Why Womben Need To Avoid Niggaz With The Baby Boy Mentality

Why Womben Need To Avoid Niggaz With The Baby Boy Mentality

This is why I am thankful that my friends have been gay men…. and even they can be on some shit…..

This is a baby boy…..

Black Ass Crip Gangmember Attempts To Rape Me And Attacks Dude

This nigger is the type who hates women and esp. strong womben ?? – like me – but just “gotta be” around us to leech off our strenght, even trying to attack us in a rapist manner, just as these niggers leeched off they ma’s tithe aka tit ?

Here another one…..

You can see the misogyny and desire to control women seething thru in that text! This crakkka who has issues with his ma cause his ma beat him upside the head with a stiletto heel till he bled (that’s attempted murder) who he says he still loves takes his confused anger out on us with some sorta anti-homosexual, anti-strong woman/ want us to be weak woman stance as evidenced in a convo with him where he told how he pursued a butch confirmed lesbian – who had to run his ass off – and then proceeded to denigrate me by saying I am too strong, I need a man (bitch I am here to buy a minivan and not make you a man – the wording of which is significant to what I am conveying), and at one point (this mofo is insane) saying, “Well what about my (his) feelings if I got hurt in a fight” when in a casual deep conversation I told him how I confronted some cholos, all the while he boasted of his confrontations and boasted how when he confronts women, he has the advantage due to his “male strength.” But yet he needs me aka my strong energy to leech off of. And…. like a true baby boy, he lives with a womban old enough to be his ma ??

These mofos are examples of what I have dubbed “baby boys.” Baby boys are child-men who have never grown up, got conflicting emotions towards women in general and esp. strong women because they more than likely – thus usually per the case – grew up in female dominant homes where the woman ruled with an iron fist and might have been abusive – which is usually the case with these dudes. The ones who are abusive towards women grew up in homes where their ma was abusive – yet like the example above, much akin to the whore virgin complex, they are in denial and hold their ma to a higher pedastool, like I saint, like ole boy up above does, but these deranged sick mofos who, like sick serial killer psychopaths, seek to mete out their suppressed rage and anger out on innocent women like myself who remind them of their ma.

These toxic ass mofos are to be avoided at all costs.

For some strange reason – I draw aka attract this personality archetype: dudes who gotta “dominate” me to somehow prove something to themselves like this wetback here (see I hit all colours of the rainbow ✊????️‍? like the United Nations):

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

Who also has issues with women having grown up in an environment where the women – his ma included – beat him down.

But that’s not my problem and I refuse to let your problem become my problem and make my life toxic.

That’s your fucking issue and if we got a problem you can talk to my demons and reptilians when they pull your ass to hell cause that is the only “therapy” you getting from me motherfucker ??‍♀️??

Let you have sweet azz nightmares like some of these mofos who have fucked with me where if you die in your sleep you wake up in the hell ???? you were “dreamin” aka nightmarin’ about!

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Drag Me To Hell Is REAL And These WETBACKS Are About To Find Out

Hear how I put one sexually harassing mofo in a mental home after I ‘woked him…..


I don’t know where these mofos delude themselves into thinking I am some turn the cheek person. I’m a former satanist (who only left cause I found I am better off working with me then giving some entity my energy to do shit on my behalf while taking advantage). I STILL SKILLFULLY fuck with both the light and darkness (The Source and The Shadow Realm).

Hear ?? one “testimony.”

I mean I am so petty I cursed a man for not giving me a jump then laughed in his face when he told me his ma died of my curse the next day ??


So I don’t know where the fuck these mofos get off thinking that I am some kind good hearted forgiving doey eyed creature that’ll let you fuck with me and take advantage of me……

Tina by Tarot said not a lie when she said folks who fuck with me are sacrifices sent by other people for me to spiritually dispose of by sending them to hell.

Raven Masterson Named Abaddon In A Dream

And send em to hell I shall and do. I love sadistically torturing mofos with my ‘woke. I get off on it. I can kill, harass people without worry of jailtime: it’s a dream!

It’s like these mofos somehow get deceived by evil spirits into thinking they can deceive me then get shocked by what I do to them. It’s funny.

That being said I have had baby boys said, “Alpha females (like me) need alpha males.” The fuck? If I needed you – why you coming to me? Why are you selling yourself to me? If I needed you I woulda came to you now get the fuck outta my face.

Ole dude with the text up there said that shit to me yet he is homeless – like me – and it’s like bitch I can do bad by myself. Hell I had to cut that mofo off period cause my energetic association with him (I explained here what that is) was causing me all sorts of problems – including jail (that’s why when you like me you gotta be careful who you associate with, peridot ??)!

I hate mofos who impose themselves on me. That shit with the nigger crip gets to me! The audacity you are entitled to me! That shit pisses me off. The more I think about it – then wanted to tell me I can’t walk my, really, a public beach I frequent.

Hope you and the others (excluding some) enjoy those nightmares and hell when your time – all their times – come ☠⚰?

You will not fuck with my space.

That goes for any baby boy or anyone! I have worked very hard to heal on my own! I don’t take my shit out on innocent people. I am very introspective and I go within to solve my issues.

I don’t need weak willed mofos – like the mugs above ?? – holding me back.

Honest – speaking as an individual I never understood the codependent mentality. It’s like, I always felt, instead of waiting for someone to be this or that for you – you be that!

It’s like with auto work…..

I am not gonna wait for a dude or anyone to help me or save bazillions to go to the auto repair place (where they rip ya off) when I can do that myself.

I want a billionaire? I’ll be that billionaire (if I want). If I want a friend, I’ll be my best friend ??‍♀️ I even talk to myself then answer myself….. If I wanna good fuck ☝? I’ll fuck myself. No one does anything better for me cause only I know what I truly want and it is up to me to accomplish it.

You don’t need a man or someone else to treat you right. Treat yourself right ??

Last night on reddit I came across a post about the lady who actually in fact came up with the theory of relativity who Einstein stole from! Yes, that is right, stole from…..


Her name was Mileva Marić, his wife!

He stole shit from her, credit, all!

This is what happens when you are co dependent and needy and reliant upon a man. This is what happens when you fuck with a baby boy!

Yes, Einstein was a baby boy!

This is why you need to know yourself before you get involved in relationships.

Too often successful women, smart women get involved with these vagabond losers out of some guilt for being smart and successful. In the process these mofos envy you, feel that your gender determines that you should be beneath him – just like the bully on the schoolyard who hates the smart kid cause they smart. It is a crab in the barrel mentality.

As I said before here….

Men Are Innate Predators

Men take advantage of you all due to your natural empathy.

That’s why shit like this happens…..

Imma be honest something about satanism changed me emotionally and turned me into an emotional bulletproof vest cause unlike in the past where mofos could get into my heart chakra and emotionally manipulate me, they can’t do it now. I can intuit, but not take on your shit. I am not saying become satanist, but it did something to my energy body to block bullshit out, making me stronger….

That said, I have encountered – and defeated these mofos. A lovelorn manipulative conniving trick who tried to connive his way into a relationship with me (he got a kid). Welp, this dude was an atheist. He wouldn’t stop so I put ‘woke on him. He been going to church ever since.

That said – you’ll see these mofos coming. They will – like that mofo in the text and all the other mofos who wanted to fight me to be with – fuck that – SEXUALLY HARASS ME will make you feel guilty for your strenght, for your accomplishments so they can build themselves and their weak fragile egos off of falsely making you feel bad for their shortcomings.

Ladies, don’t fall into that shit. ‘Woke em! Or, better yet, hit em with a gun….. then ‘woke em as a sacrifice so you can get more success in life ??

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