I Am So Happy To Have ME Back

I Am So Happy To Have ME Back

The night after “talking” with that evil skeletal archon entity he tried it…..


You can’t associate with everybody…..


As pointed out here…..

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Some people got demons on they asses – which will transfer onto you – like it is no one’s business so you gotta protect yourself esp. as you heal!

The crazy thing is…. when I first separated from these dudes – I mean CRAZY synchronicities been getting set up to unite me with these douches – I keep seeing penis symbolism like yesterday…..

Evil entities feed off of keeping you stuck as well as off of low vibratory sexual energies, like the exploitative sex aka survival sex I would be forced to engage in just to keep my basic shit….. it is a sign by evil their intentions to hold me back.

I also notice that as I take a “bath” using regular ole spring water and oils like tea tree oil, lavender and peppermint oil – I been getting drained by these mofos to hold me back and keep me from moving forward……

That said, what I been attracting (it’s true what they say to an extent = energy) has been changing…..


All day I was attracting women ??♀️



I thought this was a whole dude till I saw the person was a butch ?? female, kinda like me…..

I prefer attracting women to me like this then men, with their patriarchal, misogynist abusive desire to control womben as seen with this nigger here (finally got vid working)……

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

And others……

Weak Willed Beta Males Come To Tear Me Down

I Know What The Fuck You Doin’ Motherfucker

There is still the exploitative, “spectacle” component but I don’t feel threatened cause, it’s like, they are not threatening. Males are innately threatening which is why I pout my chest and stand up to them the way I do.

I had a coupla beaner bags pull blatant shit but nothing I couldn’t handle…..


Go stare at your wives and daughters cause you know they do ole nasty bitches…..


That being said these are litmus tests for my healing journey. There was a time where I was at the mercy of other people’s energies, with folks energies unwittingly tainting me and getting into my heart chakra and esp. where the sexual energy is stored = the sacral chakra! It drove me crazy where, by feeling other people’s shit which would get internally and emotionally confused for my own. I was an internal mess and it would manifest outside. Somehow satanism did something to alter my energy body where bullshit could not get into me anymore. I talked on it here:

How To Become A Psychopathic Empath

This in turn allowed me to intuit without being subject and under the control practically of other people’s energies……

All that day when I broke free from them tricks again – those guys got an abhorrent demon of lust attached to em that was transferring to me cause I am psychically sensitive as shown here:

I can STILL feel that bitch attacking me usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays (those were always bad days for me cause of the energy – which I sense is demonic – that resonates with em).

I remember when I tried to use my third eye to get rid of it’s ass it said, mockingly, “Hey baby” in a demonic tone that nearly caused me to shit in my pants…..

As I get this shit off of me – evil shit – my energy is coming. Whereas before these evil ass entities were shaping my energy to attract sexual energy vampires – on that very day – I could feel it – the energy I gave off was of “me”: very gender neutral, not sexual at all. Very butch lesbian and I like that.

I felt like Jim Carey’s Vera De Milo from In Living Color all day…..

And I felt good!

That’s me! I kinda felt that it could have had something to do with wishes I made as a kid to be like the pretty popular girls (who I now know got sexually harassed and dehumanized unmercilessly by men for their aesthetic beaity and their misogynistic ways) that somehow allowed sabotaging entities to creep thru and cause dudes to wear beer goggle glasses towards me and see me in a light not of my own energy.

These mofos were seeing me and my shirtless activism in the wrong light and coming up to me despite my rep for running they azzez up the skreets like here:

Pumping Iron And Pimping Non Blaq Niqqas

And here:

I Know What The Fuck You Doin’ Motherfucker

I had shit compromising my energy field – it was torture. I still have work or shall I say ‘woke to do but it is nice to be in charge of my own energy field and not have shit control it. It literally felt like something creeping in – always on the right side – trying to control the energy and narrative of your life as told here:

Demon Alters Timeline And Navy Shows Me The Matrix In Astral Vision

It’s e-vile shit wanting to bring more musery into my life, oppressing the shit out of me, attracting leering ass energy vampires, peoplw who treat ya like shit but want you to help etc. Just fucking vampires, peridot!

