When Female Toplessness Collides with Rape Culture

A while back, a couple of weeks ago, I was sexually harassed by “Luke” here which you can see in the pictures and video below:

Luke 2 Luke 3


– Of Vortex Industries (3198 Airport Loop Drive # M, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, Phone: (714) 434-8000, www.vortexdoors.com)

Basically, what happened was, while I was sitting down, topless, and minding my own business, this BITCH came along and tried to brush his hand near my breasts (didn’t touch it, but almost) in defiance of pc 243.3 which is the penal code for sexual battery. Then this mofo, after doing it and saying, “Ooooh”, while staring at my breasts, continued to walk away. I did confront him and I DID hit him in the shoulder – shoulda been the face but I wasn’t really looking to go to jail that day by leaving a mark – so that is when the coward mofo – as you will hear on the tape – proceeded to flee after a look of surprise and shock and almost a sort of fucked up sexual glee was returned in my direction.

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This is how more of us need to deal with street harassment!


THEN following that incident (All of this occurred in the early afternoon, – around Aug. 21, 2014 at around 12pm), which I did call the Los Angeles Department of Sanitation they NEVER called me back!), as you will hear in the forward down below, it was followed up by a fucking slum dog millionaire INDIAN Gupta mofo who then proceeded to sexually harass me by telling me conversely to put on a shirt all the while getting sexual and sadistic by (he STAYED in that lil truck, too, knowing I couldn’t put hands on him) taking pictures which represents the bane of rape culture: It is a womyn’s fault for why a man sexually harasses and/ or rapes her cause of what she wore and it is never his fault. His stigmatizing my breasts being exposed to public view, and telling me to put on a shirt (his license plate was #1211168 or 98) is indicative of the rape culture we live in where womyn are told to wear more if they don’t want to be bothered and if they don’t, they are asking for it (ie rape and/or sexual harassment!).

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Now, this is how I deal with street harassment. Below are two videos of me confronting a nigger beast who had waited till I was OUT of the restaurant while I was NOT topless on top of that (I was wearing a lil sundress that exposed the top part of my shoulders) to whistle at me. Watch as I confront his nigger ass – TWICE – letting him know that that shit is  “Just NOT okay”, but I will BEAT HIS ASS NEXT TIME HE DO THAT SHIT (while I walked back in with my 15lbs dumbbells in tow 😀

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When in war, FUCK WHAT THE ENEMY THINKS! So many womyn get caught up on, “How will I look”, “Will I look crazy?” when confronting street harassment! No, BITCH! He respects fists because sexual and street harassment are acts of VIOLENCE, of war and you have to fight by declaring war back against your enemies! They know what they are doing, and it is your job to make them CARE and RESPECT YOU; not like you!


 UPDATE: The name of the guy who sexually harassed me is named Greg. Greg works for the Department of Sanitation and he operates a truck within the Wilshire, Hauser neighborhood (Fairfax District) of Los Angeles. Also known as Miracle Mile, Los Angeles.



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