried to stab me that night I been stabbed, I been raped…….

Chasing My Rapist

Had my foot ran over by gangmembers, who I later became cool with (one had a crush on me and gave me $10)…..

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

– I’ll be honest I fucked up with the way I came at em, all drunk and stupid…..

You can’t run me out. They don’t call me the vato for nothing…..

I am a very strong black womban. I take pride in that. I stand my ground and these other races of non real “men” hate that.

This why I notice when these other races wanna be around you it is to steal energy.

You see that with one of his friends imitating my topless thing or him trying to run me out and control the area…..

Wetbacks Are Like John Carpenter’s The Thing

I remember when he first came around and he said someone told him it’s my area, with a sigh…..

That reminds me – he is also a compulsive liar. He told this lil mentally ill jewish girl (who I was told was also jelly of me) that I called the cops on him while it was he who had me committed……

…..And that I attacked him while the videos above prove otherwise….

I hate a compulsive liar, esp. someone who lies on me. Folks hate my ass cause I tell the raw truth and as Voltaire once said they hate to hear the truth. That dude breathes lies eye ??? can tell.

I believe that comes from trauma, the trauma of his childhood. He drinks even while driving beer 24/7. He breathes THAT shit, plays video games all the same. That’s escapism. Escaping from your reality.

The way he even talks denotes this. He talks recklessly, like almost non stop as if to escape from something, as if operating from solely the fronta lobes of the brain. He told me he used to get picked on for being so small in a rough area. That motherfucker need to do some healing before trying to rule an area. As the old saying goes: “You gotta pay the cost to be the boss.”

I have healed myself dramatically cause I am honest with myself within. My Soul has improved. I am finding my creative aspect. I don’t need liquor as much to escape and “be”. I am finding my true Self and can be.

This motherfucker on the other hand who breathes lies, that’s not gonna happen. He ain’t that far gone, but that ego gone get him hurt! Ego is a motherfucker when you trying to heal and the most hurt ones got the biggest egos of all which makes for a big encumberance to healing…..

I will say this: I know he reads my shit so he can read this:

Your ass need to heal. Just as I have. My early childhood is nowhere near as bad as yours (I grew up upper middle class in the suburbs of New Orleans East where both my parents were and are responsible members of society – my dad a cop and my mom a nurse – while yours were dopefiends, looking for their next fix) but you gotta be brave and look in yourself. Lies ain’t gonna help you wheh you in hell cause your inner demons took you there.

Also, don’t be turning people against me like that lil mentally ill jewish girl who was ACTING hard but turned coward and coward in her steel trailer when cartel members were throwing shit at her vehicle after she fucked with them people (we on a public highway not meant for human habitation – let folks’ play their music). While in that halfway house I came to know some cartel members, one had a crush on me. I hate folks who act hard in the right circumstances but not when it comes time, esp. towards a person like me who has endured shit:

Also, I’ll never forget him saying as I passed his RV that when he saw me he said, “Oh shit, she here so the reptilians will be here” and bounced back in that rv like a kangaroo. You who or better yet what you are dealing with so you should know better…..

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