Now It Makes Sense……

Holy shit that selenite wand is legit glowing…..

The drinking urges, the subliminal feeling of a “need” to mingle with pee-pole….

It all makes sense.

As I said here:

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

I’m different. Way different than most people.

Even as a child subliminally I semsed that I was a Soul, not a spirit, having a human experience in which from time to time I would just like to indulge in the human experience and “relate” to most people in a way by allowing myself to descend to their level – as I internally saw it – and hang with them for a lil bit, like an alien.

There was a disconnect between that part of my Soul that desires the Earthly human experience and a part of me, my true Higher Self, that felt guilty, and felt like I was on a mission and that I shouldn’t indulge in the shit show of the human tableau of experiences.

I feel more whole now that this realisation has come to me. In part I think the spiritual force into sex work may have had something to do with me coming to terms with this ephiphany.

Now I feel whole.

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