How The Reptilians Try To Pair You With Controlled People To Control You

How The Reptilians Try To Pair You With Controlled People To Control You

I cursed this mofo out…..

I had to curse this fool out too!

That said here is the reason why.

For the first dude here:

I had a dream awhile back in which I saw he lived in a huge mansion and was this goofy spirited guy who encouraged me to be me (like I fucking need anybody for that). I saw that he wanted to get married, have kids (entrapment) and I saw him encouraging me to go shirtless while talking with his friends when he noted I felt stifled. It seemed like he had picked me up from a candy store type place (symbolism). His consciousness was dead as fuck and he is not on my level frequency wise. In other words an organic portal.

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

Now, the second dude got a Soul but as you can read from his writing…..

He a misogynist dickhead with issues against women (I think stemming from some earlier abuse by a female not of his family) and got an overgrown ego and feel he gotta be right all the time to be a man.

When I asked him – and offered him money – to go to carmax so I can get a minivan he started saying “hey you can travel the country with me etc etc.” I said naw bitch I don’t wanna be your pocket pussy:

– The more I read that shit, fuck it, flood call his ass…..

That said, it culminated with him sending this shit here:

I didn’t say ANYTHING like that as can be seen here meaning this bitch – who did not want me to pay him to go to carmax – wanted to rape me as “payment.”

I saw thru my third eye that he would take me to Carmax then take me to a forested area to kill and rape me.

Again, flood call him!

That said, when I first got 5150′ – I had a dream where the U2’s “Stuck In A Moment” played and then U2’s “Beautiful Day” played. In “Beautiful Day” there is a song lyric that goes (both songs captured the trajectory of my life)……

“See the world in green and blue
See China right in front of you
See the canyons broken by cloud
See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out”

Green and blue is the ocean and the canyons = Malibu where I stayed.

These bitches were plotting to put me in toxic “relationships” with handlers – that is what they really are – that will keep me from spiritual ascension.

Eve Lorgen on her site calls em “alien love bites”…..

It is a phenomenon where aliens, archons will deliberately pair you with people not good for you so as to cause more harm and negative events in your life and feed off the loosh aka negative energy that will subsequently come forth after.

That’s why these mofos deliberately set the stage so that a kneegrow who was SEVERLY possessed by a reptilian would give me a health vial that would in turn result in my friend’s kiss getting locked in the car at auction (he a level headed man and even he said something evil was involved in all that) so he couldn’t get this newer dodge caravan for me that was in perfect working order.

I was forced to get a minivan (since my other car was dead) that ended up breaking down on me that was sold to me from a dude who is cursed his damn self (cause he got a Soul) that just started a chain reaction that got me where I am at….. truly homeless.

These toxic syncs have happened time and time again…..

I Saw This Coming Thru My Cards: My Minivan Head Gasket AND Radiator Fan Is Fucked

This is just fucked up…..

I Am Willing To Do Whatever For A New Van or Minivan

Here are the archon lust toxic bites really:

Being Surrounded By Meth’ed Up Archon Possessed Mofos And How To Handle Em ⚔

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Fighting Off Sexually Predatory Energy Vampires From Accessing My Energy

– This was THE WORSE and certain tricks would call as I got spiritually stronger…..

Breaking Free of The Archonic Curse of Being Chained To Sex Work For Money

Here the cause of it…..

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

I will say – as advice – heal! As said here, when you got openings aka portals in your Soul it allows for these vermin to come in and fuck you up and do this:

Wounded People Attract Evil People

I find as I heal these mofos don’t even wanna be in my orbit they are so intimidated by my energy (just got tinitus in my right ear while writing this).


Healing helps seal those wounds and keep archonic oppression and manipulation OUT!

Don’t give in to a victim mentality: HEAL!

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