It All Makes Sense: I Was Destined To Be An Underworld Goddesss

It All Makes Sense: I Was Destined To Be An Underworld Goddesss

It all makes sense…..

– This is my “Beelzebub”, law enforcement card. When I see this card it means Beelzebub, the lord of the flies, insects, is around……

That being said it all makes sense…..

It all makes sense.

It makes sense now behind why I was never destined for a normal life (I never wanted that anyways. I thrive in adversity and overcoming it).

When I was a child, I was like a norp when I was very young – to a degree. I knew I was different when I looked around the neutral ground – term for the circular oasis in a neighborhood in New Orleans – and thought to myself, “This is a great, wide world. I know there is more to it than what meets the eye.

I had three “ascensions” when growing up, orchestrated by what I believe to be quite possibly alien, reptilian ancestors (one told me they are called the D’voreh and both said they were related to the Rothschilds and me):



The D’voreh name is significant as I will explain later on…..

It makes sense why I have been heavily misunderstood and rejected by all racial, ethnic, gender groups and mysteriously despised for just being me…..

I know they are organic portals but this goes deep…..

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

It makes sense why I was called the “people repellent” and the roach spotter ? as a child.

It makes sense why bees are used to convey spiritual messages to me…..






It makes sense why I saw an alternate version of my childhood home covered in cockroaches when I was 8, why everything I touch dies or gets dirty, mysteriously, instantly……

That being said, as I think on it, it now makes sense why people attack me unprovoked (I warn you mofos….. #sacrifice)…….

It is cause I was destined or at least, as a Soulled person – just as $ellebrities are given the choice to either make a contract with the demiurge or naught – I’m facing the choice of either becoming an underworld aka hell God for the demiurge or else, ascending back to where my Soul came…..

That is EXACTLY how I have seen my afterlife visage depicted – EXACTLY looking like ole girl Aaliyah in that vampire film and wearing an outfit reeeeal similar to what Angelina Jolie wore in the film named, of all things – Maleficent!

Crazy cause it was said that all the other kids were supposedly afraid of her outfit but her daughter.

Probably a statement made to dispel the fact that the lil girl was chosen due to nepotism ??‍♀️

That being said, I had a vision, a real thorough one in the astral last night.

It now makes sense why – tho I am a good person – I am drawn to dark, demonic shit and why, when I fucked with satanism, Beelzebub was the only one to appear…..

Solar Eclipse 2017 And The Big Consciousness Shift

Beelzebub Pays Me A Gynecological Visit So That My Period Blood Cycle Will Sync With The Solar Eclipse of 2017

Cr1tikal aka Penguinz0 of Youtube Gets Beelzebub Cockroach ‘Woke For Posting My Hello Sexual Harassment Video

Archon Beelzebub Created Doppleganger Continues To Try To Possess Me

He appeared antagonistically towards me too…..

Alright, while in the astral last night – well, before sleep – I was trying to understand why this giant head here was so obsessed with staying attached to me (I saw thru my third eye that it is blocking my ability to materially manifest)……

….And why I couldn’t simply run her off…..

It seemed like – and I long sensed it – she was some aspect of me.

I saw her composed of Souls, like in a tunnel of Souls and being comprised of them, just like the pic up there!

I also realised that a crakkka who set me up with my T-mobile back in 2005 was the one who cursed me and had my brother condemned to hell (now I don’t see him there anymore). He was 30, I was 19 something and he wanted to date and I rejected him. This was back in Louisiana.

Everything happens for a reason tho…..

I think he told me he was a satanist (as I was when I was a teen) and, when you submit to certain gods, spiritual systems, I find it puts you in a zone of accessibility, a frequency range that can allow you to be hasseled by whatever entities, gods are in it hence this (explains why the shaman who rescued my baby brother from the underworld said that dark forces were using me, which makes sense in retrospect….).

A spiritualist who mad accurately called it out what was happening to him when he first died also stated he was a sacrifice so this all makes sense…..

Now, in the dreamscape or shall I say, partially, the hellscape….. I was talking with my brother right after using my third eye to disconnect from that entity and my brother was joking, saying why you wanna disconnect from it, not really believing the spiritual struggle I was in. He was kinda snickering, making fun as he chilled on a bunk bed in which there was a storm ahead…..

