Why You Should Work With Both So Called White and Black Magic

Why You Should Work With Both So Called White and Black Magic

White people are stupid…..

Looka that honkkkey…. culture vulturing and wanting to become the crakkka kang ?? of other folks’ customs and spiritual systems…..

Can’t stand them mofos hence why I stay ‘wokeing them to humble them.

That being said, there is no such thing as “white” or “black” magic. Nature is fucking duality…..

The food chain require we consume other things, including humans consuming other animals, like us, as we are (not human animals)…. to survive. It involves alot of pain and the consumption of pain to give someone else, something else, sustenance.

Even plants are living, breathing, sentinent things hence why I laugh at vegans who say they are not hurting living things…..


That being said, nature does not recognise “good” or “bad”.

That is a human – rather whyte folk – label imposed to make “sense” of the world around em….. Labels designed to help humans parse themselves thru the 3D material dimensional experience of living in the demiurge realm.

That being said, nature is duality. So thus, this is the part that kills me about these “white wiccan witches” who claim they “work” with nature lol…..

How the FUCK can you say you “work” with nature when you deny nature’s duality by shunning so called “evil”?

Bet many of those heauxs aren’t vegetarian and even then – as I explained before even plants are sentinent – they gotta ask whether the cow they ate or the plant they consumed would find them “evil” for doing so….

BTW karma doesn’t exist as they say it does……

That’s whyte folks again taking PEOPLE OF COLOR’S philosophies and throwing em out of context…..

KARMA is the consequence of any action. You go right, there is a consequence to your choice. You go left, there is a consequence to that choice…..

It goes back and forth, all ways…..

The 1997 film Sliding Doors is but a perfect example of this…..

That being said, I am overall a good person. I DO have bad spirits fucking with me – bad – as I have written all over my blog. They influence folks to fuck with me. BUT I will NOT HESITATE to use black magic to fuck you up or even kill you as I did this man’s ma here…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

It is like being a nice cop who keeps her gun by her side to protect her in case need be:

This is EXACTLY how I have seen how people in the astral who get programmed to go against me looking – sans the dessicated skin…..

You know mofos are being possessed to go against you but for your own peace of mind you still have to protect yourself so you fight back – as I do – so you can have peace in your environment.

My ‘wokeings helped me to heal tremendously.

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

If it wasn’t for my ‘wokeings which put folks in their place and gave me peace of mind….. I would have NEVER been able to have the alone time – and inner peace – I needed to focus on doing inner work on myself and so thus inner healing and so thus breaking away from the evil shit that tries to bond me…..

Archon Beelzebub Created Doppleganger Continues To Try To Possess Me

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Fighting Off Severe Right Hip Pain Caused By Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub As I Break Free

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How The Demiurge Uses Archon Possessed People To Stop You From Ascending

Fighting Off Archon Possession

I am under an archon curse or to be more precise, archon attack.

This only happens to the most spiritually powerful and those meant to teach others the truth about your world and how to ascend it…..

PLEASE read John Ellizz’s book on archon possession…..


I been dealing with this shit since a child I now realEYES ???

That being said, they come for you when you are in the beginning stages of knowing who you are (Sol = Soul = Sun ?) and try to wear you down and, as in my case, they are around you when you are a child.

It now makes sense why the reptilians said to a friend of mine that they had always been around me – as implants meant to keep me from ascending higher and up outta the demiurge matrix system.

Self destructive-archon induced behaviors, archon influenced attacks from others have marred much of my material life. I have been blocked since day one cause of who I am and my higher purpose in the world.

This is why I don’t write howdy doody rubbish feel good bullshit: my stuff is not for organic portals.

They are my enemy:

This is the real shit for real Soulled people.

I had to go thru ALOT of shit to understand this.

When you are in but not of this world your life will be rendered by the archons to be unusually and excruciatingly burdensome. These aren’t ordinary curses thrown by kitchen witches using knick knack spirits.

As shown here these are fucking archons. They show to destroy you as you ascend or before you can, hence the near death visions of hell folks with Souls get to force them into staying in line with the demiurge system so he can feed off your Soul throught the great reincarnation matrix trap.

This the great reincarnation matrix trap, where we currently live now….

I believe what is happening is they want to get me to stay stuck in the demiurge realm by depriving me of my choice by forcing me to work with either “good” or “evil” ie be enslaved to a matrix demiurge programmed team…..

I – and a cool dude even confirmed – I hear what sounds like computer voices which lets me know for sure we inhabit a holographic universe that is much like the matrix…..

I have heard from other people such as a Cuban shaman that when you have powerful spiritual gifts both the “good” and “bad” sides of the matrix will try to force you to “join up” with them to keep you under the control of the matrix and have you play a matrix dichotomous game designed to separate yourself from your God hood – which is the embracement of all that is yourself which is both “good” AND “evil” just as the reptilians as explained by Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa broke down how humans were once both asexual ie both genders till the reptilians – an archon faction – came around and separated us into both male and female, causing confusion….


That’s why ya’ll gotta beware of that “light worker” dichotomous theme. It is designed as a tool of separation to keep humanity further divided against each other and our very nature.

I have also known of folks under the control of (Luciferian) light archons such as a shaman who told me that an archon hindu “god” told her to tell me not to wear the colour orange or eat oranges…..

Like wtf!

That is an example of deep archon manipulation there…..

Ya’ll thought I was gonna talk about all my ‘woke escapades huh lol……

I went deep.

That said, archon oppression – and “light/dark” dichotomous matrix programming is real (as I speak there is an entity attachment on my left shoulder and one on the right side of my face – I JUST GOT RID OF THAT MOTHERFUCKER – causing my muscles to tense up). These mofos use fear tactics like fear of hell, bad karma to keep you in line and under the control of the demiurge matrix system.

True Gods don’t need permission from matrix archetype “gods” to do shit. The matrix makes both heaven and hell. We can do that too. We do not have to walk the line ordered by the demiurge to get to heaven…. or hell. We can make those ourselves and be free of this manipulation from the demiurge and archons once and for all.

That is what true ascension is all about.

Another thing – the same shaman who told me her “gods” told her to tell me to refrain from eating oranges also told her to call on them if she wanna fuck someone up!

Looka the subliminal there – they wanna control us and keep us from knowing our true power by esp. controlling our dark side which, like the ability womben got thru abortion to decide (physical) life and death – the demiurge and archons fear us awakening to….

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