As I said here you gotta know the right thing to say to your third eye – also known as spellcasting so you can cast this shit up out of you!

How The Demiurge Separates Us From The Source

That said, I find that as I heal thru this healing journey, as said in this article on organic portals, which comprises the majority of every race……

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

Just as when I started my healing journey old enemies were popping up outta nowhere like here…..

Chasing My Rapist

Certain people, groups who are meant to represent some turmoil, hardship that caused me the trauma and/or issues is popping up…..

As I started fighting and releasing myself from evil entities wetbacks were popping up…..

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

I remember when I became a satanist (again) back in 2015 I had an astral vision where a messycan lady and child said, “Thank you for the energy.” I also had hispanic male spirits with a demonic satanic bent monitoring me….

Are Skateboarders and Demonic Activity Related

It happened again recently…..

Don’t Be Fooled By Evil Entities…..

That said, as I have shorn off those evil entities – I peep the wetbucks are parking further from me – even when shirtless and working on my vehicle – with ome saying “move” and pouting in disgust cause they can’t have my energy….. anyways black organic portals like here (them mofos had a strong satanic energy on em) are popping as I go internally with regardings to dealing with and accepting – without breach from the outside world – my true self, my white self!

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

That is me ☝? One aspect of my true energy I neglected to mention was, I have always seen myself as white in a black body. But I knew I was in this black body for a Higher Purpose and reason. I always felt in my Soul frail, innocent, gentle and wanting to get alone with blonde hair and blue eyes, like that past life.

Now as anyone who follows and reads my blog knows I am not saying those are attributes of whites cause that’s stupid shit to say. But those are my Soul predispositions and I have had to work hard to be hard in this present life cause of culture and life circumstances and my past lives of rape and murder adds to it – which is why I like giving off a butch lesbian vibe. It is me and a now incorporated aspect of my identity.

Those past lives have taught me not to take no shit off of me and not put up with they shit.

That’s why I got 0 tolerance for it.

That said when I was in high school my identity was under attack (this makes sense). I was made fun of by nigger ass pupils and teachers for being studious, wanting to do things the right way, and then being knocked for using a British accent (which was my way of taking off the attention of my using so called “big words” by those dumb ass niggers). I remember being held before a class while being made fun as I cried by a “teacher” – who confided that she had the same thing done to her – where the kids were encouraged to tear me down and tell me not to use big words and that I should accept toxic advice.

I’m crying right now as I write this.

Though I have seen in dreams how my life woulda turned out had I attented that other mixed race high school – I still wonder how my Soul, emotional body woulda been had I been at the other place? I was always outcasted but that shit was torment what I went thru. That’s why for a long time I didn’t wanna hear pro black this and that cause not only is it not my identity – but it is tied to lies and trauma cause niggers love tearing each other down which is why unless it’s black middle or upper middle class – and even then….

Look, Imma be real: in the ghetto like in South Central the niggers treat each other like shit. Yesterday as I waited for an uber to transport me back to here from Autozone, they had a nigger mayate who saw me sitting there and in some demonic desire and act to put me down since in his mind I didn’t have a minivan would strategically turn on his lights and even slightly kicked (I know it was deliberate) the cardboard box holding my radiator cooling fans. I ‘woked his black fucking nigger ape ass. And you know who are the nicest people there: the Mexicans, the hispanics.

I remember going down there to get my ole beat up mustang smogged and a Mexican man took me in, was very nice, checked it for free! Didn’t treat me because of my social and economic status like shit. Meanwhile the niggers were coming in with their fancy cars – while living with dey ma’s and pimping out what should be their sisters – and looked down upon me.

