How I Got Rid of A Reptilian Living Inside of Me And How To Do It

Many folks have said it couldn’t be done:

I did it!

I haven’t genuinely smiled like that since I was…. 13 (yes, high school had that brutal of an impact on me).

I explain it right here:



I honest think sorta closing the right chakra and letting it be open a lil ran him up the street since he could not feed off the negative energy that I was unwittingly putting out due to antagonistic organic portals he influenced to fuck with me…. but did I really win…..

I have never been this joyfull ????✨??

I feel whole.

People pay mounds and mounds of money to shamans, ayahuasqueros to do what I did in two weeks (still got more work to do, which is why I am quarantining myself in the forest):


What a nice view!

The key to overcoming this is to, first, foundationally, understand your energy body so you can intuitively what’s wrong, where the problem is, the difference between a stomach ache and an entity ache (I’ll get to that in a few).

Second: Fast. This is why it is not good to be vegan. When you fast, you are eating in less proportions or doing away with altogether things that will make you feel denser, like meat:

When you are vegan, you are already fasting – which will damage your body as vegan deterioration’s channel shows:

The reason why the first time I tried this before I starting eating meat again (I had no stove to cook shit with it) it didn’t work cause I was already partially, inadvertently (due to not having a stove) a vegan diet! Because you will have to eat less than what you do – and cause their starvation/malnutriton/”fasting” (for craziness) diets don’t ‘woke – the next best thing will be fucking, WATER and if you doing that for the amount of time I been fasting your ass is dead and them evil entities you are trying to rid yourself of will get you over there!

Another thing: Stay away from toxic mofos and mofos, peridot, full stop ??? Reason why Buddha, Krishna went out in less populated areas is cause the less people you are around the less energies will assault you during this pivotal, highly sensitive – for you – time! I even had to cut off folks I was cool with cause the entity I just removed was causing me to have unwitting psychic links with em that would fuck up my healing and entity removal time cause I was absorbing their energies if we had ANY sort of energetic connection. I needed to have my own energy PERFECTLY separated. I talked about this phenomenon here:

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

We know most mofos are organic portals. They stupid! They don’t need to get what you doing. You know so that is why you gotta cut yourself off from mofos at this time cause YOU WILL be going through changes that will make you appear “crazy” or “bipolar” as your energy body aka soul is sifting through the changes, conforming to em, getting rid of bad shit that was in you for a long time!

Another thing: open your third eye if it ain’t open. It is your friend! That mofo has helped me out COUNTLESS TIMES! Protip: if you see images when you close your eyes, that mug is open ??

You can even astral project thru it.

Now that I think about it, closing at least partial cause you never wanna close a chakra that upper right head chakra right here:

Helped – I SAW THIS IN THE SPIRIT REALM A WHILE BACK TOO – since it makes you sensitive and thus more susceptible to having him being able to feed off the negative energy you’ll emit after responding to the affronts, esp. energetic affronts to the organic portals it controls.

To open it spin your finger clockwise in a twirly “she crazy” way and counterclockwise to close. Do this for all chakras:


It also increases energy build up in the crown, the higher chakras and allows you to vibrate at a frequency higher than the organic portals where their entity-influenced psychic attacks can’t get ya!

That’s why that rep mofo tried to keep my crown close, esp. by opening and allowing that upper right head chakra to leak and thus taking energy from the crown ??

I can’t tell you how honestly I am glad to have a part of myself – at least partially – back ??‍♀️

JUST NOW, TO SHOW YOU HOW THE MATRIX WORKS, what turned out to be a lady driving a vehicle similar to the rapist showed up and parked in a weird way:

– You can see the grills are similar….


I been gangstalked alll day but because I removed the reptilian that was causing me to unwittingly absorb other folks’ energies it just, honest, doesn’t emotionally get into me like it used to and cause me to be an energetic mess.


I notice the mainstay energy vampires who drive thru, leering, esp. white dude in a big brown truck-latch thing ain’t been down here!

As a matter of fact, just now:


This may seem like a nice gesture – I sense organic portal allll the way with amorous overture intentions on the slick (romantic-suppression programming) but, I’m fasting! I know these fools read my shit! Why offer me food when I’m fasting!

There’s evidence this shit is real!

That said – that’s why you gotta protect your energy cause an organic portal or demonic incarnated being will swoop RITE ON IN when you feeling at your happiest to fuck with it!

Glaad ??✊??️‍? these mofos can’t pierce into my internal world, anymore…..

That said, I can’t tell you how happy I am. I got rid of Beelzebub and his roaches. I recall seeing an astral version of our house covered in roaches when I was 8 and I was known as the roach spotter as a kid and Beelzebub is known as the Lord of the Flies:

He was the ars goetia that came to me back in 2014 when I called myself summoning Satan.

He appears as just air with a bunch of flies buzzing which he uses to manifest different forms in the astral. I recall one night feeling lost and I saw him when I awoke, taking on the face of Geraldo that was created by his flies while by the side of my bed. I said thru telepathy aka the mind that I need help in a pitiful way way and he said he would help me…..

