The Fake Peace Sign RV Douche Trying To Steal My Melanated Energy Has Been ‘Woked

The Fake Peace Sign RV Douche Trying To Steal My Melanated Energy Has Been ‘Woked

This wetback a bully.

At 1:24 you can hear him say, “Move, move, get your ass outta here”……

Here he is, screenshots from said vid…… with that high pitched voice sounding like a bitch.

I honest thought IT was a transman…..

– I’ll never forget when I first met him he somberly said, “Richard told me you rule this area”. Jealousy!

This a bully who don’t like it when you fight back.

Even worse IT plays victim……

Here a chomo looking crakkka I ran up the street who sexually harassed me – like why would you think a young black woman would want your old ugly sloppy white ass…..

This wetback…. he really think cause I am black I am supposed to be dumb……

– He is gangstalker, a jealous ass one, trying to recruit other folks against me. In this case Colton Wood (I saw he removed his comments on Colton’s channel)…..

Here are harassing comments he been saying to me on my social media….. Imma update as need be……

Here he is boasting of my being 5150’d and calling himself Lizard Squad, trying to take my energy and mock my situation (I am actually in a VERY good head space in large part thanks to the nice people here…. I didn’t say it was a vacay low key and a necessity, a blessing in disguise for nothing and I got word that he called to even fuck that up with IT’S envious ass self)…..

Yet plays innocent, as I chronicled here:

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

Here he is (I think he behind ALLL them troll accounts as of late) using a “Mire (Spanish for “look” so I know it’s him) Raven” account:

– He trying to call black women “men”.

Yet calls me the bully, playing victim.

He was the one who orchestrated EVERYONE to get together and 5150 me and, again, as I said before – and I got proof he called the place I am at to try to get me kicked.

This an evil lil slippery demon seed of a serpent that knows how to manipulate folks. He – I saw it coming – was going to corral people against me after I got back at Richard for sexually assaulting me as I said here:

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

When he first came around they started their black magick shit, murdering a dog (I HEARD the death yelp that night) in exchange for power). I’ll never forget when I first got brought here hearing him and the ole gook who steals for a living using a “Me So Horny” storyline saying to the people in a fake white person’s voice, “Oh thank you” after locking me up.

That’s why shadow people snatching they asses up, pinching em at night, pulling em, grabbing at em ?? some real Christopher Case shit #ChrisCaseChrisCaseChrisCaseeee ??

When ‘Wokeing Goes Wrong….For The ‘Woked ??✊???‍♀️??‍♀️

I’ll never forget her boy – an ex murderer for hire aka ex marine who fought to steal oil and heroin poppies from other countries – running like a chicken with his head cut off, almost getting ran over ?? from my demons, talking about it was a ptsd flash.

He steals from folks credit cards and will purchase items and use a fake excuse to keep them items AND his money so he can get shit for free.

Alot of those people around now are sleazy and need to be made to leave that area. The old folks didn’t like me but they were honest and hard working.

This new crop are some sleazy, nasty, scandalous mofos. Their energy ain’t good for the area.

Do the right thing: ‘woke they asses….. legally or spiritually or physically!

And, another thing , it is extremely hard to hit someone with a defamation/libel lawsuit. Person gotta be doing the most to have it pass thru and don’t get me started on the litigation costs to push that ish thru! Also, I got proof you fucked with me so I can sue you too.

Now sit down and take your karmic medicine ✊? ‘woke!

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