Fuck that. That is why I don’t believe in fealty to any group except yourself. You owe you! Also having talked with a black dude also not from here like me he said niggers there literally grow up for generations on that same block and never leave it.

Niggers in South Central look incest bred to me and could make sense behind their behavior #TheHoodHasEyes

I HATE the niggers there, the mayates. They are in general pieces of shit lower then dog crap! I’ll never forget when I first lost my car, my pontiac G5 2008, when an obviously uninsured driver hit the front and sped off it was a Mexican who loaned me a phone to call the police (since the niggers at the artist loft – who I later got back in so many ways – stole it) while it was niggers – a female black nigger ape black bitch and male – asking me to move my OBVIOUSLY fucked up, out of commission vehicle.

This is why I don’t let people tell me my fucking identity. The homophobia, transphobia amongst niggers is just terrible.

That is why smart, ingenious blacks flee niggers cause they got a hivemind borg like way of thinking where if you ain’t like the herd, they fucking attack you while begging for acceptance from outside groups, esp. in the hood. It’s sickening and toxic.

I needed to get that out. That is therapy. I can go on and on about that nigger high school. Read here:

Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

Now, to be real – as part of my therapy – some of those teachers were right. I was using it to impress which is why later on in life all that shit said did something to make me not give a fuck, do shit outside the norm….. and not care – and there is freedom in that, in this:


Don’t do shit to impress people. I guess they sensed that and like me now were averred to that. For instance there was a lil girl on ig espousing she transgender (she one of these comic con yugi oh playing mofos) and I could tell this bitch was type to wear that shit as a trend and as someone who grew up in the 90s who witnessed Ellen Degeneres being sacked for who she really is:

I KNOW this stupid vapid airheaded lifted ass BITCH would shit her pants if she had to face the REAL adversity REAL lgbttq (extra “t” for transracial) had to face back then and beyond and I wanted to SLAP ✋? her stupid silly dumb midwestern ass (midwestern people are goofy ass fuck I notice) across the face, talking about “this me” and “this is how I prefer to be called by a male pronoun.” No bitch it ain’t who you are. You playing dress up you dumb little bitch that ain’t your identity as it is with this kid here……

She real trans ☝? You a stupid lil bitch playing transgender…..

I wish I had that heaux’z ig so people can attack her.

That said, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when that teacher – a satanist (in a catholic school who told girls how she stabbed her bf’s tires) – told me to drop the English accent. I think because she wasn’t a way of the world organic portal and cause I respected her for it was the cause behind why things internally fell to shit. It caused me to question innate beliefs of my parents (who are woefully naive) and just my value system. And because it occurred during a time while I was energetically open (I was a Marilyn Manson, White Zombie, Stone Temple Pilots, grunge, rock and roll listening satanist back then – shoulda went my transracial ass to mixed school cause I was so outta place – I first got into satanism, the occult to leave that nigger ass school ) – I now realize those were reptilians in my energy field letting folks’ bull in and making me over anxious while doing something to perfectly unite both the right and left halves of my brain in perfect sync – I think that was a wish granted that I now have to remove) she “got in” to me and fucked with my identity.

22 years later (damn that number came to my head too before I calculated it and it resonates with master builders in numerology) I am picking up my Soul pieces and reuniting them – properly – from that event, that wholesale trauma that plagues me even now.

The dude who sold me the minivan is grappling with shit from his childhood. There are wounds that can run deeper than a physical wound. The fact I cried after writing down a long memory still in the back of my mind speaks volumes.

So I hear I sit, putting myself back together and becoming whole. The night of this here:

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

I no longer felt a resonnance to blacks, ir anybody, the way I originally was. As I did before the high school – I felt like an anomaly and felt comfortable with it and even embraced. I belonged to no group, to nothing and that’s true freedom. I have to now as I reestablish myself internally create a way to keep shit from “getting in” – as satanism showed me – so I won’t be hurt a second time and abandon myself again. You gotta feel it within.

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