Before he would fuck with me and keep me awake and had me turning on all lights cause of fear of seeing them two giant ass roaches in real time he had attached to me. I think he also mighta been the possessing entity Jamila spoke of cause when I would make friends with ANYONE they reported seeing a roach and feeling a dark presence try to take em over. That is why I had to flush that shit:


Flush that heaux!

Anyways – later when he “befriended” me he always took the form of law enforcement in the astral, first – strangely as New Mexico state police. It makes me think of how folks say that law enforcement got some type of dark realm, lower underworld, demonic ties. My dad was a cop:

…..he even appeared as an old college acquainteance who I knew from the UNO gym who did something to align my period with the solar eclipse:

Beelzebub Pays Me A Gynecological Visit So That My Period Blood Cycle Will Sync With The Solar Eclipse of 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017 And The Big Consciousness Shift

He was a deceptive mofo: blocking my ‘wokes, access to money (so I prey to him ie give him energy) so that’s why I don’t believe in war-shipping shit and only fuck with my Soul Source energy which is all I need.

Taking all this into account – I can’t help but wonder if some of this shit are generational curses, past life curses. All I know is that I haven’t been encountering much negative paranormal activity – not even the thing, I guess it’s name is Althea, that would walk up to my car door and just spy. I would hear the shuffling of leaves and everything.

I mean, it is just freedom not to have folks’ energies leaking into mine. Ya’ll just don’t know. That’s why I’d be going off, energy vampires would be attacking, thirsting at THE MOUTH for my energy. Life is just so nice. The alkie-hole urges have abated since I am reconnecting with my spirit again!

Shaka Zulu here said no lies – in part – when he said I had lost my spirit:

Actually the nigga said energy (I peep he blocked my instagram – telling me to give my energy to matrix agent Oshun – FUCK OUTTA HEA ??) but I somehow read it as “spirit”. I believe he coulda been connoting to that since his grasp of Engrish is understandibly not perfect.

It just feels soooo fucking good to “be in myself” again. Ya’ll just don’t know.

When I broke free of it, it felt like the atom just split, it was a calming, like just at peace type energy folks try to use drugs to get but not quite cause it will feel like thousands of molecules of peace and serenity just erupted in you.

It’s indescribable.

That mofo, while in me – AND I KNEW IT – like one hispanic psychic told me – it had my heart chakra or solar plexus chakra CLOSED! Straight CLOSED!

For the longest time, referencing this:

I Think That I Am Under Vril Attack

I feel, even now with that upper right side head chakra slightly closed that there may be something there causing the urges cause, when I got rid of the king of pentacles and had that inner explosion – I was able to differentiate my thoughts and what I wanted to say from that right side part.

See, this shit is like spiritually operating on yourself like a surgeon.

I now gotta figure – is it a part of me. If I open the left side too much that is where the ocd, crazy urges and just utter unilateral thinking and energy comes from. Right side when opened a lil more is unhinged crazy urges, addictions. From experience, you gotta open both in equal measure to have the balance! But still it makes you sensitive to people’s bull (no pun)!

That said, I still got some ways to go to figure it out. I want me and my fam to have a good afterlife. My brother shouldn’t of suffered:

You can see that shit that was fucking with him right behind him.

I kinda wonder if this shit – I think some of this shit based on discussions with family members – I come from a very spiritually talented family and my mom used to tell me the story of the headless horseman who chased her uncle Alfred all around the projects and apparently possessed him as he would go around saying, “Aye ye ye fuck Jesus” – lol that shit was funny – is part of a generational. I think when they put my brother on meds he didn’t need since he had aspergers and was acting out due to displacement from Hurricane Katrina, I think it opened him up to the other side to see what was always there. Since my satanic days as a kid he used to say he saw “deemer” – he was learning disabled so his elocution wasn’t great. My mom said he was lying – analyzing it he mighta been as his crazy ass was smart and probably wanted to be like his big sister at the time but I did summon a demon and many spiritualists like right here (I was wrong for how I treated this poor girl at the time as I could not handle the truth):


Told me shit was holding on to him, fucking with him to get me!

I’ll say what I saw: the demiurge and some giant heads that act as portals and reptilians, dinosaurs, dragons.

Leave him the fuck alone!

I just don’t know what the fuck they want from me! Suppress me, join em – witch ??‍♀️ I ain’t doing. I dunno. Jamila said a dude sent the rep, Tarot by Tina said a jealous white bitch sent the amorphous gaseous demon (I heard – my left ear just rung – that she got fucked up cause she couldn’t get me just as that Afrikan Ifa priest got fucked up by his spiritual handlers cause they couldn’t get me).

Stop fucking with people ???

I don’t know. It’s alot. But I know I am not whole just yet. I got a long way to go. I got one big mofo down – another subliminal I been hearing is that there is an ancestral spirit expecting me to fulfill HER karma:

Fucking bitch! I sensed it too!

More to go (down)!

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