MakeUp Sexual Harassment And The Transgender Transhuman Agenda

MakeUp Sexual Harassment And The Transgender Transhuman Agenda

Here is a video I did expounding on it at full lenght:

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Basically, I pointed out how to over excessive use of makeup which turns women from human to practically TRANSHUMAN (pun intended) where women are looking like cyborgs, practically robots (below is a great example of how instagram/instant-hoe [insta-hoe] filters are leading the way!!!!):

Most instagram “models” look like this cartoon character here. Let me show you:





Instagram “models” aka hookers:



Don’t Tamar Braxton lool like a lion???

From human to non literal living human blow up doll!!!
They right about it being “catfishing”!
Even men getting in on it!!
Even dudes calling em out: UNREAL Is RIGHT!!!
Ladies dying to look like fake balloon blow up pin up literally living DOLLS!!

…Is basically NOT ONLY designed to suppress the Divine Feminine (that’s why feminism of all social movements are the most REVILED cause they tell the most uncomfortable truths and break the Illuminati’s curse alone with being the most representative of the Divine Feminine of which witchcraft originally set [the salem witch trials were designed to eradicate this since it was a threat to the illuminati, patriarchal, Great Masculine base of power control] and you can read MORE about the Divine Feminine HERE: ) by turning women into literal objects (tell me those women DO NOT look like literal blow up, non human dolls, etc.) and thus continuing the patriarchal structure and isolation of the Divine Feminine (just like children were told “not to be seen or heard” so were once women just as our patriarchal church taught us to walk away from knowledge (the sacred Divine Feminine) in the form of telling us to repudiate any knowledge that would allow us to empower ourselves such as learning “witchcraft” AKA THE OPENING OF OUR CHAKRAS and no longer give our energy off as a sacrifice to the Djinn known as “God” aka THE DEMIURHE via “mass” (which is how you herd SHEEP) through the original form of mk ultra mind control known as “church”, but to also push the transgender agenda in which women will be replaced by dolled up looking men MADE TO LOOK LIKE SYNTHETIC WOMEN AND THUS = LEADING TO TRANSHUMANISM!!!

This the next level:


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