Not Even Native Americans Wanna Have Anything To Do With Wetbacks

Not Even Native Americans Wanna Have Anything To Do With Wetbacks


Everybody hates them things I conjecture. Good! ??

The conversations here are HI-Larious ??

This came right om the heels of after a wetback said I can’t do ayahuasca cause I don’t like wetbacks, trying to say it is an “indian” and them thingz are indian…..

LOL! Where do I start with regards to tearing that lie apart…..

There is a Youtube channel that I stumbled upon, that I am subscribed to called Kurimeo Ahau who BREAKS THIS SHIT that blacks ARE the true indigenious:

Look! This what I am referring to everytime the wetbacks wanna claim that they “better” (no you low IQ low vibratory mofos aren’t) cause they are lighter…. please remind em that the Moors who raped their Spanish ancestors were black!

This was a BRILLIANT piece he did and I remember this story from a while back…..

The thing with the skull heads proves my point blacks are descended from ancient aliens as I confirmed here with the pharaoh heads:

An Ankh Found In Mexico Proves That There Is A Link Between Ancient Egyptians And Certain Mexicans

Damn, know-ledge ?

Now, let’s get back to the justified wetback homicide…. of bashing….

Thought these fellas with the “black lives matter (hurrah ✊???) were wetbacks….


That said – as I heal and more of my TRUE personality comes together (looking back on it I believe that the person you were seeing pulling the antics in the past was not me but perhaps my shadow self but not the whole me – that was how I looked when my Soul was not intergrated which now perfectly explains why folks saw a part of my Soul sticking out), more of my true self and true feelings will be coming out consistently and accurately….

That’s why I was painting all yesterday – that was looong suppressed creativity finally coming out ??✨???

I don’t like wetbacks. I look down upon them! I look at them as being nasty, loose, “good timey” obsessed robotoids who don’t know when to stop, lack boundaries, and are common trash! ???

Their cult-ure is the total ANTITHESIS of the way I was raised: proper, studious, intelligent – to focus on intelligence! Them mofos got low IQs, they are insanely low vibratory! I don’t want that trash to be around me! I see them as the scum of the Earth and my visions of them via lsd confirms this:

Acid Trip Shows The Truth About Saturn And Divine Feminine Energy And Wetbacks Stealing The Collective Energy of Blacks Thru Spiritual Deal

One thing I notice about them is they love to think they are white in contrast to us…..

No you ain’t!

Watch this….. Esp. this…..

And this…..


And you’ll know they aren’t!

Hell, in my eyes they are not even human…..

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

I’ve Seen The Oversoul For The Wetbuck And It IS The Devil

There is a reason why 6k hz works only on them demon seeds and no other (real) humans…..

CONFIRMED Playing 6000 Hz Frequency Runs Wetbacks Away Like Holy Water On A Demon

That said, since them thingz like to think they are white, I derive great pleasure from bursting their ego and letting them know they are not white by being nice to actual white people while snubbing em!

I did it to two oompa loompas the other night who misconstrued me as a “good timey gal” and decided they wanted to be near me to have fun cause they misconstrued my topless activism to mean such (that’s why I hate their asses cause they have low IQs and don’t understand something called nuances)……


I am actually an uptight and fairly conservative person, esp. in regards to sex…..

Sex and Human Sexual Genitals Are EXTREMELY LOW VIBRATORY THINGS

That said, last night I reveled sadistically in watching two wetbacks crumble and get back in their car (I later played 4000k hz to REALLY run their asses OUT) as I talked to a white couple and asked for a song I heard them playing that I like:


Right after they had some ole “hurt” wetback bitch (pissed cause they can’t get MY energy and I am teaching other blacks not to give those things energy) who passed by my car while she thought I was asleep talking about “monkey” (I don’t care what them things think cause I don’t respect them or even see them as human enough to respect their opinions and what they think of me) and I heard something hit my car. I promptly got out and confronted them – it was two males and her – and as always they lied, with of course the wetback male wanting to boot up to me….. and they wonder why I can’t stand them and now vigilantly keep those things out my zone…..

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

Later those THINGS came up and parked in front my car a good distance (cause they cowards as Black Bigalow explained hence why they gotta fight 1 on 50, including against females fucking degenerate wimps ? lol) and she yelled “nigger” before speeding off!

Can’t wait for that bitch to come back around so I can get that heaux and put IT on blast!

Wetback tears oh she hates us – LMBAO [[Insert witches laugh LOOOL]] – Good! I’m happy ya now!

Now get your wetback low vibratory ass tf away from me before I call I.C.E. at 1-866-347-2423 and have you deported.

In the meantime I’ll just do ‘woke on wetbacks and use my spiritual abilities to deport em back to hell from whence their demon ancestors came…..

Fucking low IQ barbaric morons!

Good! You got the message now stay the fuck away from me!

Imma say this now! They are energy vampires….

How The Wetback Siphons Energy From Humanity And What I Am Doing And What You Can Do To Stop Them

As I said before they are like John Carpenter’s The Thing….

Wetbacks Are Like John Carpenter’s The Thing

They are envious of us – as they are of other races – and they wanna get close to us to steal from us and become like us in many ways….. like John Carpenter’s The Thing!

This cholo truck driver dude is a perfect example of that (here is a direct link): – look at the title ?

These things are literally so insecure and have no identity of their own that they feel they gotta ally themselves with other folks (energies) to uplift themselves, proving they are energy vampires…..

How The Wetback Siphons Energy From Humanity And What I Am Doing And What You Can Do To Stop Them

I mean that demon seed HONEST said IT wants to ally with the jews. My great great grandma was ashkenazi German jewish. Jews are smart – what they have in common with these low vibratory things? Go back to mowing JEWISH LAWNS you wetback! That is what you are best suited for!

I’ll never forget – they actually had a wetback who tried to call ITSELF talking to me – and made a point of emphasizing how IT is light and was fetishizing us, saying IT has been with “black girls.” I said – before I threatened ICE on it – that my mother is lighter than him!

Oh it crumpled IT’S self esteem!

That said, natives are respectable people! I have encountered two out here who are nice, gentlemen – one was buying me food for awhike and didn’t want to engage in consummation with me and the other was a real gentleman around me.

They are NOTHING like the wetback! They have sense about them, a strong respectable fierce TRUE warrior spirit ? They are not cowards like the wetback who are giving to predating on women and children, cowards who attack in packs (cause their built like a bean bag beaner asses can’t fight alone). The first night the Native man came around he putting something on my car for protection and following that I saw all sorts of spiritual signs repping protection! They also have a strong soul in them. I don’t feel that in the wetback. They are empty. It’s like their voids with no Souls. That is what I literally sense when around em. The textbook definition of organic portals:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

Here is an example of it….


Native Americans even warned us of the children of the snake which is the wetback:

Plenty folks see what I see and know I am telling the truth. Trust!

A realization just came to me. I sorta “resonated” with them cause, until I healed – still in the process tho – they operate on the satanic frequencies. As shown to me while under LSD it is a frequency that dwells in low vibratory vices and behaviours.

I heal and thus I can break free of that frequency ??

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