Now, I found my myself looking out at the neutral ground in my childhood home, getting ready to dress for school. My mother had taken my brothers to school already (she seemed pissed off at me) and I remember thinking man I gotta take this raggedy ass minivan with no plates there and risk getting caught and losing it and my freedom.

A giant bee – very similar to the one I saw while a satanist when I did meth – flash before me:

– Talking on bee symbolism, the fucking mascot of my old high school was a fucking bee……

I then tried to find my yellow pants (I also had a choice of wearing purple pants – which is kinda the school colors for De La Salle, the alternate high school I coulda attended where my life would be much different)…..

But my pants were plaid maroon much like the middle school (that place was a BIG influence in a positive way on me) I had attended before high school…..

The priest from there has actually protected me in the astral.

That being said I was desperately trying to find the better, prettier, brighter Xavier Prep yellow plaid pants to go with these shoes that looked like this…..

But they were sky blue where the yellow is in there.

That was definitely symbolic. I believe it was the spirit world’s way of saying I made the right choice by going to prep, hence seeing the raggedy ass minivan I got in this timeline being used as my mode of transporation.

That being said I had spent hours looking for the plaid yellow pants and didn’t know if I’d EVER be ready to go to school….

I then remember hearing Lauryn Hill’s song playing on the part where she saying, “Why can’t you see….” and “Why you gotta make this hard…..” when I was thinking if it was my destiny to be a part of this doppleganger demonic underworld creature.

I was then taken to a place where I have been before that looked like a huge temple.

I saw two sheriffs there (they were depicted as wearing white and black uniforms), wearing hats and one was really tall and the other short. They were deciding on ticketing me while conversing with them assholes up there from Sunset Mesa – I saw a dude who looked like Clint Howard with a bald spot at the top of his head and a ring of hair around it, a bitch and a coupla other curmudgeons – who were complaining about me, as usual ??

I then recall seeing a dude who looked like George from Seinfeld with a magnet like chip in the back of his neck on the right side – right where I can feel shit connecting to me – and it was being conveyed that as a Soulled person I got the choice of becoming a God (albeit on the demiurge’s terms I believe) where I will never have to be emotionally hurt by the organic portal puppets of the demiurge, I could have great power and riches, reminding me of a similar deal the archons, reptilians tried to make with me a while back…..

Offered A Seal of Solomon Like Symbol To Have Demons Under My Control

Have all the Souls I done ‘woked, to rule over in the afterlife (I be warning ya’ll ☝??…..) and have great power while I am here if I would just merge with that underworld demonic doppleganger version of me……

That said, it then reverted back to me looking for those yellow plaid pants….

It then flipped to a scene where Malibu/Sunset Mesa residents were in this rinky dink classroom waiting for this Hindu guru named Yoganada and I was cracking jokes on how fake he is and a black lady and a coupla others laughed and I was saying that I tell the real shit and a homeless dude – I think maybe the dude I brought the minivan from – looked at me and smiled and knew I was saying truths.

My aura in that scene had a “homelessness” about it lol…..

It all makes sense.

It make sense why, when I became a satanist, I thankfully became emotionally disconnected from people and the whole emotional aspect of the tableau of human consciousness. It protected me from being hurt by “people” aka organic portals who I have long known to be beneath me, who savagely hurt me cause they innately as per their hivemind knew this truth.

Funny cause as I write this I could feel that “underworld goddess” aspect literally try to merge with me.

I don’t like being hurt and one God aspect I noticed is that when I ‘woked people, they’d war-ship me! Buy me shit (but I couldn’t accept cause then the ‘woke would also affect me and I think I know why now), bring libations – treat me as a God and I could do no wrong in their eyes now.

I never cared for normal human relations. Having the ability to see people from the perspective of a person looking down on ants – I have always noticed how completely stupid, inane, how just pointless people’s pursuits and objectives are.

You all look like hamsters running on a cogwheel, chasing, racing for fame, for money, for status cause it is all about how people look at you in their eyes and that is the pinnacle of low self esteem to me.

– As I type this 77 keeps coming up strong which resonates with the spirit realm in numerology.

I don’t give a fuck how you think cause I can influence you on how to think and what to do cause that’s what Gods do!

I see it allll the time. I do it all the time.

Even this film here, witch ??‍♀️ (lol) I found while looking up Beelzebub, witch ??‍♀️ drops subliminals, has as it’s number of reviews 77…..

