Demon Named Shava That Influences Chaos and Confusions Speaks To Me Via Ghost App

Demon Named Shava That Influences Chaos and Confusion Speaks To Me Via Ghost App

That explains this ??

Degenerate Meth Prostitute Gets Into A Fight With Me Over Calling Out Her Nasty Mexican Tricks For Sexual Harassment

NOTE it looks like an alien much like the “demon” Aleister Crowley called himself summoming named “Lam”. Note it also got the name “Shava” which is mad similar to the hindu goddess of destruction, Shiva……

Here is Lam:

That’s why I say alot of shit that plagues your life starts in the spirit realm.

I was just watching a video about Bill Vaile – a NASA employee who had a bitch who he hired to cast out another entity place an imp demon inside of him which she casted out another couple…..

Just like I – just like many people – he got a possessing spirit. They cause you to hallucinate and to “see things that aren’t there” because, being that they are higher dimensional albeit low vibrational parasitic beings living in our bodies…. as I have said before since their consciousness and energy is forcefully sync’d with ours they can and usually do use YOUR energy to show you what they see which is usually demonic, hence why you see them as they are living in you (again, due to being higher dimensional beings they are not bound by space and time as we are).

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