Proof Megan Thee Stallion A Man

Proof Megan Thee Stallion A Man

Why would a hetero man shoot at a fine, gorgeous “female” like Megan unless…..

– I’m sorry, but I can see the man in the face and this has NOTHING to do with stereotypes of how females should look based on the patriarchal view of toxic femininity!

…..Unless it’s a man!

Like Real Mag Truth says, “That’s a tranformaaaa.” “More than meets the eye”…..

I actually find this to be quite a turn on ??✏?

That being said, I am all for trans rights but you gotta understand that certain societies, cult-ures, esp. blacks and latins, are very fucking homophobic, with a fucked up, twisted, hypochristian infused understanding of lgbtq! That being said, they think if they so much as show even FRIENDLY affection towards another man, it makes em a “fag.” Alot of that has to do with the John Wayne hardened male archetype so imbued in American cult-ure:

How ya’ll like his short shorts, lol!

That said, white dudes, due to having not as much testosterone which makes em in general be less prone to being violent, will let shit slide…..

That is why that nice looking white rapper, G Easy, dropped Megan, but didn’t shoot her ???

– Bullshit!

You can’t pull that with black and latin dudes cause, to them, esp. given black men’s history of slavery, black men were abused by pedophiliac and discretely homosexual slave owners so the psychological scars of that trauma is deeply imbued in their psyche via their dna. This is why the vast majority of interracial of marriages involving blacks involve black men cause black womben still carry the psychological scars of rape by crakkka ass slave masters to this day!

Now, the latins are just fucking faggots who enjoy sucking and fucking each other in the closet and are just too ashamed to come out with it, hence all the women beating and machismo that goes on in that “cult-ure” of death ?

– I swear up and down the mofo in the blue cap is the same mofo who wanted to beat my ass a coupla years ago cause I was topless on the beach, boasting of how he had served 3 years in prison, just got out and didn’t wanna go back again (to see his butt buddies behind bars…..).

That being said, they are just not gonna take to kindly to the deception cause….. you have to understand: straight men want women cause womben have WOMBS which are designed to house and carry fetuses to perpetuate their bloodline and the human species as a whole.

This is why I have a problem and wrote on makeup cult-ure a while back:

MakeUp Sexual Harassment And The Transgender Transhuman Agenda

I mean someone even fucking dressed a potato – no pun here lol – up with make up to look like a muslim woman (FOUND IT!):

– Wow… look like a girl-bully on my street!

Wow…. this looks real!

You get these transgenders who think that, as long as they look goodt, a man will flock to them. It is not how it works. Straight men are programmed biologically to seek a young beautiful woman as a sign of good health so he can have healthy kids!

This reddit article breaks it down:

– That’s why I take it as an attack when a dude expresses any sort of amorous aka romantic affections for me and respond in kind by viciously striking down, even with fists if need be ?? and most def. with ‘woke ✊??️‍?

NOW, it is more than just looking beauty-FULL or feeling that you are womben which derives from your soul.

You all are here to change on a very pivotal and spiritual level definitions of gender – and to break the patriarchy – and I am happy ya’ll are here! ✊??️‍?

That being said, I sense Megan Thee Stallion was an mk ultra baby.

Don’t know what it is, look it up, but here is a primer:

I strongly sense that her mother has some government ties. She mighta, I am sensing, worked for the government but in a lowly capacity like a clerk or something…..

Through some friend, she got hooked up with a government experiment to supposedly aid the baby which changed it’s hormones. I sense that she was put on some type of hormonal diet which ain’t unheard of:

– I find her very handsome and attractive ??

The mother put “her” on hormones inadvertently. “Megan” Pete was meant to be a gay boy I sense! That said, the illuminati – when she got to a certain age – came to scoop her up for agenda pushing “stardom.”

That’s why her child pictures are showing “a girl”.

They treat her like a trans, unfortunately. Looka how these cops treated her here:

This ain’t about black womben! They saw you a tranformer, a deceiver and you got shot!

I mean, an ordinary womben, WHY – she would be crying for days FOR REAL! Folks would feel sorry for her butt…..

HE knows folks know HE another fucking dude pushing an illuminati agenda.

Real name is Joshua Pete (Google it)!
The feds at Google know….

Listen to HIS voice in that “song” here:

Megan Thee Stallion A Fucking Man And HIS Voice And Nuts ARE Proof

That’s a TRANS voice! You can’t tell me any different!

Another thing, folks are gonna try to say she is called “a man” cause she tall and compare her to Wendy Williams but this is Wendy Williams when she was young:

– She was cute! You can see she STILL has very feminine features.

Megan a man!

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