I remember when I used to be hurt. I don’t get hurt anymore which is why I am seriously contemplating merging with this aspect of me.

This Is Why I Fuck With Black Magic and Diss WHY You NEVER Step To A Witch

Why You Should Work With Both So Called White and Black Magic

I believe it was created from ‘wokeing people.

– It looked JUST like that: It had people comprising it’s hair, spilling all over etc…..

The shaman said that my underworld was messed up due to the black magick I do.

The only thing standing in the way of my being able to materially manifest ? is my not merging with this underworld aspect.

Because I been hurt – and cause I don’t wanna go back to that – I enjoy fucking up people, spiritually, showing them who is boss after I been spit on (in some cases literally), underestimated, looked down upon.

I get off on the power of knowing – and they’re not knowing yet – who they are fucking with. Then, this happens…..

The Museum of Da ‘Woke



I get off on the power of knowing I will have them at the end. Think you can bully me? ✊? ‘woke mofo. Your Soul is mine!

I get off on hearing the stories of how just fucked. up someone’s life becomes after I ✊? ‘woke em!

I don’t have to give a fuck about being understood by you bitch cause I could just ‘woke you and make you understand who the fuck you dealing with, bitch!

I remember the shaman saying that I had lost my light and a coupla other spiritualists saying powerful forces are trying to divert me towards the darkness.

The name of the game is duality ⬜⬛ These people are organic portals who could never appreciate what I say cause they could never comprehend it so fuck them.

It’s funny cause I can ‘woke organic portals all day long but not Soulled people.

I can’t really touch em cause their spiritual power is as strong as mine.

Fuck these organic portals; I pull them to my hell all day, everyday ?????‍♀️

I am really here to convey the truth to Soulled folks like I, and they are usually the ones to get it and they go thru the same material hardships as I do…..

Another thing: it’s boring uniting with the Source where everyone the same and are on the same page…..

Here, I can be a God admist mortals (aka organic portals) and rule, dominate.

I literally saw this if I were to accept that underworld God position:

– My third eye showed me eloquently sitting on a throne, merging with it.

It also conveyed that I will be at peace and outside the hell that I will have others locked in which will be my abode in the afterlife.

I honest sadistically enjoy tormenting mofos who wronged me – or at least sicc’ing my demons to do it.

I get off on the power of controlling another person’s fate cause I know I can.

Only thing is I’ll be emitting a foul ass odor – while alive – if I merge with that.

I want God consciousness – to be above all else – but I don’t wanna stink!

It goes back to what I was saying how even as a kid everything I touched looked like dusty and no matter how many baths I took I had a dusty look (I would be drained as a kid) and my shit tended to look dingy no matter how much I cleaned.

– also, though my cars, minivan be “dirty”, it perfectly explains why you don’t see insects in here, even when I got food…..

Another thing, when I have seen that dark, demonic, doppleganger version of me, it reminds me of the ladies from Resident Evil 8: The Village:

…..Who are comprised of a swarm of insects, just like that doppleganger trying to take me over.

It’s the aura. I wonder if merging with it may eradicate it, reminding me of this article here where they mentioned the smell on a person dissapating once they allowed themselves to merge with a reptilian (archon)…..

– I can’t find it mysteriously but the foul, swampy odor part is me alll the way…..

I also found this article on Ted Bundy that describes to a T what happens when I get possessed….

– I try to fight it too.

This Is How Reptilian Possession Looks

That’s why you all shouldn’t simply dismiss someone off as just “crazy” in western society when typically it is a spiritual affliction occuring…..

That being said I am honest torn.

I don’t like making “deals with the devil” or deals with the demiurge more accurately.

No one wants to be locked around tormented Souls for “eternity”, moaning and understandably griping – even if I rule it ??

But, where I come from, it gets boring. There are no challenges in the dimension from which my Soul comes from: pure bliss – but we come here for the challenge, the wanton experiences.

Let me think ?….. ?????

I knew I was meant to be something greater in this realm.

Another thing….. D’voreh – the name of one of the turtle like reptilians I am related to, is THE SAME EXACT (except it is spelled with an “a” where the “e” is) name of an insectoid Mortal Kombat character…… ??

Oh yes, I have defeated the bee before…..


Another thing, Beelzebub is thought to be the devil……

Just something else I thought of…..

Also, ya boi Queen was singing about him, praising him im his song “Bohemian Rhapsody”…..

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